ARtoken - Decentralized AR/VR ecosystem for 3D content exchange

  • AR/VR will shake up markets to the tune of $80bn

    Cappasity, being a well-trusted player in 3D digitizing and its applications for
    augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), is announcing a crowdsale of ARToken (ART).
    The ART crowdsale will signify the start of the Decentralized AR/VR Ecosystem that
    enables easy AR/VR/3D content generation. The Ecosystem leverages blockchain
    infrastructure to create, rent and sell AR/VR/3D content. This approach ensures
    decentralized and trustless copyright storage, so people can enjoy borderless content
    exchange within the AR/VR Ecosystem.
    Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) promises to change the way we live, consume,
    interact with digital environments and each other. The AR/VR market is forecasted to
    become a multibillion dollar business in the next decade and to have sweeping
    demand. Nevertheless, the lack of compelling AR/VR/3D content, its labour intensive
    production and imperfect quality hinder the evolution of AR/VR industry and AR/VR
    mass adoption.
    We believe the AR/VR revolution will be driven by content creators. For this reason,
    we have committed to our ambition and experience to launching a content-oriented
    AR/VR Ecosystem. The utility token, ARToken, will be used as a native digital currency
    for content purchase and for active community member rewards through dedicated
    ART Funds.
    Immediately after the token sale is finished, Cappasity will give crowdsale
    participants an opportunity to pay for its already presented 3D modeling services
    with ARTokens.

    We believe the AR/VR revolution will be driven by content creators.
    That’s why we are introducing the first platform that leverages
    blockchain infrastructure to create, rent and sell 3D content. This
    approach ensures decentralized and trustless copyright storage and
    content exchange within the AR/VR ecosystem.

    Based on the principles of decentralized economy, we are building an ecosystem full of AR/VR/3D content

    AR/VR Marketplace

    In the Cappasity AR/VR ecosystem marketplace, content makers and content users from all over the world meet each other’s needs. To facilitate 3D content exchange, we are introducing a digital utility currency — the AR Token (ART). The ART decentralized billing system is capable of handling a large number of microtransactions and will be secured by well-designed smart contracts.

    Pay with ARTs for

    • Subscription to the 3D content base
    • 3D content purchases at a seller’s price
    • 3D content rentals for commercial purposes

    Get ARTs for:

    • Uploading unique 3D content
    • Verification and moderation of the content
    • Sale or rental of self-created 3D content

    Cappasity Platform

    Before Cappasity, 3D content creation was time-consuming, complicated and not scalable. So, we created toolkits that make 3D digitizing of real objects available to everyone. Along with our thorough efforts to make embedding of 3D content to virtual galleries and websites easy, we also created tools for mobile and AR/VR apps. Our SDK is open to developers to build their own apps based on the platform.

    EOS Blockchain

    For all ecosystem stakeholders, e.g. content creators, app developers, businesses and end users, we need to be sure that all copyrights are respected. For this reason, all transactions are immutably stored in the blockchain. To ensure a robust transaction flow, we chose an EOS platform capable of withstanding up to millions transaction per second.

    Cappasity AR/VR Ecosystem Scheme

    The Cappasity Ecosystem encompasses participants willing to sell or buy
    AR/VR and 3D content. The ecosystem consists of supporting elements —
    the marketplace, blockchain and storage infrastructure. The
    decentralized storage infrastructure is provided by the independent
    storage service providers. The sandbox area is used as a testing
    environment for the AR/VR/3D content in practice. AR/VR developers and
    active community contributors will be supported through dedicated ART

    AR/VR will shake up markets to the tune of $80bn

    AR has the full potential to be a major element of e-commerce and
    m-commerce. Nevertheless, there are many other fields ready for AR/VR
    disruption. Goldman Sachs expects the AR/VR software market to achieve
    $35bn by 2025 with 60% of AR/VR software revenue driven by the consumer.



