OREN - a decentralized blockchain platform for online gaming.

  • What differentiates it from other Blockchain based game projects is that it is a universal game platform. It is more like the Ethereum of Blockchain based
    online game solution where anything can be integrated. OREN was not built with a specific game in mind but rather a platform where any type of games
    can be built.
    OREN is not only a Blockchain to facilitate games, it is so much more. OREN is a complete boxed solution to the problems faced in the online gaming
    industry of present times. OREN was created based on the belief that monopoly should be removed and all the parties in the ecosystem should have a voice;
    the gamers, the developers and the game publishers. This is to be done by creating an open market for all the parties involved. OREN presents a great
    opportunity where all the participants can gain value for their time, skill, and creativity.
    This document provides a comprehensive overview of OREN, its applications and benefits, the upcoming OREN fundraiser (also known as “Presale” or
    “crowdsale”), the benefits for the investors, the OREN platform, and the goals the project hopes to achieve.

    What is OREN Platform?

    OREN platform connects the core three segments of the online gaming
    ecosystem: gamers, game developers and game publishers by utilizing the
    blockchain technology. Growth and development in each of these fields is
    important for upgrading the quality of the online gaming industry.
    Joining them together into a new, disruptive, decentralized and open
    market model will ensure fairness, quality and competitive market with
    low entry barriers into this industry creating an immense exponential
    growth potential. Along with large scale game developing companies this
    will also give better resources for indie game developers to shine. OREN
    presents a great opportunity where all the participants can gain
    monetary value for time, skills, and creativity.

    What is OREN?

    OREN is the name of the base crypto currency used within the OREN platform. It is used to pay for transaction fees, trading, exchange crypto currencies, exchange games and game assets, bidding for games revenue sharing model, purchase games and in-game items, etc. within the OREN platform. You may compare it to Ether on Ethereum.



    • Bringing gamers, developers and game publishing platforms under one roof.

    • Create a digitally-tradable crypto-currency for game and in-game trading.
    • Lower developer’s entry barrier into the game development market.
    • Remove monopoly of publishers and create a decentralized host node system with auction based open market revenue sharing model.
    • Enable transparent transactions and introduce smart-contracts to handle conditional transactions, agreements or settlements.
    • Lower costs by reducing or eliminating the role of the middleman.
    • Strengthen the crypto-currency network.
    • Connect people worldwide; borderless.
    • Provide means of representing monetary value for a gamer’s dedication and time in a game.
    • Fight game piracy.
    • Arrange game competitions without any third party to judge or distribute prizes to enhance competitive gaming experience.
    • Create p2p business models where all the participants can gain value for their time, skills, and creativity.
    • Give real existence and value to all game assets.
    • Instant buy and sell of games/in-game items securely without third parties.
    • Decentralized game streaming services.
    • Self-protection from market manipulations (price dumps).
    • Self-sustainable ecosystem.
    • A complete boxed solution for the whole online gaming industry.

    OREN coin supply and distribution

    There will be a total supply of 1 billion OREN coins. Up to 400 million will be sold in the Presale in the form of ERC20 OREN Tokens on Ethereum which will
    later be migrated to actual OREN (coin) valued at 1:1 ratio after the Mainnet is deployed (approx. December 2017). All unsold tokens will be auto burned. The
    funding from Presale will be used to give the finishing touches of the Blockchain, wallet and advertising. The other 400 million ORENs will be sold in the
    ICO in its actual form. Once the OREN platform is up and running, the unsold amount of ORENs from the Presale and ICO will go into the interest fund for
    the coin lock-up system (See White Paper For More) . Out of the remaining 200 million coins, 150 million coins will be put up in an escrow, which will only be used by the
    OREN Project to research and develop games and will never be used for personal gains or trading. In other words, these coins will never be liquidated in the
    market. Investors can have their peace of mind knowing that these 150 million coins in question will never be used to manipulate the market price of the
    coin as they will never be on the market. The remaining 50 million (5% of the total coin supply) will be allocated for the team members and partners.

    Total Supply = 1 billion ORENs
    Presale = Up to 400 million ORENs
    ICO = Up to 400 million ORENs
    Unsold ORENs will be transferred to the interest fund of the coin lock-up system (Check White Paper)
    150 million OREN coins will be escrow protected to be used only for game development and research (not to be liquidated in the market).
    50 million OREN coins will be reserved for the team and partners.


