Lisk (LSK) Asia Tour 2017 Details Announced!

  • At Lisk, we understand that our community in Asia is extremely passionate about what we do. Our visit to Shanghai last year was a great success, and that’s why we are going back again this year. But this year, we continue our journey through Asia.

    Max Kordek (Co-Founder) and Thomas Schouten (Marketing Lead) are heading to China, Korea, Japan and India from September 13th to September 27th. Their mission is to increase the awareness of Lisk in Asia by meeting with blockchain professionals, exchanges, press, investors and Lisk enthusiasts. Here’s a quick breakdown of where you will be able to meet us.

    Shanghai, China This coming Friday and Saturday, Lisk will take part in the Wanxiang Blockchain Labs’s 3rd annual Shanghai Blockchain Summit. The organizers promise an impressive roster of speakers who will focus their presentations on every day application of blockchain, as well the benefits of the technology.

    Seoul, Korea After four days in Shanghai, Max and Thomas will travel to Korea where they will meet with The Blockchainers for a second, and more in-depth discussion (you can watch Max’s previous interview on YouTube). Lisk will also have a chance to meet Ash Han, Co-Founder of Cosmos, a network for blockchain interoperability. Right before they continue their journey, Max and Thomas will be guests on a television program discussing Lisk and Blockchain technology, which will be broadcasted on national Korean television.

    Tokyo, Japan The third stop of the Asia Tour will be Tokyo, with the Lisk team arriving on September 21st. Max and Thomas will co-host a meetup on September 22nd in Tokyo with Japanese Blockchain Labo to share details of the developments that have been happening here at Lisk HQ. We will share more information about the event and the venue in a few days via Twitter.

    Mumbai, India The last stop of our itinerary is India. After London, New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco, and Tel Aviv, the Blockchain Week conference will be held in Mumbai and will gather an extraordinary group of panelists from companies such as Deloitte, AngelList, and Barclays, to name just a few. We recognize South Asia as a promising market for cryptocurrencies and that is why we decided to sponsor the event. On September 25th Max will be part of a panel that will discuss the changing nature of ICOs and how they are going global as well as one of the key speakers at the event. Furthermore, on the second day of the conference, Max will give a presentation for all conference attendees sharing the idea behind Lisk and development details.

    This is truly an exciting time for Lisk and we look forward to your participation, be that online or in person at one of the events. An additional blog post will follow up on more details about the Asia Tour once back in Europe. In the meanwhile, keep an eye on social media where we continuously share photos and videos of our experiences in Asia!

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