district0x Dev Update - Website , Voting dApp & More Update

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    We’d like to take this opportunity to remind our community to be aware that the district0x team will never suggest/request that you submit your private keys or passwords anywhere.

    Please be on the lookout for any suspicious messages when frequenting the district0x Slack and do not hesitate to contact @joe, @alexander, @madvas, @brady, @farhan to verify the authenticity of any DMs you receive.

    Website Updates

    The district0x website has been updated to include an FAQ listing some of the most common questions. This can also be found linked at the top of home page.

    Additionally, minor updates were made to both the team page (new team members!) and the transparency page.

    Name Bazaar

    Steady and consistent progress has been made on Name Bazaar over the past two weeks. The search offerings page, create offering page, and offering details page have all been completed. Given the amount of UI components in these pages that will be reused in the remaining pages to be built, we estimate that over 50% of the UI work is now complete.

    A wireframe of the offering details pages for web and mobile views

    Voting dApp Tutorial Videos

    One of the most common points of feedback we’ve gotten with the Voting dApp in recent weeks has been the difficulty of understanding the voting process for newcomers in the space.

    We’re happy to share that we’ve completed video tutorials for the voting process from MyEtherWallet, Parity, and MetaMask wallets, and will be linking these to the voting dApp in the future for easy access to clear instructions.

    What’s Next?

    As a primary goal, progress will continue to be made towards the launch of Name Bazaar by building out the rest of the various front-end pages. Smart contract testing for the back-end will also be conducted.

    As an extension of our Voting dApp, which allows token holders to vote on districts proposed as GitHub issues, we will also be generalizing this to build an issue prioritization dApp. This allows token holders to signal for issues raised for specific districts that they’d like to see addressed next.

    In our recent announcement introducing the District Registry, we outlined our plans for a token-curated registry to dictate access to the district0x Network, as well as several other planned ancillary services and modules we’ve been brainstorming. These will serve as key roadmap milestones alongside of new districts and announced integrations.

    Learn More

    For more information about the district0x Network:

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