How To Forecast On 2 Projects, A Note About WINGS Forecast Rating & New Ethereum + IPFS Infrastructure

  • How To Forecast On 2 Projects, A Note About WINGS Forecast Rating & New Ethereum + IPFS Infrastructure

    We are still in the pre-beta phase and this means that we cannot use all of our WINGS to forecast on multiple projects at once. But, what we can do is split the WINGS among multiple projects. Perhaps you hold 1,000 WINGS, you can decide to lock in 500 for forecast A and then lock in the remaining 500 for forecast B.

    Should you want to change a forecast simply click on the wrench icon that appears in the upper right corner of your submitted forecast. You can also increase the number of WINGS for that particular forecast.

    And remember to go to the forecasting pages of all the projects you forecasted on the day the forecasting period ends to unlock your WINGS and return them into your account. Most likely, there will be at least one if not two new projects uploaded within 24 hours.

    A word on evaluating projects

    One suggestion about valuation and forecasting: take the time to read the white papers and engage with a project’s leadership to understand what you are forecasting on- they typically have a telegram channel or slack chat. While many have done so, some have not as evidenced by forecasts which are below already collected amounts.

    We will be coming out with more information on how to evaluate projects in the future to develop the institutional knowledge base of the community, but for now it is up to individual effort to spend enough time to make a quality forecast. You will reap what you sow, as will be described below.

    WINGS Forecast Rating

    In the beta (testnet version is being presented in China as I write this, production October after code audits) we will be incorporating “forecast rating” which is a historical performance variable. FR will include your Ethereum account’s forecasts in this pre-beta, and will play an important role in how much the WINGS reward payment algorithm allots to you in your future forecasts.

    FR is mainly here to incentivize the development of institutional knowledge in the WINGS community, as well as for some other purposes (see non-tech white paper), but it should be secure that those who take time to research will accumulate their FR reputation to then reap the benefits of their diligence. Not only will FR give you higher payments by the WINGS rewards payments algorithm, but you will gain status among your peers and the broader community who will look to you as a star analyst not based on fluff but based on real traceable numbers.

    WINGS.AI DAPP: Experimental Version

    This one goes way faster!

    The WINGS Dapp hosted from the domain uses an open-source Ethereum Blockchain Infrastructure, which much to our chagrin doesn’t scale to meet the power demanded by the WINGS Dapp when hundreds of forecasters and even thousands of onlookers hit the dapp and start downloading relevant bits of the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS.

    To address this nagging issue over the summer we have written our very own Ethereum + IPFS infrastructure solution which appears to be an order of magnitude faster. For first time users the front page loads in 30 seconds or less, while project pages now load typically within 5 seconds instead of the 1 to 2 minutes that many encountered in first prebeta dapp.

    To try out the new WINGS infrastructure head over to and use “Recover Account” to insert your 12 word Ethereum mnemonic key.

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