Qtum - Ignition Mainnet Release v1.0

  • @qtumproject

    Dear Qtum Community,

    We appreciate the support you have given us since we started this project in 2016. Since our March 2017 crowd sale, we have delivered a working proof-of-concept, followed up by two test networks. The sheer amount of work invested in this project has been immense. To date, there have been contributions from over 20 developers, totalling over 60,000 man hours. We have always delivered on time, therefore, we would like to announce that the Qtum main network is officially complete.

    This release includes a working Smart Contract and Decentralized Application platform, secured by a Proof-of-Stake consensus model. We have taken steps to ensure scalability is not a problem by introducing our Decentralized Governance Protocol.

    This does not mean development will slow down, on the contrary, we will continue to test new features and expand on our impressive technology stack. Please remember, we aim to deliver a truly decentralized blockchain platform, not a centralized database.

    Over the next few weeks, we will explain how the ERC20 swap will take place. We ask that all Qtum holders safely store their tokens, and back up their private keys. We will contact exchanges and service providers and work with them to ensure that no one gets left behind during this swap process. We fully understand that people are busy, and cannot be on their computers every day, so we will make every effort to accommodate our community.

    Sincerely, The Qtum Team


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