{ANN} iBankCoin Hybrid POW/POS

  • New invest group. We are investing in POS coins. Traded in the cryptocurrency market daily increasing profits. Combining different approaches, we achieve the best results. Join us and become part of our team. Share your ideas, and we are going to implement them. If your ideas will bring big profit, you will receive bonuses. Our website is currently under development. Soon you will be able to join our community and to work with greater profit and pleasure.

    Coin Specification:

    Algorithm Scrypt

    Type PoW/PoS

    Coin name iBank

    Coin abbreviation IBANK

    Address letter 5

    RPC port 7620

    P2P port 7619

    Block reward 95 coins

    Total coin supply 44333333 coins

    Premine percent 10% (Used for promotion, giveaway, bounty's etc etc)

    Premine amount 4433333 coins

    PoS percentage 10% per year

    Last PoW block block 1000

    Coinbase maturity 20 blocks

    Target spacing 64 seconds

    Target timespan 1 block

    Transaction confirmations 6 blocks


    Windows Wallet

    Linux Wallet

    Github Source

    Investment Website LIVE soon!

    More Details coming soon!

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