Nexus - Social coin [ICO] - Decentralized cross platform social network

  • What is Nexus & Social Coins?


    Social aims to be the native cryptocurrency coin/token for Nexus. Social coins will be used throughout the Nexus marketplace and to buy and sell goods and services. Socials will also be used within the integrated Nexus ad platform. Impressions and clicks will be exchanged for Socials. These ads will be displayed within the user’s news feed. The Nexus ad platform will aim to be a far more affordable advertising method than other networks.


    Nexus is a social network built on modern technologies that also integrates popular features of e-commerce and crowdfunding. The network primarily concentrates on privacy, control of settings, security and listening to the voice of the community. Nexus is a platform that is already available to the public to sign up and use on iOS, Android and the web.

    Social - Initial Coin Offering

    Interview with the Founder



    Nexus account wallets will be able to hold and store any Ethereum ERC20 standard token. integration will allow users to convert between tokens seamlessly straight from their Nexus account. Functionality will include converting Socials between ShapeShift supported ERC20 standard tokens or buying Socials directly with other ERC20 tokens. The Nexus account wallet is planned for launch early 2018.


    Nexus is a social platform that incorporates e-commerce functions. In simple terms, you can create a “product post” that represents a good or service. Friends and followers can see this and then purchase it directly with their Socials. For example, if you wanted to sell your old laptop. You would simply take a few pictures of it, attach a title, description, optional location and your price in Socials. Depending on whether you set your product post as public or private, other users around the world will be able to search for it via keywords and/or location. If a user decides to purchase your good or service, they can simply click the “Purchase” button attached to the post, and Socials are automatically transferred from their Nexus account wallet, directly to yours. Simple as that! The marketplace is already a working demo that exists within both the mobile applications and the web platform. The automatic purchasing functionality will be developed after the integration of the user account web wallet in Q2 2018

    Debit Card

    The Nexus debit card will connect directly to the user’s account wallet. The debit card will allow users to spend their Social coins as fiat currency anywhere in the world. Fees will be minimal and as the card uses Visa infrastructure you can use it almost anywhere in the world. Seamless Apple Pay and Android Pay integrations will follow shortly after. The instant access debit card will cost approximately $10 in SCL to order the physical card, and approximately $2 in SCL to generate a virtual card for Apply Pay or Android Pay.

    Tor & VPN Integration

    By integrating the Tor API to our mobile applications, we hope to keep Nexus a secure and private social network. Tor functionality will be opt-in and only used by the account if requested. We also have plans to use a built-in VPN within both mobile apps that can be paired with Tor to offer extreme browsing privacy while using Nexus.


    The Nexus platform also incorporates crowdfunding posts and functionality, called “Funds”. Any user has the ability to create a fund post for a specific cause alongside an image, description, and goal. Other users on Nexus can then donate Socials to the fund post and have their name displayed as a donator to that post. The fund posts are currently operational within Nexus. The donation functionality is not yet automated as it is waiting on the integration of Social coins to the Nexus platform. Fund posts will be operational at the same time as product posts.


    Nexus plans to go completely decentralized by utilizing already existing blockchain applications. All data and multimedia uploads will be stored on the blockchain by 

    the end of 2018, as stated in our roadmap.

    Friends & Followers

    Nexus has developed a unique way to develop connections within the network. Any user can follow any other user, although if the required user has “approvals” turned on, the follow request will not be initiated until it is approved.

    If user A follows user B, and then user B follows user A back, this then becomes a friendship. Friendships are more powerful connections on Nexus and they allow for more functionality such as instant messaging, faster searching, tagging and much more.

    Image Editor

    Nexus incorporates an advanced image editor that is available both online and through our mobile applications. Our editor allows for all kinds of adjustments such as cropping, rotating, zooming, panning, flipping and even adding photo filters. Each of our photo filters was handpicked and designed to ensure a variety of different styles to match your personal preference.

    Instant Messaging

    Messaging is a feature that
    almost every social platform
    incorporates these days.
    Nexus wants to take it one
    step further and offer mini
    features within the instant
    messaging functionality.
    While chatting with a friend
    you’ll also have the ability
    to send Socials instantly to
    them, request Socials, send
    multimedia attachments
    (images, GIFs, videos), emojis
    and much more. We also
    plan on allowing the sending
    and receiving of other ERC20
    standard tokens through
    instant messages.
    Instant messages are the
    most used feature within a
    social networking platform, so
    Nexus hopes to make it more
    enjoyable and sociable for its
    Nexus hopes to integrate endto-
    end message encryption.
    This ensures only you and the
    person you’re communicating
    with can read what is sent,
    and nobody in between, not
    even Nexus.

