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    What is iBuildApp Network

    iBuildApp Network is building blockchain-based platform and marketplace for the mobile advertising industry. iBuildApp Network introduce a decentralized, mobile marketplace based on Ethereum Blockchain. Our users earn IBA token for agreeing viewing specific ads from Advertisers. The iBuildApp adNetwork users can spend earned IBA token to purchase specific services from Publishers or Business.

    The iBuildApp Network utility Token (‘IBA’) will be distributed to participants in 2 contribution events

    1.Token pre-SALE 40% OFF

    The first token contribution, token preSALE, will begin on September 25, 2017 and run until October 2, 2017

    During the first 2 hours the discount will be 40% off. Then, during the next 5 hours - 30% off. Day 2 - 25% off.

    2.Token SALE

    The 2nd token contribution, token SALE, will begin on October 9, 2017 and run until November 25, 2017

    Contribution - Min. 0.00001ETH

    1 IBA = $1 1 IBA = 0.00307 ETH

    Project Budget

    Because of that we decided that majority of funding that we raise will
    be spend on platform development. To be specific, we think our
    development budget will be mostly allocated to hire the best developers,
    performing system audit and funding bug bounty projects

    iBuildApp Network Partners with iBuildApp to Bring Mobile Ads to 7 Bln Users


    • Users on smartphones would opt in to advertising through smart contracts offered directly by advertisers.
    • Smart contracts will be self-executing and run directly on the blockchain without involving an intermediary.
    • So once the blockchain has confirmed that a user has viewed an ad, the contract would automatically release IBA token to the user’s account.
    • Advertisers could also set the contract to release funds even if a mobile user chooses not to view an ad and use the viewed/not-viewed data to determine which users are worth targeting again in the future.

    Try iBuildApp:

    iBuildApp adNetwork Marketplace

    Try Alpha




    The roadmap for launching iBuildApp Network.

    • 2017, Q2

      Development of working business model

    • 2017, Q3

      White paper development, Token Sale

    • 2017, Q4

      iBuildApp Market release

    • 2018, Q1

      Strategic Partnerships Developer network development Establishing IBA developer community


  • iBuildApp Network Bounty Program

    General information:

    iBuildApp Network allocates for Bounty Campaign 250 000 IBA tokens, which is an equivalent of $250 000. Then the bounty pool is being divided among the bounty categories according to set categories presented in a chart below (please, refer to the Chart 1).

    iBuildApp Network Bounty Campaign is going to be launched on August 25th and will last till the end of IBA token sale (October, 1st). Participants will be paid with IBA Bounty tokens in the end of Bounty Campaign. Each participant’s bounty count will be calculated according to the total number of tokens gained by following the bounty terms.

    Please note that calculating all participants' tokens may take to a several business days after ending of the IBA token sale. iBuildApp Network support team will notify participants if some short delays occur in the process.

    IBA Social Media Bounty

    60 000 tokens will be allocated to this for Social Media Bounty program.


    • Add social media information (email, Facebook URL, Twitter, YouTube) to the google form;
    • Have at least 300 friends or followers;
    • Set your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube accounts’ privacy settings public;
    • Follow "iBuildApp" Official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram;
    • For Facebook and Twitter accounts: Like & Share posts and media content at least 1 time a week using all the hashtags: #TokenSale, #ethereum, #IBA, #iBuildApp, #iBuildAppNetwork. If you miss 1 week of participation, you won’t get tokens for that time period;
    • For YouTube blogs: add one Ad integration on your youtube channel;
    • Activity in each one social network will give you 50 tokens per week.

    To receive bounty, each person must participate till the end of token sale period. Multiple accounts registrations in a single social network are not allowed.

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    IBA Bitcointalk Signatures Bounty

    40 000 tokens to be allocated to this bounty.


    • We are looking for active bitcointalk users. All members need to post at least 50 posts having the iBuidApp signature by the time the iBuildApp Token sale ends to be eligible for a reward;
    • Users with negative trust are not eligible for the bounty campaign;
    • Posts in the alternate cryptocurrencies section are required;
    • Spam is strictly prohibited. Users found spamming will be immediately and permanently disqualified, reported to the moderators, and banned from any other bounty campaign;
    • Using multiple signatures at the same time is prohibited;
    • Users are not allowed to change their signature in the middle of the campaign.


    • 1. Member: 10 tokens / week
    • 2. Full Member: 15 tokens / week
    • 3. Senior Member: 20 tokens / week
    • 4. Heroic Member: 30 tokens / week
    • 5. Legendary Member: 50 tokens/ week

    Signature campaign instructions:

    • 1. Add the iBuildApp signature campaign bb-code matching your account rank to the signature field of your Bitcointalk profile.
    • 2. Fill this form to participate in the iBuildApp signature bounty campaign;
    • 3. Check the status of your signature campaign application here: "Signature campaign participants list"
    • 4. Make at least 10 quality posts in a week.

    We expect iBuilApp signature campaign participants to post at least 50 posts having the iBuildApp signature by the time the iBuildApp Token sale ends to be eligible for a reward.

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    IBA Bitcointalk Signatures codes

    IBA Blogging Bounty

    40 000 tokens to be allocated to this bounty.

