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  • OKCash — sleeping #1 IoT Gaming Giant!

    Celebrate your Independence Day with the Number 1 IoT, Internet of Things, Coin! OKCash.

    IoT is the inter-networking of devices such as electronics and software that exchange data. Gaming Communities continue to exchange a massive amount of information including financial transactions. Amidst this explosion of opportunity, OKCash has continued to exceed expectations since 2014. Over 200 thousand Twitter followers, 60 thousand followers on Facebook, and Asian E-sports Gamers already know what their team has accomplished. Now, a new dawn invites the world to wake up and join the fireworks that OKCash has planned for everyone, everywhere, everyday in 2017.

    With the addition of Department of Artificial Intelligence at Charles University in Prague, the team is excited to invite you to share in it’s shining success.

    Yes, a new Roadmap and website redesign are on the way! Already a part of Microsoft Azure’s BaaS ecosystem since 2016, the team is developing ROKOS system, enabling cryptocurrencies to continue running seamlessly on IoT devices. But what really excites the 40 devoted active developers for OKCash are the Five Focus Points that they are bringing to reality this year.

    1) Social payment system with zero fees, instant transactions, and “OK feel”.

    2) IRL tournaments for small, durable and secure IoT devices such as Geocaching.

    3) Commercial gaming tournaments for a variety of mobile games, MMO plugins, such as LoL & HearthStone.

    4) Connecting Online gambling, e-sports, & casino businesses.

    5) Contributing to Community Causes. OKCash is partnering with Direct help & Prosperity, allowing gamers to provide help on a global scale.

    So not only is the project moving ahead with aggressive financial and technical potential, they realize we are all human, all in this together, and are giving back to communities in need. What other project can say that? Who really is OKCash’s competition? GameCredits, which is also part of the Microsoft Azure Network, is maybe the closest competitor, sitting at a $200 million dollar market cap compared to OKCash’s sub $10 million dollar cap. Game was also listed below $10 million dollars before being added to Poloniex. It certainly benefited from the recent boom recently in January for all Altcoins. Poloniex currently carries 90% of the volume for Alts. However they continue to show a track record of being incapable of adapting to the professional environment required of the rising Alt Coin revolution. OK Cash is currently not listed on Poloniex, and perhaps when they are, the price might go up. But with so much uncertainty around Poloniex, and with the rising number of decentralized exchanges, the game is going to change. But the true value, capabilities, and commitment of the OK Cash Team will continue to march on.

    To celebrate this inevitable success, OKCash has launched OKBets and invites you to join in on the fun and the rewards!

    OKBets Offers:

    - Faucet

    - Referral system

    - “Bet-Mining” OKCash

    - Provably fair OKCash and Bitcoin betting

    - Jackpot games

    - Tipping & rains

    - Dice

    For more information on OKCash follow these links to your IoT, Gaming, & Financial Independence. Let the fireworks begin & never end!

    To the Moon! Author: aheoro from Goblin Town

    Website: https://okcash.org/ Discord social & gaming: www.discord.me/cryptocurrency/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/okcashcryp... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OKCas... GitHub: https://github.com/okcashpro/ Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.... Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/curr... ROKOS: https://rokos.space/

  • Okcash (OK) hits 2000 users on Discord


    Okcash recently hit 2000 users on its main Discord Server! The Okcash community has grown through leaps and bounds, and has utilized discord for social tipping and general communications. Building upon social tipping, many bot features like games, and gambling have been introduced.


    The OK lounge allows bot-free discussion while the general area enjoys soaks, rains and much chatter. New users are especially welcomed to discord where they can earn free Okcash, and get support as they learn about Bitcoin and Okcash. If after going through the many tutorials provided by Okcash you still have questions, then you get head on over the the support area and get world class support to get you up and staking!

    Okcash recently hit 72M minted coins out of a total cap of 105M coins. Okcash still has 245 days left of POS staking at 10% and then it will be reduced down to 5%. OK has progressed well through its higher inflation times to now become more scarce. At a valuation of $13M there are only a max of $2k worth of OK generated. This low inflation and staking schedule mean that users will be able to stake OK for 100’s of years to come!

    As demand for Okcash continues to increase, the scarcity of new coins is hitting the market. OK appears to be on a parabolic path with large month over month gains, as well as year over year.