    There are and always will be a total of 10 thousand OREN FUNDs. They represent the funders of the OREN project. Two percent OREN coins from each
    revenue transactions such as purchase of games, purchase of in-game items, donations and ad revenues earned through streaming, etc. on the OREN
    platform will go to the OREN FUND holders. Once the Blockchain goes live, OREN FUNDs can be exchanged or traded like any other asset. For better
    understanding, it may be compared with SIA funds on the SIA Blockchain. Transactions such as sending coins, trading games and in-game items, etc.
    between normal OREN addresses [i.e. not a host node address or a developer address] will not contribute anything to the OREN FUNDs as they are not
    considered as revenues. For distribution of these OREN coins among the OREN FUND holders the following formula will be used:
    OREN FUND holder earns = (Revenue from transaction) * 0.02 * (OREN funds/10,000)
    Total Supply = 10 thousand
    Presale + ICO ≤ 8 thousand
    Remaining 2 thousand FUNDs will stay with the project.

    Lock-up interest fund

    The lock-up interest fund is a part of the OREN platform’s economy circle. This fund grows as more transactions take place on the Blockchain. One percent
    of all revenue based transactions (such as host nodes selling game access tokens to gamers) and five percentage of all transaction fees will go to the interest
    fund. Also, the remaining unsold coins from the Presale and ICO will all be locked-up in the interest fund. The use of this fund is discussed on White Paper . No
    individuals will have access to this fund. It will be totally self-managed by the Blockchain itself and will have no private keys to move the coins from the fund


    There are and always will be a total of 10 thousand OREN FUNDs. They represent the funders of the OREN project. Two percent OREN coins from each
    revenue transactions such as purchase of games, purchase of in-game items, donations and ad revenues earned through streaming, etc. on the OREN
    platform will go to the OREN FUND holders. Once the Blockchain goes live, OREN FUNDs can be exchanged or traded like any other asset. For better
    understanding, it may be compared with SIA funds on the SIA Blockchain. Transactions such as sending coins, trading games and in-game items, etc.
    between normal OREN addresses [i.e. not a host node address or a developer address] will not contribute anything to the OREN FUNDs as they are not
    considered as revenues. For distribution of these OREN coins among the OREN FUND holders the following formula will be used:

    OREN FUND holder earns = (Revenue from transaction) * 0.02 * (OREN funds/10,000)
    Total Supply = 10 thousand
    Presale + ICO ≤ 8 thousand
    Remaining 2 thousand FUNDs will stay with the project.

    Reward system

    To secure and progress a Blockchain, two systems are used in mainstream; Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS). PoW is a secure strategy but only
    if it can be made 100% certain that at least 51% of the mining power remain in good hands. On top of that, PoW wastes massive amount of energy which we
    could save with PoS. Yes, we are aware of problems such as Nothing-At-Stake on the PoS system. But, we found that PoS is the right way to go. PoW is just
    too expensive and wasteful of resources which could be used elsewhere to do productive things such as maybe host a few game servers on host nodes.
    We plan to start PoS similar to what NXT and Waves have achieved, and then later upgrade it to a more robust system as new research comes in from the
    crypto community and ourselves. We came to this decision after various question answer sessions and figured that classical PoS is good enough for all
    intents and purposes of this project. Nothing at stake arguments are more of theoretical nature and we would like to ignore it for the time being (we will
    keep it in mind of course).
    Now, coming to the reward system, since the total coin supply is fixed, there is no chance of a block reward. The sole earning of nodes will come from the
    transaction fees. Many may argue that it would lower down the number of nodes willing to participate in PoS. But, to our analysis that’s a wrong
    assumption. The ecosystem of OREN involves lots of parties, many of whom will always keep their servers on 24/7 such as game host nodes, game download
    servers, etc. so there won’t be any lack of staking participants and after all it doesn’t waste processing power and in return also provides a good income

    Data in the OREN Blockchain

    The OREN Blockchain will contain the following data:
    ● Game Developer License - to prevent spamming of issuing game assets and license, a developer license is required to issue them which will only be
    obtained by paying an amount of fees in OREN coins to the blockchain. The amount will be decided later on.
    ● Game License - this is what developers will sell to the host nodes and it also gives the host node the right to issue the game access tokens and the
    game assets or items. The game license also holds the details about auctioned revenue sharing model.
    ● Item - each game license will have a bunch of item tokens assigned to them in a sub chain. We don’t want the main chain to become congested with
    millions or billions of game asset or items. This also ensures that users don’t have to waste their resources by storing assets of a game which they are
    not interested in, as because they don’t have to download the sub chains to make the main platform work.
    ● Item Details - Each items will store their details, stats and also have smart contracts attached to them if required by the developer.
    ● Smart contract - developers can utilize smart contracts to make interesting features for their games. Smart contracts will also be used for competitive
    game prize pool distribution, revenue distribution etc.
    ● A complete well organized list will be made available in our technical white paper which will be released very soon.