    All Bounty Program participants may earn additional tokens by writing and publishing an article/review or create a video about iBuildApp Network and dApps based on iBuildApp platform.

    Tokens are calculated depending on the blog main topic accordingly:

    • blogs about Cryptocurrencies and Token Sales – 30 tokens;
    • blogs about Blockchain Technologies – 20 tokens;
    • blogs about Blockchain Economics and Finances – 20 tokens;
    • other and aggregator blogs – 10 tokens.


    • your text or video must be original;
    • article text must contain at least 500 word and video must be at least 2 minutes long;
    • your video resolution should be at least 720p;
    • your text or video must include links to iBuildApp Network Token Sale and/or to iBuildApp Network bitcointalk topic;
    • website where the article or video will be published should have at least 5,000 visitors per month;
    • Accepted languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean, Hindi;

    All articles and videos will be reviewed by iBuildApp Network support team, which means that some of them might be rejected. Bad quality articles and videos will be declined from the campaign.

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    IBA Translation Bounty

    50 000 tokens to be allocated to this bounty.

    Participants may earn additional tokens by translating IBA web-pages, articles, posts to several languages.

    Make sure to send the links to your previous work!

    We'll review your request, and if your previous experience looks interesting, we'll contact you and discuss the details.

    Translation campaign terms:

    • Using Google Translate and other online translators is not allowed. Participants using Google Translate will be instantly disqualified;
    • There can be reserved only one translation per one participant. Applications for translation to multiple languages will not be accepted.


    • iBuildApp ANN thread opening post translation: 50 tokens;
    • Translation of the iBuildApp Table for site to your language: 15 tokens;
    • Translation of the iBuildApp Whitepaper to your language: 150 tokens;
    • Translation of the iBuildApp Business Overview to your language: 75 tokens.

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    IBA Community Meet-up Bounty

    25 000 tokens to be allocated to this bounty.

    Participants may earn more tokens by organizing a meet-up in your city or region, dedicated to the iBuildApp Network platform. Please, add information about up-coming event and your personal information to the following page so that one of our managers could contact you and provide you some helpful instructions and advises.

    If you have any questions you can always contact us at [email protected]

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    Other ideas

    35 000 tokens to be allocated to this bounty.

    If you have got a nice idea on how to promote iBuildApp Network platform, you could also be credited some extra tokens for it. This offer includes everything that came up to your mind and that was not mentioned in IBA Bounty List. Please, submit this form by adding your idea’s description and personal information so that one of our managers could contact you to discuss your participation in iBuildApp Network Bounty Campaign.

    If you have any questions you can always contact us at [email protected]

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  • iBuildApp Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Why participate in iBuildApp crowdsale event?

    As a company we believe in building future technologies, in evolving what’s possible. iBuildApp Network aims to bring DApps distribution through iBuildApp market on mobile, while providing a well established mobile development and hosting platform for dApp developers.

    What is an iBuildApp Token and what am I getting from buying it?

    The iBuildApp token (IBA) is a utility token that fuels the iBuildApp network. This includes mobile advertising network and Marketplace of user generated content built on top of iBuildApp platform. The marketplace will allow anyone to create and begin selling their own content (pictures, videos, graphic/templates, and widgets/plug ins) to users on mobile all over the world.

    How do I participate in the crowdsale event?

    More information on how to participate will be sent via newsletter once you’ve signed up on ibuildapp.io

    Where can I see terms and conditions of token sale?
    • The first token contribution, token preSALE, will begin on September 25, 2017 and run until October 2, 2017. Contribution - Min 0.00001ETH.
    • During the first 2 hours the discount will be 40% off. Then, during the next 5 hours - 30% off. Day 2 - 25% off.
    • The 2nd token contribution, token SALE, will begin on October 9, 2017 and run until November 25, 2017.
    Is there a minimum or maximum of tokens I can buy?
    • Min 0.00001ETH
    • Sending smaller amount will result in a permanent loss of your funds.
    • Each participant will be allowed to make multiple buy-ins during crowdsale.
    How will I know if my purchase was successful?

    After sending funds, you’ll be able to see your balance in Crowdfunding Dashboard (6 confirmations for BTC, 60 for ETH).

    Which ETH-wallets can I use?

    MyEtherWallet (no download needed), Mist (Desktop), Parity (Desktop), imToken (iPhone), imToken (Android). You can send from exchanges: Coinbase, Poloniex, Kraken, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Bitrexx, Cex.io, Exodus.

    When the token sale is completed, where the funds are stored?

    We use the standard Ethereum multi-signature wallet to store the ETH.

    Why is my transaction ‘pending’?

    Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions need to be confirmed by miners. Once confirmed, your Crowdfunding Dashboard will be updated to reflect this.

    How do I know my tokens are secure?

    In order to make sure that your Tokens remain safe, we encourage investors to use the two-factor authentication (2FA).

    My token receiving address does not support ERC20 and I do not have the private key?

    You must contact us before the distribution ends. Please send us transaction id, email, and your name.

    What is the price of IBA token?

    The maximum number of IBA Tokens available for purchase will be 25,000,000. Total Supply: 100,000,000 1 IBA = $1 1 IBA = 0.00307 ETH

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