    Mobile Applications

    Nexus is available for download on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. All features available on the web platform are also within both mobile applications. Both versions are compatible with push notifications so that you receive updates directly to your phone in real time. The mobile apps have the ability to store your username  and password securely in the devices encrypted storage for  easy and painless logins. Both  apps vary in download size depending on the device, but on average are less than 10MB to install


    We ensure that users have full
    control over both their data
    and accounts privacy. This is
    why we have created two very
    basic privacy settings within
    your account.
    Visibility: Whether or not
    you would like your profile
    displayed publically.
    Approval: Whether you would
    like to approve each user as
    they request to follow you.

    Account Types

    Nexus has created an account
    type for both personal users
    and businesses. Upon signing
    up, users are prompted to
    select an account type that
    best suits them.
    Business accounts consist of
    slightly different settings,
    while personal accounts are
    best aimed for the average
    every day user.
    Users can switch between
    account types at any time
    simply from their account
    settings page.

    Additional Features

    If you want to know all the
    ins and outs of Nexus, we
    recommend creating an
    account. The platform has
    much more to offer such as
    events, groups, filtering, GIF
    libraries, custom emojis, user
    tagging, hash tagging, and
    much more.


    • Instant Access Debit Card

    We will use a technique called JITF (Just in Time Funding). Here’s a breakdown on how an entire
    transaction will work using the Nexus debit card:
    1. User is issued a physical or virtual Nexus debit card that is linked to their account wallet
    2. Card contains $0 at all times
    3. User swipes card to pay for a purchase
    4. Transaction is sent to our server
    5. Server checks which fiat currency is requested (USD, AUD, EUR)
    6. Nexus checks if user account wallet contains enough Social (SCL) to make the purchase
    7. SCL is then sold for requested fiat
    8. Fiat is moved to the debit card
    9. Transaction is approved
    10. Card balance is back to $0
    The debit card will be built on Visa infastructure and will integrated with a Nexus back end API
    for all transactions.

    • Blockchains

    The Nexus platform will utilize multiple existing blockchains for SCL transfers, data storage and multimedia uploads.


    As SCL is an ERC20 based Ethereum token, it is only logical that Ethereum will be used for all transactions within the marketplace, ad platform, crowdfunding, token swapping, and all other related currency transfer features. All marketplace purchases will be first sent through a master account controlled by Nexus, the 3% fee taken, and then rest forwarded to the sellers address. Both TX fees will be absorbed by Nexus, not the seller.


    As of current, the team plans on utilizing Storj for all multimedia uploads and storage. Storj now allows for video and audio streaming over the blockchain which will be very beneficial to a social network like Nexus. This decision may change before implementation as development for decentralized storage is not planned until mid 2018 and new blockchain based multimedia storage applications are being released often.


    Database storage will rely on BigchainDB. After investigating multiple blockchain based data storage option, we found that BigchainDB had the best technology, fastest blockchain write speeds and seamless integrations. As stated above, the decision of this may change before implementation if a better decentralized database solution arises.

    • VPN

    The built in VPN will be opt-in only and available within the iOS and Android applications only,
    not the web version of Nexus. The functionality will be an integrated client and will rely on
    the open source OpenVPN. The decision of which open source application to utilize may change
    before implementation.

    • Tor

    Tor offers multiple different integration solutions such as their open source packages (Orbit),
    router API, Tor Browser, and much more. We plan on implementing features from Tor slowing to
    make sure that they benefit our users instead of disturbing them. We will first offer a beta for a
    Tor Browser integrated client to see how that goes with the community.

    • Multi-Wallet

    Each user on Nexus will be assigned a multi-wallet that supports all ERC20 based tokens. The
    wallet will rely on Ethereum’s open source Web3 project for transfers and signing transactions.
    Users will not have the ability to export their private key. This is a feature that we may allow in
    the near future.

