ZCash mining versus other coins

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    Hi all,

    So I’m a pretty novice miner and have been primarily doing ETH mining since I started. When the difficulty started increasing I have been searching around for alternatives to mine to keep up an revenue stream

    My rig is 6x1070s ( various models can get them if it’s important)

    From reading online I’ve been hearing that for full nvidia rigs that zcash is more profitable so I started looking into it. I was trialing out a few settings to see what was the most profitable overclocking and I’m not really enjoying what I’m seeing.

    For starters I’m using Ethereum as my baseline , my reason is even if it’s not the most profitable it’s very liquid and it’s what I was mining before

    Current Eth calculations

    • Power(including rig) : 790

    • Hash Rate : 186

    • Estimated profit per month: €200 was acttauly €226 when I started typing this last night 

    So I started off tweaking trying to get the higher Sol/w ratio I could get ( would usually be around 4.0) but the profits just aren’t adding up.

    For reference I was doing Core clock ~2000Mhz and Memory Clock 4100MHz. I found if i pushed the Core clock higher the stability went to crap.

    For example:

    No under-volting I could get 460-470 per card but the power consumption was crazy high

    • Power(including rig) : 1100W

    • Hash Rate: 2750 Sol

    • Estimated profit per month: €221 | price of this last night was €178

    With under-volting

    • Power ( including rig) : 720W

    • Hash Rate: 2450 Sol

    • Estimated profit per month: €222 ( can only have 2 links in a post ) | fyi price of this last night was €184

    Is there something I’m doing wrong ? From what I’ve read online the 1070 seems to peak around 470 Sol , if that’s true then I’d need to pull 2750 Sol with a power draw of 750W. But that’s only to equal the already not-so-great-to-mine ETH ( last nights price).

    If there’s any advice or information you could give me to help me I’d very much appreciate it! For reference my overlock Settings were around

    • core clock : 1700
    • memory clock: 4100
    • power limit: 50% to 75% ( essentially to limit the card at 120w maximum)

    Is there better settings I should be using ?

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