Chronobank - ChronoMint: new release

  • We’ve made some updates and changes
    to the ChronoMint wallet. The result is more secure, user-friendly and
    feature-rich than ever before — and we’re still just getting started.

    We’re on the verge of making a new release for the ChronoMint app — our flagship wallet software. As before, we’ve been working hard to implement features that are going to make this useful and functional, whilst ensuring that your tokens are as safe as they possibly can be.

    Firstly, we have fixed the interface issues. We’ve also added various options for login. When you open the wallet, you log in with your private key directly — with support for Ledger and Trezor hard wallets — as well as a keystore file. This provides various secure means of accessing your account, something we consider an absolute priority.

    New functionality

    In terms of new functionality, we’ve enabled deposits for TIME, and voting. This will provide the mechanism for making collective decisions on certain aspects of the ChronoBank project in the future.

    ChronoMint is available as both mobile and standalone desktop apps. The desktop app is now ready, and we’ve added key storage and pin/fingerprint authentication to the mobile app. We have also added multi-sig support — again, something we consider an important security feature. In the light of the Parity bug, which resulted in the loss of millions of dollars worth of tokens in July, we have tested our own implementation extensively, as well as submitting it to a professional audit and checking by the community.

    Another feature we are introducing in this version is support for BTC. ChronoMint will also serve as a bitcoin lite wallet (no blockchain download required). This means users can log in with their private keys, mnemonic, wallet file or Ledger/Trezor, and will be able to access ETH, ERC20 tokens and BTC within the same interface.

    TIME is trading on the following exchanges:

    It is also available via Changelly service:






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