WavesGo Change of Management and New Version

  • WavesGo was founded around Autumn 2016 and immediately delivered an invaluable service to the community: The ability to query the blockchain and display the database in a meaningful form over a simple website. Now, after almost a year, WavesGo experiences its first big change.

    It is my biggest pleasure to announce a new management team for WavesGo: hawky, dee22, kimbimlim and myself ( KarlKarlsson). I’d like to thank abuelau and cipher on this occation for putting their trust into us and leaving WavesGo in our hands.

    kimbimlim and I are going to take care of business development, marketing and community building whereas hawky and dee22 are responsible for the development and technical maintenance. I’m very happy to still have hawky on board as he delivers outstanding services to the community and is without doubt the right fit in our team.

    You are not going to see immediate changes to WavesGo apart from a new version — a little more about that later. We are still in the process of transitioning but soon to be fully settled and ready to tackle the challenges ahead. Namely, we are going to work on both UI & UX of WavesGo and have other exciting services planned until the end of this year. Stay tuned for more!

    New Version

    The development team was busy during the last weeks, still, and quietly worked on a new version. Now, WavesGo.com is significantly faster and features exchange transactions, leasings and aliases. We are very keen on hearing your feedback on the new version!

    WGO-Token & Mining Pool

    Last but not least, it is my wish to state that the WGO token and the Mining Pool are going to keep running as is. There will be slight changes on the token here and there but the concept of it remains the same. More to come in due time!

    Best,  The WavesGo Team

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