    The opportunity to jump is now.

    Discord Server: http://Discord.io/cryptocurren... Direct Discord Link: https://discord.gg/grvpc8c Recent News: http://OKcash.news Okcash info: http://OKcash.info Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1028368.0

    Public domain.


  • Liberland says OK to OKCash!

    Join the huge leap in development of OKCash and witness their journey to Liberland.

    The Free Republic of Liberland is a small country established in 2015 and is located on the borders of Croatia and Serbia. The micronation is famous for its values, business opportunities and libertarian beliefs.

    “In the week since Liberland announced its creation and invited prospective residents to join the project, they have received about 200,000 citizenship applications — one every three seconds — from almost every country in the world.” — The Guardian

    Currently the country accepts Bitcoin, have they own token called ‘Merit’ and are working with Ethereum network. This week, OKCash and Liberland representatives agreed to mutually cooperate. The discussions include but are not limited to accepting OKCash as the nation’s currency, becoming citizens of Liberland, and cooperatively starting new projects, leveraging the IoT & social aspects of OKCash and libertarian values of Liberland.

    The cooperation between OK and Liberland could be a precedent and case study for expansion of crypto tokens to world’s micronations.

    Awesome. What else?!

    Today, OKCash celebrates 2000 active users on Discord.

    During the festive week of July 10–16th, OKCash representatives are bringing several variations of brand-new fashion tokens to crypto-metropolis Prague, Czech Republic. Are you ready? International shipments available soon. OK, actually… we want you there! Bring your OK friends & pick one up directly in Prague and show us your faces at OK conferences :)

    Don’t yet own OK digital cash tokens? According to the analysts * stars, Now is the time to buy.

    To the Stars! Author: aheoro from Goblin Town

    Happy Investing, Happy Trading! ;)

    Website: https://okcash.org/ Discord social & gaming: www.discord.me/cryptocurrency/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/okcashcryp... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OKCas... GitHub: https://github.com/okcashpro/ Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.... Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/curr... ROKOS: https://rokos.space/


  • Okcash + Star wars FTW: Youtuber Geetsly now an Okcash partner!


    In the past few months there has been wide circulation of rumours about more Youtubers and Gamers joining Okcash. The first Youtuber is finally revealed, the Youtuber Geetsly is now in partnership with OKcash. Geetsly just released a new video, where he makes an introduction about OKcash and briefly describes the future implementation of Okcash for the channel and his community.

    Geetsly, a content creator focusing on topics relating to Star Wars, unraveling facts, hidden mysteries and highlighting a range of events in the Star Wars Series, Games, and the Story itself. OKcash Collaborators had the pleasure of having a conversation with Geetsly about a sponsorship, after a conference call, both OKcash and Geetsly came to the agreement of integrating the cryptocurrency as a featured future development project where users will be able to exchange games, on the platform of the IntergalaticLounge. For Geetsly’s and the OKcash community, “this is a new a day, a new beginning”, spoken by Ahsoka Tano .

    The OKcash community are strongly fervent and supportive for any collaboration. It’s the vision of being the next widely-used cryptocurrency, with the philosophy to ‘decentralize everything and empower everyone.’ The future of currency is cryptocurrency, and it’s the philosophy at OKcash where we think that currency should be decentralized, through a secure network, transparent [through the OKcash Blockchain], Open-Source and Positive for Innovation. Since the creation of OKcash in Nov. of 2014, we’ve established partnerships including Microsoft Azure with the Blockchain as a Service [BAAS] ecosystem. We want to maintain our partnership with Geetsly and his community by strengthening and assisting them during this process of integration.

    Most users can start-up your own OKcash wallet’s through the OKcash Bot, currently implemented in the Geetsly Discord Server as well as the OKcash Discord Server. Users are automatically assigned addresses [which can be found by using the command: .deposit]. You can purchase more OKcash, by first purchasing Bitcoin then depositing it into an OKcash accepted exchange, such as Bittrex, Cryptopia, Bleutrade, and Yobit. Once you’ve purchased these coins, you’re able to withdraw these coins into your own wallet. Your finally able to stake your coins, and to receive rewards for doing this, as of now the current staking rewards for this year is at 10%, which means if a user was to have 100,000 OKcash, throughout the year the user will receive small amounts of rewards and by the end of the year the total would amount 10,000 OKcash. If you want to sell your OKcash, you can do so through LiteBit, a site which converts OKcash to euro. Using Litebit you can directly purchase the cryptocurrency through various payment methods, including Ideal, Sepa Bankwire transfer, SOFORT, and GiroPay.