    Presale and ICO specs

    As discussed on page-22 of the whitepaper we are launching 800,000,000 ORENs (coin) in the Presale and ICO combined. 400 million will be sold in the
    Presale in form of ERC20 tokens on Ethereum which will be later migrated to actual OREN coins on the OREN Blockchain valued at 1:1 ratio once the
    Main net goes live. The other 400 million will be sold in the ICO in actual OREN coins on the OREN Blockchain. Only ORENs (coin) will be up for sale
    (OREN FUNDs will be distributed not sold) . Note that the early bird and referral bonus are paid out of this (800,000,000 OREN) fund along with
    1,250,000 reserved for Presale and another 1,250,000 reserved for ICO bounties.
    Total OREN coin supply on the Blockchain will be restricted to 1,000,000,000 coins. Ten percent (100,000,000) of the remaining twenty percent will be
    will be reserved by the company under an escrow that prohibit the Company or anyone to liquidate the coins in intention of making a profit out of it. It
    shall be only used for research and game development. It will initially be used for funding new startups to develop games on the OREN Platform. Any
    time this fund will be touched a mandatory explanation from the company will be required to be released to the public. The remaining ten percent will be
    allocated for the team members and partners which will only be accessible after the first phase of the project is being complete.
    OREN FUNDs will be distributed among only the Presale participants . Up to 8,000 OREN FUNDs will be reserved for Presale participants. The
    remaining 2,000 thousand OREN FUNDs will be kept with the project. The revenue from these 2,000 thousand OREN FUNDs will be contributing to the
    project’s expenditures (along with other revenues through game sales) such as developers' salary, server expenses, maintaining/updating the project, etc.
    Please note that, OREN FUNDs will not be applied for listing on any exchanges . OREN FUNDs will only be obtainable through the Presale . Later, it may
    be traded among users by transferring the FUND to another address in the Blockchain. But, no direct platform will be set up for buying or selling OREN
    FUNDs. So, to obtain the FUNDs directly, participating in the Presale is the only way. Presale participants will be provided with their OREN FUNDs
    when the migration of the ERC20 Presale Tokens to actual OREN Coins take place (approx. sometime in December 2017).

    OREN FUNDs will be distributed in the following manner:
    For every 50,000 ERC20 OREN Tokens you migrate to OREN coins after the Main net is launched, 1 OREN FUND will be issued to your OREN’s
    Blockchain address. It is to be noted that OREN FUNDs will have no decimal value . Which means that OREN FUNDs will always be in whole numbers
    (e.g. 1, 2, 3, etc. and NOT 1.2, 1.5, 2.8, etc.). So, even if you buy or migrate 49,999.9999 OREN Tokens, you will still miss out your OREN FUND because it will
    be rounded down. Therefore, please make sure of the ratio and try your best to complete sets of 100,000 OREN coins to get that extra OREN FUND.

    Exchange listing

    We are preparing all the required documents to get OREN Tokens listed on exchanges which will take place after 2 months from the Presale. As of now
    we can’t provide any confirmed name of exchanges which will list OREN Tokens, as multiple negotiations are currently in progress. Our primary target is
    to get it listed on Bittrex, Livecoin and Yunbi, but we are expecting that more exchanges will add OREN Tokens as well within 4 months after the Presale.
    Once our Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is up and running, trading of OREN will become a piece of cake. But, we do understand that at first we will not
    see high enough trade volume on our DEX, this is why we are in a rush to get it listed onto as many popular exchanges as possible. The more trading and
    change of hands take place of the OREN coin supply, the better decentralized it will become which is one of our ultimate goal. We have planned out for
    long term consequences and that is why we deem it necessary for exchanging of hands and redistribution take place as soon as possible.

    Token Details:

