Stex - First publicly owned cryptocurrency exchange

  • What is STeX Up! ?

    You buy our tokens.

    Buying STE tokens you automatically become a participant of the STeX Up! Partner program and get your referral link.

    You spread your partner link.

    You tell your friends about our preSale and ICO. Make a review on your blog or youtube chanel or a forum post.

    You earn a "small" fortune.

    You earn 10% from all bought tokens by people coming through your partner link.
    For example, you recommend an investor who buys $100, 000 of STE tokens. You immediately earn $10 000. Just inviting two or three such partners you will earn a brand new car. What happens if an investor buy one million?
    You earn a house!

    STeX Project

    Have you tried to switch between coins, following trends in emerging tokens?

    That is the problem we focus on at this
    stage: many coins and tokens suffer from one biggest problem – the lack
    of liquidity.
    This leads to enormous implications for
    active traders/investors. Imagine, you have coin A and a nice
    opportunity to sell it with profit.
    And at the same time, you wish to invest in
    a new promising token or coin B. The only problem - they are traded (or
    have best rates) in different exchanges, and if you try to trade this
    idea, you must finish first trade, then transfer your assets from one
    exchange to another - wasting days and (the world is fast nowadays,
    remember?) finally missing the brilliant opportunity to raise money -
    and just because of market insufficiency.

    With our unique HFT algorithms, originally developed to work on
    traditional stock exchanges, we can solve this problem, providing access
    to all trading possibilities from one trading platform, one trading
    account, in a blink of an eye.

    And much more. We are going to
    bring advanced financial instruments like leverage, portfolio margin,
    futures and options to blockchain world - ready to use for everyone
    wishing to get most out of cryptocurrency trading.

    Dividends Plan

    STE Token:

    We designed our token in such a way that it could fully support the
    whole life cycle of our DAO. We have laid in the base of it the
    functionality to start and develop a successful investment platform for
    each of you.

    We plan a monthly distribution of commissions from
    the company's activities excluding expenses, so that you can receive
    your reward on Monday every month, which makes Mondays for you a bit
    more lovely.

    We plan to be completely transparent and publish a detailed report quarterly on our progress, income and expenses.

    Timeline of STE token

    August-September, 2017


    1 STE token = 0.001 ETH

    Distribution of 1 to 15% of total maximum supply of STE tokens.

    Keep in mind that your share will
    actually grow after excessive tokens are burned when ICO ends. Final
    supply will be less than 100,000,000 because the STE token price is
    going to increase sharply during ICO and become not so attractive after
    50% of tokens is sold.

    October 31, 2017


    1 STE token = 0.002 ETH

    Prices start at 0.002 ETH for 1 STE token
    and stay at this level until 20% of maximum token supply is distributed.

    November, 2017

    ICO after 20% distribution of tokens

    1 STE token = 0.004 ETH

    After passing 20% threshold of distributed tokens the price will double every next 5%.

    Q4 2017

    ICO ends distributing more than 30% of all tokens

    Last STE distribution price depends on demand volume

    After ICO, if more than 30% of tokens is distributed, the rest is burned, and
    all distributed tokens become 70% of all existing tokens, increasing
    your share. If you own 10% of all tokens during ICO, after burning you
    can end up with something in between 10% and 23% of existing tokens.

    December 31, 2017

    ICO ends

    STE coin becomes tradeable on exchanges and OTC

    If you wish, you can sell your STE tokens as soon as ICO ends. Before
    that, STE tokens are restricted for transfer from your account.


    Commissions distribution

    All existing tokens will get all collected commissions.

    launch, 100% of commissions excluding expenses will be transfered to
    STE smart contract to be distributed equally between token holders.

    Pre-Sale stage

    For those who subscribe at the pre-sale stage: after ICO all pre-sale
    subscribers will get 10% of Ether collected during ICO - and you still
    keep your tokens! During pre-sale we distribute up to 10% of all
    available STE tokens, and after ICO 10% of collected funds is dedicated
    to those who subscribe at the presale stage. Most probably you will get
    back what you spent for presale and keep valuable tokens for free. In
    the best case scenario you'll get times more than your original
    contribution + future benefits of token holders.

    In the case of a successful ICO you can get 5
    to 10 (and possibly more) times more than your original contribution,
    but this totally depends on the demand.

    Undistributed tokens burning feature increases your share right after ICO ends.

    ICO stage 

    The ICO stage is designed to reward early subscribers with more attractive token prices. Token distribution price will double for each 5% distributed tokens after the initial distribution of 20% for minimum price of 2 ETH for 1000 STE tokens. We decided to implement this system in order to raise enough initial funds to bring this project to life at most attractive prices, and get the rest as an operational capital from those who are late. So, we reduce the possibility of failure of the project because of lack of funding on the development stage. Because token supply is limited and defined from the very beginning, we will be able to raise necessary operational funds on stage 3 if sufficient amount is not raised during the ICO stage. Otherwise, stage 3 will be cancelled. Otherwise, stage 3 will be canceled. Keep in mind that this project is designed to earn Ether tokens from start, so in worst case scenario operational funds can be earned by the project itself. The only problem is that it will take much more time to reach full-scale operational potential. For any ICO subscribers, even if you join at a later stage with relatively high prices, the main advantage will be growing demand on STE tokens from new STeX users (because of commissions rebate and distribution policy) combined with commissions distribution itself.

    Post-ICO stage 

    We expect to get hold of at least 5% of currency-exchange market in the first year of operations and become one of 10 biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. Please see the Whitepaper for details. All token holders will be rewarded monthly, receiving 100% of project's collected commissions to their ETH accounts. Apart from internal potential value of the project itself, there is an opportunity to sell STE token for much higher price in the open market because of high demand and price rise. Code of STE token on github








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