    Now this is a Proof of Stake algorithm, using the block halving process, which is why OKcash is a long-term sustainable staking [L.T.S.S.], using this system allows for the regulation of inflation, protecting the currency’s value. Through the Point of Stake algorithm, rather than Proof of Work [used for Bitcoin], people don’t need expensive equipment in order to get the coin, the more coins a person has the more mining power they have, allowing them to receive a larger stake, and compound on their coins.

    More on that here: https://medium.com/@OkcashNews/okcash-block-halving-1ead085e6fac

    If you want to get some free OKcash, go on the OKcash discord server, where there is frequent soaks and rains, a soak and rain essentially is the distribution of coins provided from a host user. The difference between the two, is that you receive soaks, if you’re within a 30 min time frame from the last moment you remained active on the server. Whilst rains are received to users who are currently active on the server. This distribution process can be simply explained by this: if there are 100 users online, and a user rains 100 OKcash, everyone will receive 1 OKcash each.

    We at the OKcash Community are proud to be associating with The Geetsly Community, we know this is a new concept, this integration is a gradual process, which is why hopefully both communities can share ideas, assist with any difficulties so it can be conducive to exploring future developments and innovation. It’s from this moment forward where we want to maintain strong bonds, and grow opportunities between one another.


    original source: https://okcash.news/okcash-star-wars-ftw-youtuber-geetsly-now-an-okcash-partner-25c73109b73c
    written by: AltruisticAtheist

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    Post a Flyer in a public space, Earn Some OK.

    15 OK per flyer posted up to 10 Flyers, You can post more flyers but will only be compensated for 10.

    START by Downloading one or more of the flyer images and print them out.


    In order to get your OK bounty you will need to post up to 10 photos of your flyers in a single post at https://okcashtalk.org/index.p... 
    with your discord username for payment in discord.

    Flyers must be in public areas such as coffee houses, Internet cafe's or other public places where you think they will be seen by the most people.

    Any discord account younger than 2 weeks in age are ineligible for this bounty offer. Not valid in draconian states where posting flyers is illegal. Proceed at own risk.

    Proof of your work must be submitted by Aug 1 2017 to be valid. Promotion ends at that time.

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    OkCash For Cause | Making the World a Better Place with Blockchain | Because we care

    Cryptos are a re-evolution; which is happening around the world and aiming to change the world and the way of dealing with money, making transactions faster and transparent.

    And all of it does not end there... Blockchain can be used for lots of other purposes to serve the World and the community.

    We thought of doing something more with OkCash, something revolutionary, something that will help mankind,
    something which will make the Okcash holders proud; and so we came up with OkCashForCause.

    The OKCASH FOR CAUSE is a Foundation, based on the crypto currency OKCASH.

    It is a diverse, active and dynamic organization by all means.The organization was established upon the interest of Humanity.

    The Foundation is driven by crypto currency “OKCASH” community members and volunteers across the world who want to help people in need and try to make the world a better place for them.

    We focus on Human rights, Child Education, Women’s rights, Equality and much more.

    Get the pdf from the link [url=https://goo.gl/ceyy2d]https://goo.gl/ceyy2d[/url] and get to learn everything about this Foundation and the way you can support.

    We would love to know your feedback this revolutionary movement that the Okcash Community has come with to help people around the world.
    Also, tell us if you want Okcash to come up with more such community driven projects.

    If You like this then we would love you to join in our mission.  :D
    Remember Small Acts When Multiplied By Millions Can Change The World!  ::)

    Website: http://www.okcashforcause.org/

    Follow Us On
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OkCas...
    Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/okcash...

    Share us your Feedback
    Forum: https://okcashtalk.org/index.p...

    Join us on the live chats
    Discord: https://discord.io/ok
    Official discord User: @OkCashForCause#4296

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    Win & Learn about Okcash and Crypto while playing Minecraft
    1st Okcash Games Server Released

    1st OK Minecraft server: minecraft.okcash.games

    After some time of requests and petitions, finally the OK community + coming Okcash Games presents: The first OK Minecraft Gaming Server.

