Macroverse (MRV) - An Entire Universe On the Ethereum Blockchain

  • About Macroverse

    Macroverse is a procedurally generated universe, available to be used by blockchain-based games. Rather than paying expensive gas costs to store environment and level data on the blockchain, or spending large amounts of developer effort on custom world generation algorithms, game developers will be able to use Macroverse as a piece of game development middleware, and to find settings for their games by exploring the single, shared Macroverse universe. Macroverse will provide trusted, proven world generation algorithms, and a shared universe accessible to all developers, allowing even small developers to make big games.

    The blockchain-based gaming sector is poised for growth, but developers of such games face significant challenges in getting their games to market, particularly with respect to creating and storing environmental and level data. Data storage on the Ethereum blockchain can cost tens of thousands of dollars per gigabyte, making level data prohibitively expensive and prompting game developers to simply do without, focusing instead on collectible-item games with no spatial component. Here we propose an alternative: Macroverse, a single shared, procedurallygenerated universe on the Ethereum blockchain in which developers can set their games. By using procedural generation, Macroverse allows an entire universe, from astronomical down to human scale, to be stored on the blockchain in a trivial amount of space. Developers will be able to use this procedural world generation middleware to provide their games with settings and environments, without having to store any data on-chain or needing to develop their own world-generation algorithms. Players will be able to claim and trade virtual real estate in this shared virtual universe, with in-game effects. The entire system is powered by the MRV token, which will be distributed in a crowdsale.

    Value Proposition

    We propose a procedurally-generated shared universe as a middleware platform for blockchainbased
    game development (Macroverse), enabled by a token (MRV). The Macroverse ecosystem
    addresses the needs of:

    *  Game Developers, by providing affordable procedural world generation middleware to keep costs down and speed time-to-market.

    *  Players, by providing a shared environment and a shared virtual real estate market across supported games.

    Procedural Generation at Scale.

    The 200 billion star systems and 400 billion planets of Macroverse will all be produced, down to sub-meter resolution, from a single seed, using advanced procedural generation technology.

    Designed & Built for Blockchain Gaming.

    On-chain data storage is expensive. The shared Macroverse world will be available to blockchain-based game developers as middleware, allowing more and better games to be brought to market at lower cost.

    Virtual Real Estate

    Players exploring the Macroverse world will be able to discover, claim, and trade virtual real estate. If you find a particularly compelling star, planet, or geographical feature, you will be able to purchase it and make it yours. Ownership of real estate may confer beneficial effects or advantages in supported games.

    Macroverse Technology

    Macroverse will be generated by the Macroverse Generator (MG), a system of smart contracts on the Etherum blockchain. When on-chain game logic needs access to information about the game world, it will query the MG for that information. Queries to the MG can also be made by off-chain components of dapps and games, in order to display the game world on a user's local machine.

    Players will be able to claim virtual real estate in the Macroverse world by recording their claims with the Macroverse Registry, a smart-contract-based ownership tracking system. Once claimed, players are free to transfer their real estate holders to other players, or even to custom smart contracts. Players own their virtual real estate outright, independent of any centralized entity or game company.

    The first phase of Macroverse Generator development, code-named Cannon, has already been completed. The current Macroverse Generator supports the generation of an entire galaxy of distinct, well-characterized stars, suitable for use in large-scale exploration and strategy games. The current Macroverse Registry implementation allows these stars to be claimed by and transferred among players. On the backend, the Macroverse Generator uses novel smart contract technologies, including an advanced random number generator based on reverse Merkle trees and specialized for procedural content generation, and a novel fixed-point math library.

    The Macroverse Star Generator is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain at address 0xc9650c155Bb268A1667B5F9c68701638cAE93d3f. The Macroverse Star Registry is deployed at address 0x6C00556F471cbe518007D62bc4ACEd6d8e537c9D.

    Players who hold at least the minimum balance requirement of 100 MRV can use this online tool to explore the Macroverse world in their web3-enabled browser.

    Explore macroverse:


    White Paper:

    The MRV Token

    Access to the Macroverse Generator will be enabled by an ERC20 token, MRV. A minimum balance in MRV must be held by any account wanting to query the Macroverse Generator, as a sort of software license. MRV tokens will also be put up as deposits by players claiming virtual real estate, to prevent players from claiming more than their fare share of the Macroverse world.

    The minimum balance requirement, required to issue queries to the Macroverse Generator and use Macroverse-enabled dapps and games, will begin at 100 MRV. The minimum deposit requirement, which is locked up when a player claims a piece of virtual real estate, will begin at 1000 MRV.

