Ethereum (ETH) New Mining Pool | ethertrench | Fees - 0.5%

  • Dear Ethereum community,

    I've set up a new ethereum mining pool, where I kindly would like you to ask to join.
    It's a deticated server running on an Ubuntu envionment in central Europe. The software is based on open-ethereum-pool.

    The plan is to reduce the pool fee once the amount of miners increase to a stable basis.

    • Miners > 200; pool fee 0,8%
    • Miners > 500; pool fee 0,7%
    • Miners > 1000; pool fee 0,5%

    If you have questions, suggestions or require help - don't hesitate to contact me via mail or via this forum.

    Thanks & looking forward welcoming you on my pool.


  • Fee is set to 0% now. 

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