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    Javvy is the Ultimate Cryptocurrency Exchange and Wallet everyone has been waiting on!

    Fundraise: Javvy is raising funds through an Equity crowdfunding AND an ICO token pre-sale. Those who support our ambitious plan by purchasing Javvy tokens (JVY) will have the option to convert them, later, within the Javvy wallet, to national currency (CASH) or nearly any other cryptocurrency.

    Mission: To replace all web-based crypto exchanges and wallets. We aim to deliver a comprehensive solution to buy, sell, convert, use, and manage all major cryptocurrency within a single, beautiful, elegant, and intuitive wallet.

    Business Model for Regulatory Compliance

    The Javvy business entity is structured to allow the separation of certain technology components and compliance processes across multiple jurisdictions to allow for a much easier and lower risk registration process for all cryptocurrency customers globally. The Javvy compliance team applies its unique knowledge and experience of the regulatory framework to navigate the quagmire of policies to further simplify the user experience while increasing security and ensuring all relevant regulatory requirements are satisfied.

    Mobile users are able to install the Javvy wallet application easily, while desktop users are download the Javvy wallet from the Javvy website and use it anonymously for basic send, receive, and convert operations. The wallet's front-end user interface is designed with the layperson in mind and includes an integrated registration process for users wishing to buy and sell crypto. For the more advanced operations of buying, selling, and using cryptocurrency in the real-world (e.g. international debit card, sending CASH, etc), further simplicity is achieved by implementing a rule based tailored registration process to require only the documentation needed to meet the regulation criteria of the user's country of citizenship.

    Technology Architecture

    The Javvy solution is not web-based, avoiding the inherent risks of traditional web-based financial services. Additionally, Javvy's technology is designed to isolate core components, according to regulatory type and AML policy restrictions. By taking this regulatory-centric approach, Javvy is able to provide anyone in the world, who has Internet connectivity and is not barred from cryptocurrency by their country's policy, full access to the cryptocurrency markets. Specifically, the Javvy architecture separates key functions that do not require registration from those that do.

    As a result of Javvy's regulatory-centric approach, users do not need to register or have address and identity verified for send, receive, manage, or convert operations. If a user desires to purchase or sell cryptocurrency, they will then be asked to register and provide the minimal ID verification documents, as per their country of citizenship. The mobile apps will provide easy methods to upload pictures of documents and desktop apps will allow for easy upload of scanned documents, all sent to secure Javvy servers for rapid verification.

    If there is a problem with verification, a manual review may be scheduled. The manual review generally takes less than a few minutes, up to a few hours. In tough cases, whereas documents are not recognized or the user is a citizen of highly restricted and regulated country, a more stringent review may be scheduled. In this case, the delay may be up to several days and approval may not be given, based on various criteria.

    Once ID and address verification is completed, the owner of the verified wallet address will be able to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies through Javvy, as desired, without having to complete any further verification. In most cases, Javvy will not store user's credit card details or banking information, so the payment method will be required to be entered upon each order. The payment method entered must match that of the ID verification.

    The user will be given the option to store their payment information, for convenience, but the risks of doing so will be clearly outlined. Even though the Javvy solution is not a web-based solution, storing any sensitive user data, if the save option is chosen, results in there always being a risk of data breach by unauthorized agents. In every case, Javvy will take every precaution to ensure the safety of user's information stored on its servers, but there will always be a threat of data breach with any information stored in servers accessible online.

    Overview of Registration and Rapid ID Verification Process

    Detailed description of logic flowchart diagrams:
    • Users performing unregulated send, receive, and convert transactions will bypass registration.
    • Unregistered users attempting to perform regulated transactions initiate the registration process.
    • Geo-location technology is used to ascertain document requirements and validate origin of credentials against the user's location at the time of registration.
    • The system performs rapid verification of the supplied credentials, when possible.
    • If rapid verification is not possible, the application is flagged for manual review.
    • If verification is unsuccessful, the registration is declined with a detailed report.
    o The user may submit further credentials with an explanation for review.
    o The user may also request a manual review.
    • If verified, the account is authorized allowing the user to conduct regulated transactions

    Patent Pending 62543097

    Javvy received a patent pending for a provisional patent that covers the process and methodology for the automatic, bi-directional conversion of supported national currencies and cryptocurrencies. The novelty of this process is that it is distributed, fully automated, and ties into legacy banking system technology utilizing current banking APIs. Existing providers are limited by the amount of reserves held as deposits needed to clear these transaction types, which impede their ability to scale their customer-base. The Javvy solution overcomes the issue by providing a clear, fully scalable path to buying and selling cryptocurrency easily, eliminating the need for massive cryptocurrency reserves.

    Overview of decentralized, automated, cross-currency exchange

    Note: FIAT refers to government-backed currency, such as USD (US Dollar), French Franc, Japanese Yen, etc.

