🔷 [ANN] Volpcoin Web Wallet - with 2-FA & Simple & User-friendly ...


    We're happy to introduce the 1st version of the Volpcoin Web Wallet.

    A simple and user-friendly web wallet. Get started in seconds and access your Volpcoin web wallet from anywhere. No blockchain downloads, no wallet installation, no hassle.

    WEB WALLET : https://wallet.volpcoin.eu/

    - Establish passwords that are “at least” 12 characters in length

    - Never use dictionary passwords (ie: words that you could find in a dictionary) or common phrases.

    - Refrain from using the same password on multiple sites

    - Maintain passwords such as: [email protected] or  [email protected]$$!09

    - Use Two-factor authentication

    - Never share your login information with anyone! No matter what anyone says or promises to you never give out your username or password.

    Please don't forget to give your feedback!!

    If need more information or how to use the web wallet, please enter in contact with us on : [email protected]

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