Power Ledger - Token Sale Now Open

  • After our success with the Pre-Sale, we are excited about the possibilities of our Main Sale. The public sale began 8th of September 2017 at 3:00pm AWST (07:00 UTC), and has passed the 1 million USD mark already! We are so grateful to everyone who has believed in our vision of a decentralised energy future and participated in the Pre-Sale or Main Sale already. We have rewarded participants in the Pre-Sale for their early contributions by allocating them an extra 5% of POWR tokens to each of their Pre-Sale transactions. If you would like to read more about this, please see our announcement.

    Power Ledger’s Ecosystem Platform will be well equipped to develop and expand with the contributions we are fortunate enough to received so far. The growth of the Ecosystem will allow our users to derive additional benefits from our Platform and for more and more Applications to be created, developed and tested. This growth will give users of the Power Ledger Platform more energy trading choices, extending the democratisation of energy generation, storage, and consumption around the world.

    The short-term development goals will rapidly and significantly increase the value and utility of our Platform to our users. In late 2017, new Applications will begin to be beta-tested, including the Microgrid/Embedded Network Operator/Strata and Electric Vehicle Applications. The Strata Application will give people a tool to automatically and securely divide up as well as trade power generated by a shared Distributed Energy Resource, and will lend itself well to shared buildings as well as communities, and the Electric Vehicle Application will allow people to trade energy for charging Electric Vehicles. Also in this period, Power Ledger will start using POWR tokens to reward the trading of renewably generated energy — this will be called the Green Energy Loyalty Rewards Program. With the Program, Power Ledger aims to encourage more and more people to start generating their energy in a sustainable manner.

    Further down the timeline, Power Ledger will continue to develop Applications as well as improving the Ecosystem itself and encouraging environmentally sustainable growth of generation capacity through Asset Germination Events. Asset Germination Events will give individuals and communities to own a stake in a renewable energy resource, which Power Ledger will purchase and then sell shares in to the individuals/communities. During these Asset Germination Events, POWR token holders will be prioritised. These Events will create community-owned, shared renewable assets which will encourage community involvement and adoption of renewable energy sources. The first Asset Germination Event will take place in mid-late 2018, with more following on a frequent basis in 2019.

    More Applications will be tested in 2018, including the Autonomous Asset Management, Neo-Retailer, and Carbon Trading Applications. The Autonomous Asset Management Application will make the ownership and operation of Distributed Energy Resources simpler by managing self-diagnostics done by, for example, smart batteries, even perhaps facilitating the automated organisation of repairs without necessary input by a person. The Carbon Trading Application would facilitate the trading of carbon credits by individuals, communities, and companies in a secure manner through the use of the blockchain. This would make a carbon trading scheme much simpler to implement as smart contracts would ensure that transactions were correct and secure. In 2019, the PowerPort Application will be among other, yet to be conceived Applications to be developed and tested. The PowerPort Application would be exceptionally useful in the case of microgrids and well as non-stationery energy consumers such as Electric Vehicles. The PowerPort Application involves the use of Electric Vehicle battery storage to transport energy between non-connected networks. This would prove useful if, for example, an Electric Vehicle ran out power away from a charging point, or if a non-connected microgrid’s stored energy proved insufficient for its needs. In addition, Power Ledger hopes to be operating on a fully public Proof-of-Stake blockchain by mid-2019.

    During the Main Sale, 140 million POWR tokens will be available for purchase. These tokens will have no fixed price. In the first three weeks of the sale, a stepped discount structure will apply to these tokens:

    · In the first week, a 15% discount will apply

    · In the second week there will be a 10% discount;

    · And in the third week a 5% discount will be applied.

    These discounts will result in early buyers receiving more POWR tokens than they would for the same contribution if it were made during a later week. This is Power Ledger’s way of thanking and rewarding our early contributors.

    To participate in the token sale, you will need an Ethereum wallet, which will allow you to receive your POWR tokens after the sale. If you are new to cryptocurrency, MyEtherWallet has a handy guide to creating a wallet which may be helpful. You can buy your POWR tokens using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. If you have already participated in the Main Sale, you can check your POWR tokens at our Main Sale Statistics page

    The POWR tokens purchased during the Main Sale will be distributed at the same time as the tokens purchased during the Pre-Sale, not more than four weeks after the main sale finishes. After this, the POWR token will be listed on major exchanges, which will give it transparency and liquidity.

    POWR tokens are an integral part of the Power Ledger Ecosystem Platform, and will be escrowed on to secure Sparkz, the transactive token used on the Platform. Purchasing Sparkz will allow Application Hosts to on-board their customers onto the Platform. POWR tokens will also be used to encourage the adoption of renewable energy through the Green Energy Loyalty Rewards Program, in which they will be used to reward people who buy or sell renewably generated energy on our Platform.

    Power Ledger is excited about what the future will bring!

    To keep up to date with the latest announcements from Power Ledger, and to participate in our Main Sale, please visit our TGE website. You can also join our Telegram chat to be a part of the Power Ledger conversation.

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