Chronobank - Sunday TIMEs Issue #1 - Bug bounty, DevUpdate Overview & More

  • 11 September — 17 September

    Hey, guys! Let’s start our first Sunday TIMEs issue! Every Sunday we are going to release an article with: - an overview of everything we’ve done during the week - TIME price updates - comments - pictures, and other cool stuff

    Not everyone has an opportunity to follow our everyday posts, but now you can check all the important news and updates in one place! Plus, we’ll overview DevUpdates and pick our favourite social media comment.

    TIME Price Update

    TIME Week high: 0,00532769 BTC, 20.67 USD TIME Week low: 0,00424413 BTC, 14.39 USD Maximum volume: 908 938 USD on September 11 Leading exchange: Livecoin, TIME/BTC

    The market is bleeding, 97% of TOP-100 tokens and coins showed red dynamics. Bitcoin price dropped down from $4341 to $2970 and almost all of the altcoins followed it. The possible reason of this fact was a statement from China about ICO ban and news about a ban on BTC trading with potential closing of exchanges.

    DevUpdate Overview

    ChronoMint Voting

    We invite everyone to try ChronoMint voting feature…

    …and read about all the planned future updates.

    Plus, you can take part in the very first poll created by the audience: will $TIME price go up?

    Bug bounty

    We also invite everyone to stress test our ChronoMint dApp. Any found bugs and issues.

    Blog Articles

    In case, you’ve missed it:

    ChronoMint: new release

    Token vs Coin! What’s the difference?

    Aaaand our favorite comment of this week describing the whole week in a nutshell:

    Stay tuned, guys! And, as always, thanks for your support!

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