    Presale and ICO contributor benefits

    Once the platform goes mainstream, the demand for OREN coins will rise tremendously. Unlike many other ICOs where the tokens have no direct use case
    of its own, OREN coins will be the system’s base currency of the platform. On other hand, OREN FUNDs will only be directly obtainable through the Presale
    only. These FUND assets will provide a really good income stream once the platform goes mainstream for as long as the user holds them in his/her address.
    Participating in the Presale and ICO will give you access to OREN coins at huge discounted rates. Joining early have better bonuses and hence also
    decreases your average buying price. Presale participants can also remain ensured that we will not hold any tokens as any unsold tokens will be burned.
    Therefore, the market will remain intact. We expect to launch the Blockchain live on the main net within two months after the Presale and kick off the ICO.
    Once it goes live, the Presale participants can redeem their tokens to OREN coins at a ratio of 1:1 value after the ICO is launched (ultimately meaning when
    the Blockchain’s main net is launched).
    All revenues from OREN FUNDs will be distributed automatically through smart contracts. OREN FUND holders will also be able to purchase games and
    in-game items at massively discounted rates which will not be available to public (such discounted purchases of games and in-game assets will only be for
    self use and will not be exchangeable or tradable as it can disrupt the market. But, based on the game, those items might give them some sort of boost in
    doing any specific task, say for example a fishing rod which can help you get fish faster, which in turn you can sell in the market rather than the rod itself
    which you bought with the help of OREN FUND’s discount).
    We are also working on six big game projects with our partners. These games will be the first games to implement the OREN platform. Each game is of an
    individual genre. One of the most notable project is a MMORPG game. Some of the most unique feature of the game is summarized below:
    [Players can buy land areas and make their own house or run their own in-game business shop on it. Maybe setup a smithing store for example. He may later develop skills for
    smithing which no other smith in the region can compete to. So, people from all over the region will go to him to fix their gears and weapons. One of the important thing to note that,
    this game will need skills, not skill levels like a typical RPG game. By skills we mean real skill to move the mouse with precision , press in keys with time accuracy and reflexes to make
    it happen. Just like FPS games where your skill depends on how good you are with your mouse accuracy and reflex, the same will work here about how good you can smith the gears
    and weapons with your mouse, keyboard, accuracy and timing. Same will go for other skills such as fishing, fighting, cooking etc. We plan to give a complete real world experience.
    Indie developers can make new stories or seasonal contents, quests, etc. which may require the land area of a player to make his story, content or dlc. With proper agreements
    through smart contract the player can sell or lease the land to him! Maybe another guy needs to extend his house, the current landowner may transfer the ownership of the land to 

    him. With endless host nodes it's possible to make a massive land area for the game through different nodes hosting different parts of the game to distribute the server load. It will be
    an open source game so that anyone can develop new contents for the game. Each content will have require different license token, so all the content developers will earn their fair
    share of revenue.]
    Two out of the six games will require some extra capital to progress further. One of them is of the FPS genre the other one is of the open world racing genre.
    You may compare them to AAA rated games such as BattleField and The Crew. We will launch a crowdsale for some limited time unique items, emotes and
    offer a bundle of in-game currency (this can be traded in the DEX and create its own market) with the crowdsale packages for the MMORPG game after it is
    complete. We plan on using this funding to raise the required capital for the other two games.
    Now, coming to the benefits for the contributors, we will reserve the first 6 hours of the game’s crowdsale for the Presale contributors and the next 6 hours
    for the Presale and the ICO contributors. These participants can also join the game’s crowdsale after the reserved slots as well but, the reserved slots will
    secure them the highest percentage of early bonus obtainable which they might miss out otherwise. We shall notify about our game development progress
    and crowdsale to the contributors through email.

    Comparison of OREN with other Blockchain game platforms
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - X
    A lot of Blockchain based game platforms have been developed over the years. So, why choose OREN?
    OREN is by far the most advanced and out of the box platform which will bring all the key components of the online game industry under one roof with a
    complete solution. Yes, many Blockchain based game platforms have created some of the most amazing works out there. But, they built it keeping a specific
    game in mind, or only for payment system, or only in-game item trading, or just betting on game matches and that was it. There are projects who are
    working to create universal platform for games on Blockchain (esp. on Ethereum) just issuing in-game assets (which is just one single part of OREN’s
    solution). But, there are a lot of limitations to those platforms which we have already thought of a long time ago and decided to make a Blockchain of our
    own which will be tailor made only to serve the proper purpose. The drawbacks which those platforms will face is described below.