    • Ad Platform

    The Nexus ad platform will be semi-automatic and self-serve. Any user with a Nexus account and
    SCL balance above 0 can create and submit an ad campaign through the platform.
    All submited campaigns will be manually approved by Nexus support staff before going live on
    the network to ensure quality and compliance. All costs will be in SCL, and will be based on CPC
    (cost per click) and CPI (cost per impression).
    The ad platform will show very basic metrics on first launch and may expand on this in the near
    Ads will not be target specific on first launch, although we do have plans to improve this in the
    near future.


    Our pre-ICO will begin on the 28th of July 2017 and will run for 10 days until the 7th of August
    2017. All Socials will be available during the pre-ICO with no maximum (besides hard cap) and
    no minimum.

    Pre-ICO Details

    Maximum for sale pre-ICO: 47,500,000 SCL

    Pre-ICO price: 1 ETH = 850 SCL

    Minimum transaction amount: 0.04 ETH

    Pre-ICO sale period: 01:00am GMT Jul 28 2017 to 01:00am GMT Aug 7 2017

    Coin distribution: Contract will distribute coins/tokens instantly upon receiving ETH

    Minimum pre-ICO goal: No minimum

    Our pre-ICO has an exclusive bonus rate of 850 SCL per 1 ETH for the entire period. This
    presale is aimed to raise funds to advertise and market the main ICO.

    Pre-ICO Funds

    Pre-ICO funds will go into marketing the main ICO. We are planning multiple approaches of
    digital marketing such as banner ads, press releases, signature campaigns and social media.

    Main ICO

    Our ICO structure will perform an immediate exchange of Social coins from your contributed

    Role of Coin/Token - Used to buy goods, services and ad spaces on Nexus

    Symbol - SCL

    Maximum supply (hard cap) - 50,000,000 SCL

    Available for purchase - 47,500,000 SCL

    Emission rate - No new coins will ever be created

    Accepted currencies - ETH only

    Price - 1 ETH = 500 SCL

    Minimum transaction amount - 0.04 ETH

    Main ICO sale period - 01:00am GMT Aug 17th 2017 to 01:00am GMT Sep 15th 2017

    Coin distribution - Contract will distribute coins/tokens instantly upon receiving ETH

    Minimum goal - 250,000 SCL

    If minimum not met - Refunds will be issued via the smart-contract

    NOTE: Our minimum was hit during presale

    Coin Distribution

    95% of all coins are available for purchase during the ICO. A maximum of 5% of the total
    supply of coins will be given to promote the product via multiple forms of digital marketing
    and development.
    Zero tokens will be distributed to the Nexus team, instead, we will be implementing a “buyback”
    program (see below). This will highly reduce the probability of a day one exchange
    dump that happens to most new tokens that hit the market.
    No coins are offered for bounties as all bounty payouts are in BTC.
    Here is a breakdown on where all coins will be:
    Nexus team 0 SCL
    Marketing campaigns 2,500,000 SCL
    Pre & Main ICO 47,500,000 SCL

    Buy-Back Program

    Instead of allocating X amount of SCL to the team during the ICO period, we will be
    launching a buy-back program on the exchange. This way, SCL will be purchased with BTC
    instead of being allocated free of charge to team members.
    A total of 5% of all SCL in circulation will be purchased back during the first 24 hours to help
    SCL enter a bullish trend.

    Unsold Coins

    Our smart contract is set to only create (mint) coins/tokens as it accepts ETH. Therefore,
    there will be no unsold coins remaining after the ICO has been finalized.

    Minimum Goal

    We have strategically set a minimum funding goal for the crowdsale. If the minimum goal is
    not set, full refunds will be made via the smart-contract.
    If the main ICO does not pass the minimum specified, all remaining pre-ICO funds are
    returned to the investors minus marketing expenses.

    Funds Allocation

    All raised funds from the ICO will be liquidated slowly to ensure no market disruptions.

    Development 65%
    Security Audits 10% (max 3000 ETH)
    Legals 10% (max 1000 ETH)
    Hardware Upgrades 5% (max 100 ETH)
    Advertising 10%

    Bonus Rates

    Our main ICO will have an ongoing bonus structure for the entire crowdsale period.

