Hero Token Community Update

  • Dear Hero community,

    Our team would like to give a warm thank you to all Hero Token supporters. We know everyone involved in our community has been eager for the announcement of the pre-sale! Once we get the go signal from our legal counsels, we will push through with the pre-sale, and shortly after, the token sale itself.

    Two weeks ago, we made the tough decision to postpone the pre-sale — minimizing any legal risk for all parties involved and thus, benefit you as a potential contributor.

    The cryptocurrency world is developing at a rapid pace — and no day goes by without news from regulators. As this community consists of members from 131 countries, our team wants to make sure that everything is in order. We have emphasized countless times that the safety of our members is of utmost importance to us.

    We apologize for any unfortunate incidents with scammers. Our team feels for those who were personally victimized and lost their money. While we are doing our best to manage our platform and block scammers as soon as we can, we cannot completely avoid these threats and micromanage each one of our 4,000+ Slack members, and even more on other communication channels.

    Slack has certain disadvantages, as such, it is impossible to prevent anybody from sending direct messages to other members. There is also no present option to block certain email-domains and usernames pretending to be someone from the Hero Token Team. Given the size of the community, switching to Telegram is not an option at this point. Moreover, Telegram has its own bugs, and not even David, the admin of the group chat, can post a message. Telegram’s support team is ignoring any efforts to get in touch.

    Please expect more details in the Slack #announcements channel soon. We are targeting the end of September to early October for the pre-sale. Meanwhile you can still message @mikki_herotoken or @david for your personal pre-sale allocation (a minimum of 10 ETH applies for day 1, while there is no minimum for day 2).

    Always remember:

    1. Be mindful of scammers on Slack. They might tell you the pre-sale is live while it actually isn’t. They may also pretend to be of the Hero team. 2. Do not trust ‘Reminder’ Slackbot messages. 3. Slack might send you notifications via Email if you are offline. Those might be fake too. 4. The only official website is www.herotoken.io (known fake websites use .co and herotokens with an “s”) 5. Always check #announcements channel.  6. Check our official Medium profile: www.medium.com/@herotoken 7. Only information which are published on 4, 5, and 6 it should be considered legitimate.  8. Send an email to [email protected] prior to making any contribution

    Thank you and stay safe,

    Your Hero Token Team

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