    The first OK Minecraft server is alive! by the community for the community; from Okcash Games (coming soon): The first of many upcoming OK Gaming servers by the community “OK Minecraft Server” is now released and is ready to play for the open public after some weeks of closed beta/open beta stages where the players provided their feedback and have already started to build their own OK world.

    The players will be able to track of their scores on a server rank list and will be able to learn and earn Okcash by playing and participating in the different gaming contests, events and tournaments coming up.

    The first OK Minecraft tournament should be released in the next hours:
    Sign up over the forums and be ready to join and take part in your conquest to win the Okcash!

        Join and win over the 1st OK Minecraft Server IP (connect and play): minecraft.okcash.games
        Join the Forum and get latest updates:
        Join the Live Chat and Voice channels over the OK-BTC discord server and start making new friends and learning more about Okcash Games:

    OK Gaming contests and tournaments

    Minecraft is a sandbox video game created and designed by Swedish game designer Markus “Notch” Persson, and later fully developed and published by Mojang. The creative and building aspects of Minecraft enable players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D procedurally generated world. Other activities in the game include exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and combat.

        Minecraft alone has 55 Million Monthly Players and 122 Million in Sales

    The Okcash Games Minecraft server has its own Magic team behind;
    - Backend Administration is being taken care of by Architect. (Many years in experience with gaming/servers administration/management).
    - Frontend Game Master role is one of the key aspects of the server, and in this release we have no other than Sorticus. (Hardcore Gamer/Guild Leader with years of experience under his belt creating contests and interactions between the online gaming community)
    - Game Mods positions are under review, this will get assigned and announced as they become required based on server growth.
    - Direct support by the Okcash community and the OK collaborators teams.

    Gaming is OK with Okcash!

    What are you waiting for? Signup over the forums, join the discord and the OK Minecraft server to participate and win the coming games and tournaments!

        For gamers by gamers ~Okcash Games

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    1st Okcash Games Contest: Okcash Minecraft Logo Contest! Join and Win with OK

    Okcash Games announcement and to coincide with the launch of the Okcash
    Minecraft server. We are bringing to you this OK Contest.

    The great OKcash Minecraft Logo contest.

    What is this you ask?

    This coin is built by the people for the people, constantly improving and growing.
    this in mind we are having a contest to find who can use our new
    minecraft server to create the most kick ass logo for the server and
    coin combined.

    The contest will be done in 2 parts.

    1) First part is the design process.

    Timeline: This part of the contest will take place from today, friday 18th of August 2017, right up until wednesday the 23rd of August 2017.

    Create a Minecraft inspired Okcash logo on our OK Minecraft dedicated
    server. How it looks is completely up to you. Be it a castle be it a
    river. Make it anything you want.

    2) Second part of the contest.

    Thursday and Friday myself (Sorticus), CG฿ and Shbour will sit down and
    pick up the top 5 or at most top 10 submitted designs.

    Here comes the fun part!

    Late Friday 25th of August 2017 we will release on the forums a poll with the top pics.
    However we will leave it up to You; The community to decide on the final winners.

    Onto the prizes!

    We have special prizes for the top 3 winners of this contest.

    1st Place:    500 Okcash
    2nd Place:   250 Okcash
    3rd Place:    100 Okcash


    • The contest takes place exclusively on the Okcash minecraft server.
    • Every Entry must be submitted in a reply to this https://okcashtalk.org/index.p... Forum thread by Midday on wednesday the 23rd of August.
    • Nothing offensive/racist/inappropriate. We want something fun and exciting to look at!

    week we will be giving out lots of information and other surprises over
    the OKcash server and minecraft channel ( #minecraft-og ) on Discord ( https://discord.io/ok-minecraf... ). Make sure you keep an eye out!

    lots of you join us on the server from today onwards and I look forward
    to seeing some of the amazing designs you all come up with.

    ~ Sorticus (Okcash Games Minecraft GM)

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    OkCash is back for more! New updates, Marketing, Games and Micro-payments

    WITH DAY 07/09 — We begin to work with the marketing group that will actively expand the OK reach.

    They will also be responsible for acquiring new contacts for cooperation with developers in the field of computer games.