    The MRV token will be initially distributed to players in a crowdsale. After the crowdsale, the supply of MRV will be fixed, with the value determined by the market. In order to maintain the value of "1 MRV" in a range convenient for gaming use, the MRV token contract will use adjustable decimal place technology to allow for simple 10-to-1 splits and merges.

    The MRV token is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain at address 0xAB6CF87a50F17d7F5E1FEaf81B6fE9FfBe8EBF84.

    The Macroverse Crowdsale

    The MRV token crowdsale is currently scheduled to commence on July 1st, at approximately 10 AM PST, or 1498928534 seconds since epoch, Ethereum time. The crowdsale is currently scheduled to last for approximately 90 days. The crowdsale contract address is 0xAB6CF87a50F17d7F5E1FEaf81B6fE9FfBe8EBF84. Token and crowdsale functionality are unified in a single contract. Participants are encouraged to review the crowdsale smart contract code, which controls in all respects over any other terms.

    MRV Crowdsale Open!

    The MRV crowdsale is currently open. You can now buy MRV, the token required to access the functionality of the Macroverse system.

    Buy MRV :

    During the crowdsale, 100,000,000 MRV tokens will be available for purchase, at a rate of 5,000 MRV per ETH. Additionally, 5,000 MRV tokens are reserved by Novak Distributed, the Macroverse developer, for internal use. The number of tokens sold will determine the ultimate total supply of the MRV token. No additional MRV tokens will ever be created, and all sales will be final.

    At the balance requirements set at Macroverse launch, 5000 MRV are sufficient to meet the minimum balance requirement for 10 players and to additionally claim ownership of 4 star systems. The minimum recommended purchase is 100 MRV, at 0.02 ETH, which is enough to meet the minimum balance requirement for a single account.

    Please note that MRV tokens do not grant ownership of or voting rights in the Macroverse project. They do not entitle holders to future returns from the project. They are not a security. There are a number of risks involved in the Macroverse project, including without limitation security risks to the Macroverse smart contracts, the risk that Macroverse development will not be completed, and the risk that the final Macroverse system will not operate as described here. Crowdsale participants assume all of these risks!

    Buy MRV Now!

    It is strongly advised that all purchasers read and understand the smart contract that governs the crowdsale. The smart contract code takes priority over all terms given here, or in the white paper, or even in the smart contract comments, and controls the crowdsale in all respects.


    In light of recent SEC guidance on token sales, Novak Distributed would like to reiterate that the Macroverse token (MRV) is not a security.

    MRV is not an investment product. The token is marketed to players who want to explore the Macroverse universe, and to developers who want to develop applications and games that use the Macroverse Generator. The token should not be purchased by would-be investors seeking a profit from the potential success of the Macroverse project. Money used to purchase MRV tokens is treated as software license sales revenue by Novak Distributed.

    The Macroverse project is not a common enterprise. It is a project of Novak Distributed alone. Novak Distributed is undertaking the development of the Macroverse system independent of the sales performance of MRV tokens, and that development plan will not be meaningfully different depending on the number of MRV tokens sold.

    Purchasers of MRV have no reasonable expectation of profit. Software products, such as access to the Macroverse Generator, generally do not increase in value over time. Novak Distributed has wide lattitude in its management of the Macroverse Generator's access control system, and the Macroverse Registry's deposit system, and does not plan to use this authority to attempt to raise the resale value of MRV tokens. In fact, Novak Distributed desires to keep the resale value of MRV tokens low, and has the smart-contractual authority to produce and sell alternative means of access to the Macroverse Generator, if necessary, in order to do so. MRV tokens are transferrable to allow developers to transfer them to the users of their games, to allow players to transfer tokens that they no longer wish to use themselves to others, and to allow users to change their Ethereum addresses, not to allow MRV tokens to be resold for profit.

    Similarly, virtual real estate in the Macroverse world, while it is not being offered for sale by Novak Distributed, is also not a security. With billions of star systems in the Macroverse world, the likelihood of being able to sell a piece of claimed real estate for a profit is extremely low. The virtual real estate system is designed to give players the satisfaction of ownership, not monetary gain.

    During the crowdsale, you will be able to buy the Macroverse token, MRV, by sending any amount of Ether from an ERC20-supporting wallet you control to the crowdsale contract at this address:


    A gas limit of 70,000 gas units or more is recommended; slightly less than that will be consumed by a successful transaction, but if only 60,000 is available, the transaction will fail.
    For some purchasers, that information will be sufficient. If not,
    detailed guides for how to accomplish this in popular wallets are
    presented below.

    Buy with my ether Wallet:

    Buy With Mist:




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