    First day 1 ETH = 750 SCL
    Week 1 1 ETH = 700 SCL
    Week 2 1 ETH = 650 SCL
    Week 3 1 ETH = 600 SCL
    Week 4 1 ETH = 550 SCL

    Contributing Rules

    There are strict rules and precautions to follow while participating within the Socials ICO.
    • Send ETH from your personal Ethereum wallet (such as MyEtherWallet, Metamask,
    Parity, Mist or Ledger).
    • Set Limit to 200,000.
    • Do not send funds from exchanges like Coinbase, Poloniex etc.
    • Do not send your funds before the crowdsale has begun.
    • SCL will be sent immediately to the wallet from which the ETH arrived.
    Before contributing to the ICO, please make sure you have read and agreed to our
    “crowdsale agreement” document found below.


    Nexus has prepared all required documentation to be listed on exchanges. We are
    currently talking with a few exchanges and plan to be listed on at least one major
    exchange shortly after the finaliztion of the ICO.


    • 2014

      Nexus is registered as a proprietary limited company and development begins.
    • 2015

      The first closed beta version in PHP/MySQL is scrapped for a newer version built in AngularJS and NodeJS.
    • Q4 2016

      Nexus launches mid 2016 after 2.5 years of development. iOS and Android apps follow one month after the web version.
    • Q1 2017

      Further development on Nexus by removing bugs, attending to issues, and answering support requests.
    • Q2 2017

      Begun development on Ethereum smart-contract and marketplace integration.
    • Q3 2017

      Begun initial coin offering where users can get their hands on Social coins.
    • Q4 2017

      Release new version of Nexus front-end.
      • Full front-end re-development in Angular 4
      • CI adaption for zero downtime on new releases
      • Split back-end API from front-end project
      • Open source front-end
    • Q1 2018

      Release new version of Nexus back-end.
      • Re-evaluate and optimize NodeJS back-end
      • Better security for API
      • Post reactions
      • Restructure models and database for faster queries
      • End-to-end message encryption
      • Integrate 2FA
    • Q2 2018

      Finalise integration of Social coins into Nexus for marketplace purchases and fund donations. Perform one or more third party security audits. Create secure web based wallet for each user inside their Nexus account.
    • Q3 2018

      Ad platform where Socials can be traded for advertising. Development and integration of the Nexus debit card.
    • Q4 2018

      Move data and uploads to decentralized and encrypted storage. Distribution of Nexus debit card.
    • Beyond

      Just a few of the features we hope to integrate in the near future.
      • Integration of Tor API and built-in VPN
      • Bidding system for purchasing in the marketplace
      • Multilingual functionality to suit all users
      • Send Socials and other stored tokens through instant messages
      • Allowing general public users to become moderators and earn Socials
      • Single sign on functionality for third party integrations
      • Host multiple account logins without logging out
      • Continuously adding new features suggested by the users

    How to Contribute

    Send ETH from one of our supported wallets

    Set Gas Limit to 200,000

    Send ETH to 0x582e3d8dcd41f586fbcc6559f16476d20b2a3b95

    Add 0xd7631787b4dcc87b1254cfd1e5ce48e96823dee8 as a new token with code SCL and 8 decimals (optional)

    Do not send funds from exchanges like Coinbase, Poloniex etc

    Do not send your funds before the crowdsale has begun

    SCL will be sent immediately to the wallet from which the ETH arrived

    Supported Wallets



    MyEtherWallet (how to video)

    Ledger Nano S (article)

    Trezor (article)

    Coinomi (article)

    imToken (article)

    Exodus (article) *

    Jaxx (article) *

    * Requires exporting private key

    Usuful Links:

    White Paper:

    Company Registration Certificate:

    Slogan & Logo Trademark Certificate


    Social Links:

    ICO Info:
    Email: [email protected]

  • Nexus - Social coin Development Update 006 — ICO Ending

    Welcome to our sixth development update. We’ll talk about the end of the ICO, along with what will happen shortly after it finishes.

    At the time of writing, we have raised a little more than 22,200 ETH. The ICO has been a huge accomplishment so far, and allows the company to operate for years to come.

    The ICO will come to an end at 01:00 GMT on the 15th of September, which is approximately 14 hours away at the time of writing. Shortly after the ICO closes we will remove the transfer lock so that SCL can be moved to other wallets. We estimate this to be only a few minutes after 01:00 GMT as the function must be called manually from our crowdsale smart-contract.

    Once unlocked, we’ll post on all social media channels letting our contributors know that SCL is available for transfer.

    If you have any questions regarding this, please email [email protected], or reach our via one of our social channels.

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