    Only games where time is not an immediate factor such as RPG games, board games, etc. can be made with such platform. If time is an important factor
    such as FPS, MOBA, Racing, etc. where even a delay of a few millisecond can affect the game play, then these platforms can’t handle it. The reason is
    because they are totally dependent on the Blockchain, and all Blockchains have a block time (e.g. for Ethereum it’s around 17 seconds). So, this delay will
    hamper the game play. Such platforms can only store in-game items or game progress and that's about it.
    With OREN we have come up with an interesting solution. We planned to keep the game playing in the ecosystem but out of the Blockchain and only store
    the processed data on the Blockchain. We all know game playing is best if one server handles the full game play instead of a peer to peer topology. This is
    because if all the match data of a game gets processed in one server it can return back the processed packets back to the game clients the fastest. But, this
    creates a loophole where host nodes can intentionally change the result of a game match. If it's a competitive match with coins at stake, then this can cause
    devastating results.
    To solve the above problem, we have come up with a solution of reputations. For each game session on a host node, the gamer gets to set a rating out of 10
    for the host node based on his/her gameplay experience, customer service, etc. We are aware that people tend to submit ratings more when they are
    dissatisfied with a service than when they are satisfied. So, to create a fair rating system we integrated another system. The host node must always have 1%
    of their revenue locked-in for a feedback reward pool. This will also act as a spam protection and also prove that it’s an honest node. This can be treated
    similar to the coin burning systems in various Blockchain platforms to sort out honest nodes. One such example is SIA.
    Whenever a gamer gives a rating, he/she will get a percentage of OREN coins from the feedback reward pool, based on the total player base with a
    minimum 100 hours playtime track record. To protect against spams, rating shall be only accepted from players with over 100 hours of playtime track
    record on that host node. Meanwhile, we will try to come up with a more robust system. The formula goes as follows:

    Player base on the host node with over 100 hours of playtime track record = PX
    Feedback Reward Pool = FRP = 0.01 * Total revenue of the host node
    Feedback Reward = FRP / PX

    Since, the host node business is going to become a very competitive business, rating of the server will play a huge role to increase its player base. If it fails to
    attract more player base then it will lose money to its competitors. As the rating is stored in the Blockchain, there is no way to cheat the system.
    We also want to clearly set the boundary between developers and hosts. On OREN, the developer’s job is to only develop games. The current system is built
    in such a way that unless it's a big company with a lot of capital, solo or indie developers have to develop games as well as do the marketing and advertising
    themselves. On the OREN platform it's the developer’s job to only develop games and just to put up a sell order for the license tokens. It’s the host’s job to
    buy the license and advertise the games on their platform to attract gamers. The developer doesn’t have to care about marketing or anything other than just
    doing the job that he/she loves.


    Idea & Concept Creation
    August 2016

    At a get together, Sophi was asking for new innovative
    ideas to implement into her upcoming projects at Ubisoft and thats when
    Ronnie reminded her about Ethereum and Blockchain. This was what kicked
    started OREN.

    November 2016

    It tooks us three months to get ourselves ready and
    sort out everything with our jobs and find six prospective game
    developing start ups who signed up to work with us.

    Development Started
    December 2016

    We have already started working on the blockchain,
    wallets, host nodes, gamer's platform & six high quality "exclusive"
    games with our team and partners along with a few low and mid tire
    games to warm up the seats before the big releases.

    February 2017

    We started doing extensive bug testing on all the features which were complete.

    Domain Purchase
    July 2017

    Orenplatform.com was purchased for all the platform related stuffs.

    August 2017

    Orenblockchain.network was purchased for all the blockchain related stuffs.

    September 2017

    We are launching a presale to fund the project for
    speeding up the development and also start to spread out the OREN coins
    so that it becomes more decentralized.

    December 2017

    Launching the Main Net, GUI Wallet (web & desktop)
    and the Game Platform. We will also get the tokens listed onto as many
    exchanges as possible.
    Main targets: Bittrex, Livecoin & Yunbi.

    ICO & Token Migration January 2018 

    Distribute the remaining 400 million coins to make the platform further decentralized & migrate the Presale tokens to OREN coins and hand over OREN FUNDs.

    March 2018

    Launch our built-in DEX, API Library, Competitive Gaming, DSS & RSMA.

    A lot more to come
    March 2018 Onwards

    Useful Links:


    Blockchain Explorer:




    Desktop Fund Transfer:

    White Paper:

    Social Links:









     Ronnie Mason, the CEO & Founder of OREN Project Ltd. 

    I would like to inform you that the ban on USA and Singapore has been lifted after talking with our legal advisor team. Netherlands' law have no objections regarding ICOs. So, if you have not participated in the Presale due to this ban please feel free to join now. Here is something you might miss out on if you wait for the ICO instead: Click here to view the tweetI would like to let you know that OREN FUNDs will not be available for distribution after the presale.  I am also happy to inform you that our partnership with Ubisoft has been confirmed. An event has been set on 22nd November 2017 for signup ceremony in Dusseldorf, Germany. We would like to invite all the Presale participants to join us. An invitation card will be sent to you within a few weeks. If you have any questions regarding pricing/technical details/legal details or anything regarding OREN Platform, please directly reply to this email. I will respond to your questions myself.  Thank You. 

    Join Pre sale:https://orenplatform.com/#toke...

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