    Much emphasis will also be placed on the micro-payment system, to properly use the potential of the Okcash cryptocurrency as a form of payment on more websites/services (eg stores).

    Organizing events / contests / tournaments, the first preparations are made before the official announcement. Details soon.

    Here are a few of the items/merchandise that will be used in the marketing campaigns through the marketing team:

    OK merchandise

    OK stickers

    Bitcoin and Okcash Scented Soaps (BTC: green tea / OK: wild berries)

    OK necklaces

    The QR code on the necklace holds your Okcash address.

    You can deposit to it and/or share it to receive payments any time.

    Just tell them to scan it and send you your coins!

    We are in the process of creating different designs with QR code, T-shirts, caps etc.

    Details soon …



    Due to the growing interest in working with developers from different computer game environments, and continue with the OK evolution, we decided to do a Rebranding.

    Marketing and promotional campaigns in the world, with the main focus on Russia and Asia, will start under the design.

    The major update will include:

    - Logo update;

    - Main website redesign/update;

    - Other websites / New websites update;

    Details and prototypes of upcoming changes will be revealed to you next week.

    Poloniex Exchange

    We decided to expand our capabilities and enter Poloniex.

    However, before the full details and the specific date appear, we would like to invite you to a vote in which you support our decision.

    If at the end of the vote, 51% of the votes cast will be for Poloniex exchange entry — we will update the date of entry.

    You will find the vote in the following link:


    The voting is made by our friendly marketing group.

    As well, this tool can be used as a preview of the current result.

    We hope you will be pleasantly surprised by us soon.


    Other stock exchanges

    Due to the fact that we have provided a platform for voting / submitting your ideas.

    We will continually add different types of initiatives that, once expressed your interest, will come into effect.

    Among other things is OkCash’s entrance to other stock exchanges.

    We also want you to participate in the OK development, and because we do it for you — you can have a direct stake in it.


    Due to the great interest in OkCash, we have been able to refine the terms of cooperation with a well-known youtuber, who will help promote the “okcash games exchange and projects”.

    More specifically, we will also be supporting micro-payments in games.

    Full details will be updated on a regular basis.

    Many events, tournaments and competitions ahead!

    We have also built a large community of players from around the world who are eager to help us with organizational matters.

    Eventually we will host tournaments around the world.

    That is why we are in the process of establishing the terms of cooperation with the person who has a very strong gaming presence on Youtube. Live broadcasts of tournaments as well!

    Big,big things are happening.

    Great plans for the coming month, and even greater prospects for development in the near future …

    Expect great news!

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    Okcash WU — Why is OK so special? - Rebranding, New Gaming website / wallet updates, 4k members

    In 8 days we get the Rebranding! This will be something amazing for us all! The marketing group has also already received the promotional material with a new logo, which will start promoting from 17/09 under the new sign! Also the Okcash Gaming website gets released in 3 days!

    Big changes are getting ready, stay with us, OK works for you.

    What is so cool about Okcash ?

    — OK is the only coin with/and creators of the “LTSS” System (Long Term Sustainable Staking) in pair with Bitcoin Long Term Halving system, meaning the last Okcash will be staked around the year 2148.

    info: https://okcashtalk.org/index.p...

    — OK transfers virtually instant, with fast 69–74 second confirmations, without the need of special layers/masternodes/side systems.

    — The OK Collaborators team is decentralized and conformed of more than 40 members from countries like: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, France, Norway, Germany, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Australia, Egypt and more.

    info: https://okcash.org/collaborato...

    — The OK Blockchain is one of the most efficient and secure chains in crypto, being online since 2014 and working 24/7 and available anytime for all of its users.

    OK Blockchain: http://explorer.okcash.co

    — OK has one of the strongest and friendliest communities in Crypto, growing faster every time. (Already breaking the 4k members over one of the main communications channels)

    Main Communications server: http://discord.io/okcash

    — Everyone can participate and mine for more coins with Okcash thanks to staking, no matter how many coins you have on your wallet, you get the 10% in Okcash rewards during this year in your wallet until the next halving period.

    info: https://okcashblockhalf.com

    — There will only be 105 million Okcash in existence ( 5 times the Bitcoin coin cap ) Making OK perfect also for Micro Payments / Transactions.

    — OK cash holds a unique name that attracts and explains itself and the project no matter the language, no cultural barriers.

