Fizcal - Accounting software on the Blockchain

  • What is Fizcal?

    Fizcoin is the next generation of accounting software which integrates crypto currencies onto the balance sheet, uses blockchain technology to implement triple entry accounting, can be operated from a website, smart phone or tablet and uses AI, optical and voice recognition to offer investment advice and to automate the manual repetitive tasks which plague current accounting software. We also aim to be the first to market in developing a fully decentralised triple entry framework for bookkeeping and accounting, a concept first developed by Yuji Ijiri in 1989.

    Fizcal software features


    Login using Facial or Voice recognition

    Smart Contracts

    Create Smart Contracts & Invoices, get paid automatically

    Easily Generate Reports

    Generate different types of reports so see how your business is performing

    Fully Featured Payroll

    Pay your employees quickly and easily using our payroll service

    AI to improve business efficiency

    We analyse your company accounts and use Arttificial Intelligence to suggest efficiency improvements

    Triple Entry Accounting

    Record transactions direct to the blockchain

    Fizcal Mobile App


    App coming soon

    Coming soon to the AppStore and PlayStore!


    Ismael Rahim


    After graduating with a first class honours degree in Mathematics from the University of Manchester I worked as a software programmer for a string of blue chip clients including RBS, Direct Line insurance, CMG logica and Deutsche Bank. In 2002 I branched out on my own developing web and mobile solutions in industries such as social networking, gaming and artificial intelligence. I've been an active investor in crypto currencies since 2013.

    Horatiu Christian Dragan


    - I'm an automation and information technology engineer with 35 years experience in computers and software development.

    - With a background in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science I have working experience in both the hardware and software side of things. I enjoy coming out with solutions

    - in complex hardware and software projects.

    Lee May

    Lead Web Developer

    Been working mainly as a web developer for close to 10 years.

    I specialize in Angular/Node.js

    Express/Laravel frameworks.

    I like to share my experiences on online forums such as Stackoverflow.

    I like playing volleyball and swimming.

    I'm also interested in playing games such as Dota 2, but not have time to play it.

    I use to play volleyball with my friends at the weekend.

    My dream is to develop a famous library every one knows.

    Taras Chernyshenko

    Lead IOS Developer

    I love developing great looking apps on the
    App Store. I have plenty of exeprience as a team player and also working
    solo. My core experience include: Auto layout, RESTful API, CoreData,
    CoreLocation, SocketsIO, BT LE discovery, Google Maps, Facebook API.
    I enjoy traveling, reading books, watching
    old films and sports.

    Payal Jain

    Marketing manager

    I have 5 years experience as a social media
    marketeer and have worked with many clients across the board such as in
    real estate, publishing, apps, fitness, etc.

    Apart from work, I love to spend time with my family and friends.

    I like to hangout for movies too.

    My goal in life is to have an international digital marketing agency..

    Roman Prokopiv

    Lead Android Developer

    Android developer with bachelor degree in computer science.

    I have experience in teams of different
    sizes and have developed business solutions for many industries, from
    applications for job search and comics to booking tickets and providing
    medical services.

    I enjoy films, sports and solving puzzles

    Roman Shimanovich

    Graphic Designer

    I`m an all-around creative individual with
    over 4 years of experience in Graphic Design, Web & UI/UX Design,
    Corporate Identity and Advertising.

    I strive to produce best high-quality designs with which me and my clients can be proud of.

    I have a very diversified background, and
    that's a real asset because that allows me to look at things from
    different angles, with skills that only come from experience.


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