    Cappasity Inc. is founded


     R&D of easy 3D content production


    Free 3D digitizing
    software Easy 3D Scan®
    to create 3D Views: 10x
    faster 3D content


    • Cappasity Platform launch: 4x faster, browsing from any type of device, proprietary 3D format
    • Easy embedding – manual or API
    • Cappasity platform starts accepting ARTokens for its services in November


    • Free Mobile 3D capturing SDK
    • 3D View, 3D hologram mobile capturing
    • 3D Hologram Unity/UE integration


    • Smart contract empowered 3D/AR/VR content marketplace
    • 3D Hologram Apple ARKit integration
    • Cappasity AI API: prescriptive analytics of user behavior, CMS integration


    • Free 3D avatars scanner
    • Remeshing solution for AR/VR devices
    • Remeshing solution for 3D printing


    • Decentralized AR/VR/3D content storage
    • Free 3D capturing for real estate space
    • 3D measurement solution
    • 3D content search engine


    • Decentralized AR/VR/3D app marketplace
    • 3D capturing for drones
    • Fast mobile photogrammerty
    • Decentralized GPU photogrammetry solution

    ARToken Sale Details

    Token Sale Summary
    • The ARToken is a utility token (Howey test score = 20)
    • The hard cap: 175 000 ETH
    • The bonus model: Fibonacci bonus model
    • ARToken sale date and time: 1PM UTC, September 27, 2017
    • The sale period: 28 days
    • The sale is over when either the hard cap is reached or the sale period ends
    • The amount of ARTs available at the crowdsale: 7 000 000 000 ART
    • The actual amount of ARTs: known after the end of the crowdsale (unsold tokens
    will be burned)
    • The ART/ETH basic token price: ≈34996 ART per 1 ETH
    • Currencies that we accept: BTC BCH ETH LTC DASH
    • Token contract address: to be announced
    • Minting/mining: no

    Token Distribution & Revenue Allocation

    To support active content creators and developers of AR/VR/3D software, we will establish The Reward Fund and The AR/VR Innovation Fund. Upon the completion of the token sale, we will allocate 10% of the raised funds to content creator rewards and 20% to support AR/VR innovations

    The AR/VR Innovation Fund rewards the developers of the most promising apps. However, this is not a contest but a year-round challenge. The number of awards are dependent on the available funds.

    The Reward Fund is assigned for active content creators. The most active content creators and contributors will be systematically rewarded. Moderators and active community members will be stimulated as presented on this pie chart as well.


    Kosta Popov


    Kosta founded his first company in 2005. Since then, Kosta has produced software and game projects for PC, Sony PSP, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, Apple iOS, Google Android, Web/SaaS and signed more than 20 product distribution agreements and partnerships contracts. Kosta was named among the top Intel software innovators in 2016.

    Alex Chegaev


    Cappasity’s CTO and Co-Founder, Alex has strong expertise in 3D technologies and has worked with Kosta as a technical lead of several cross-platform software projects.

    Marianna Alshina


    Cappasity’s CBDO and Co-Founder, Marianna has a digital marketing and business development background. She joined the team in 2015 and is now building relationships with the company’s core partners.

    Company Advisors

    Jim Theberge

    Director, Head of Product Management & Sales Strategy, Advanced Advertising at Verizon

    An entrepreneurial, Emmy award-winning Advanced TV executive consistently recognized for innovation and market execution. A successful startup veteran (six startups -> one IPO, three acquisitions) with numerous industry awards and firsts. First to launch a global connected TV advertising network with Samsung, Sony, Panasonic & Toshiba.

    Leo Batalov

    Partner at DLA Piper, Head of Emerging Growth Companies & Venture Capital Russia & CIS

    Leo Batalov advises on corporate finance transactions, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital transactions, private equity transactions and general corporate matters. He also has broad experience representing issuers, underwriters, trustees and servicers in public and private offerings of asset-backed securities as well as lenders and borrowers in a variety of debt finance transactions.

    Jeff Smith

    Entrepreneur in residence, Tech Futures Group

    Jeff Smith has spent over 30 years of domestic and international high technology sales, marketing, business development, corporate development and venture capital experience in multiple industry markets. Jeff was most recently with RBM Technologies, a leading cloud based retail software company that was successfully sold. Prior to RBM, Jeff was the Founding and Managing Partner of XcelR8 Partners that provided business development consulting services to accelerate revenue traction for early stage companies.



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