    — OK has one of the lowest fees in crypto.
    ( 0.0001 OK = 0.00004 USD aprox at the time of this update)

    OK price converter: https://www.coinmath.com/okcas...

    [b]11/09–12/09[/b] — Gamers Website:

    Coming “Okcash Games” gaming portal that will hold all the info about the Okcash Games, tournaments on different games, the links and info about different Okcash Games Servers (like minecraft, etc) Where the same community will be able to add/manage their own servers ripping all the benefits themselves as well, Only requirements for new servers to get added is that they have to either work with Okcash cryptocurrency within the game/server and/or hold Okcash contests for its users.

    New game server coming up: the new Minecraft Pocket Edition ( for mobile users) , the platform will also hold info/links for the different Okcash Guilds in different games people play.

    In the future, after establishing a good user base, Okcash Games (Collabs + Community) will be creating/coding their own Games that use Okcash as part of their economy/game for different platforms.

    [b]~The place for gamers by gamers. [/b]

    [b]17/09 [/b]— REBRANDING — New Logo (v3) — Website Redesign + more OK info sites coming up!

    [b]19/09–20/09 [/b]— open online conference for the community by some of the OK collaborators and strong community members. We will talk about some of the future plans, the stock exchanges that show interest in the project, potential developers with whom we talk and we will answer all your questions, we are all a team.

    [b]29/09–30/09 [/b]— Minor wallet update. At the moment the OK wallet is v version, The coming wallet update (minor update) will give us the Okcash wallet version which will have:

    - A new design, the New OK logo (rebrand) (v3 logo)

    - Security updates

    -Same way it will include new DNS nodes, improving the network connectivity and scalability now that we are growing so much
    (all basic dns nodes are full, more than 500 nodes out there ) so we are having new DNS nodes added over:
    Silicon Valley USA, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Canada and still deciding last one of this round for London or Australia.

    We are still waiting on Poloniex, we submitted the proper information and at this moment we are getting verified to comply with full transparency requirements, in the meantime, we have also sent information to other stock exchanges with info/requests about adding OkCash to their platform. You will receive detailed information over the next few days in the coming Updates.

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    Okcash Games Launched!

    Enjoy the new site everyone can win $OK or start their own projects to benefit and have fun!



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    Logo Upgrade + Full New Okcash.io site Released

    Welcome to visit the new Okcash website with the new Logo!


    We are updating all the different resources and sharing the evolved v3 Logo to the different services,
    also you will be able to find it with its vector over the Okcash-Graphics over the OK GitHub to print/use for your own needs.

    We love the new clean and improved logo and site! share your thoughts!

    Coming Up: Okcash Collaborators Conference, Minecraft Pocket Edition Server Release, Wallets update, Tournaments and even more surprises coming up!

    Stay tuned!

  • OKcash(OK) - Release OK wallet v4.0.0.5-core Utopia

    codename: Utopia

    Utopia (/juːˈtoʊpiə/ yoo-TOH-pee-ə) is an imagined ideal community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities. Utopian ideals often place emphasis on egalitarian principles of equality in economics, government and justice, though by no means exclusively, with the method and structure of proposed implementation varying based on ideology.

    Change List 30-September-2017 - v4.0.0.5-core Utopia

    • Sec Checkpoints (Security / Maint)
    • New Logo, v4005 img, cleaner design (Imp / Design)
    • New DNS seeders (Res / Update)
    • Updated links, typos (Res / Update)

    ** Splash image art created by: Tay (OkxposGFX)


  • OKcash(OK) Birthday Contest 08-11-2017 to 20-11-2017

    HI Guys and Gurls,

    Its OkCash Birthday!

    On this occasion lets celebrate by creating Birthday Card for OKCash.

    Best Entries will be awarded OkCash.

    First Prize 20 OK Cash
    Second Prize 10 OK Cash
    Third Prize 05 OK Cash

    1. Event Starts on 08-11-2017 to 12-11-2017 Now extended: 08-11-2017 to 20-11-2017
    2. Post your entries with your okcash address :)
    3. Anyone can post more than one picture!
    4. Please make your own Design. Copied or stolen ideas will be rejected.

    Event is Sponsored by

    Thanks & Regards
    OK Menchester

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