    Overview of cross-currency exchange process

    Patent Pending 62558597

    Javvy received a patent pending for a provisional patent that covers the process and methodology for conversion and settlement of cryptocurrency purchases, using an intermediary layer, the Javvy token (JVY), for the purpose of eliminating the need for holding disparate, volatile cryptocurrency reserves. This is a drastic improvement over current crypto exchanges that merely offer one (1) or two (2) cryptocurrencies (typically, bitcoin and Ethereum) to their users, due to the reserve limitation and extreme value risk. In contrast, by using this patented intermediary interchange process, Javvy will instantly be positioned to support nearly every major cryptocurrency in existence. Javvy users will be able to buy, sell, use, and manage them all, with the underlying framework remaining transparent from a user perspective

    Handling Crypto or TOKEN Fulfillment for BUY Orders

    Details of the intermediary layer interchange process

    Detailed description of logic flowchart for cross-currency exchange:
    • User places an order to buy or sell cryptocurrency.
    o Fig 2. Every order will buy or sell the JAVVY token (JVY) inside the wallet.
    o Fig 2. Using the JVY token in this way negates the need for us to store massive crypto reserves.
    o Fig 2. By default, to keep things intuitive, the wallet will automatically use the wallet's convert function to convert from the JVY token into the desired cryptocurrency.
    • Peer nodes validate the transaction via network confirmations.
    • If the order is a national currency (a SELL order), the OFAC list is checked.

    o If a match is found, the system cancels the order.

    o Otherwise, peer nodes periodically check for a sufficient number of blockchain confirmations.
    • If confirmed, the chosen currency is sent to the wallet address. Otherwise, the order is cancelled.
    • If the order is for cryptocurrency (a BUY order), a crypto OFAC is checked.
    o If a match is found, the system cancels the order.
    o Otherwise, peer nodes periodically check for bank notification that funds have cleared.
    • If the funds clear, a wire transfer is initiated in the chosen currency. Otherwise, the order is cancelled.
    Please refer to patents pending 62543097 & 62558597 for more detailed flowcharts and descriptions.


    The Javvy solution consists of a cross-platform crypto wallet available on Windows, Linux, Mac, Native iOS, and Native Android.
    The Javvy wallet can be downloaded from the Javvy website or installed to a mobile device from the related app store. Nearly every citizen of every country will be able to use the Javvy wallet and exchange. Users will have the capability to manage numerous cryptocurrency assets, see their holdings and transactions at-a-glance. The will also have the ability to send, receive, and convert cryptocurrency, without registering with Javvy.
    For those who wish to buy, sell, or use cryptocurrency to fund an international debit card, Javvy provides an easy, friendly, and fast option for registering and verifying identity. Javvy aims to make the process as quick and hassle-free as possible, by tailoring identity document requirements to each user, according to the regulations of their country of citizenship and providing a convenient means to deliver those documents.
    Aside from the many features that are currently unique to the Javvy wallet, users will enjoy the peace of mind of using a wallet that places a strong emphasis on security and user-friendly backup options. Institutional and power users will also benefit from the added ability to manage fund access with configurable (2-of-3, 3-of-5, 5-of-6, etc.) “multisig”, securing funds in shared wallets with multiple signatures. International users will gravitate toward the Javvy solution for the convenience of having the wallet translated into every popular language.


    Javvy plans to disrupt the cryptocurrency industry by providing a superior alternative to traditional web-based crypto exchanges and wallets. By building a comprehensive, secure, and intuitive crypto wallet with buy, sell, convert, and management capabilities, Javvy aims to deliver the ideal solution.
    Javvy approaches cryptocurrency from a compliance and regulatory first perspective, and is powered by a team with decades of extensive regulatory, compliance, programming, and security experience.
    The cryptocurrency market is still in its infancy. As a result, lack of information and the absence of easily identifiable best practices, has led crypto users to resort to combining feature-poor, and often insecure, crypto utilities to obtain and manage their cryptocurrency. We, the Javvy team, decided that there is a better way. We are consolidating the full functionality of cryptocurrency into a previously non-existent, comprehensive solution with a focus on security, simplicity, and keeping the control of cryptocurrency where it belongs, in the hands of its owners.

    Javvy Crypto Solution Features in Details


    100% anonymous to Send, Receive, Convert, & Manage

    Full-Service Exchange

    Does not use risky 3rd-party or peer-to-peer exchanges!

    Safe and Secure***

    Very strong focus on security and safety (backup options)

    Buy & Sell Crytpo

    Conveniently Buy and Sell cryptocurrency in the Javvy wallet!

    Multiple Crypto

    Safely stores Bitcoin, ETH, & the Javvy token (more to be added)

    All Devices & Platforms

    All major platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, & Android

    Friendlier Buy & Sell**

    Provides a RAPID and “friendly” approach to ID verification

    Convert Crypto

    Conveniently convert to many other major cryptocurrencies

    Shareable Wallet

    Configurable "Multisig" for shared & corporate wallets

    Who Can Use the Javvy Crypto Solution?

    Serving EVERYONE*

    Licensed to serve globally (MSB, FinCEN, & BitLicense)

    Multiple Languages

    Translated into all major languages (English, initially)

    Industry Pioneer*

    Javvy will seek more "reasonable" regulations

    Accepted Payment Methods

    Pay by CASH

    Instant payment by CASH, scanned check, Western Union, etc

    Pay by Credit Card

    Instant payment with Credit or Debit card (adds 3% fee)

    Pay by Bank Transfer

    Pay by Bank Transfer (wire or ACH, adds 3-5 day delay)

    Javvy Crypto Solution Development Roadmap

    *The amount raised will act as a signal from the community on which objectives are most desirable

    Javvy ICO

    Buy early during the ICO to earn bigger token bonuses!

    Introducing the JAVVY (JVY) Utility Token

    Ethereum enables the creation of ERC20 tokens, which can be used in an incentive system to replace intermediaries. In the Javvy system, JVY tokens will play a key role in providing a common framework for buying into and selling out of cryptocurrency. Users will buy and sell the Javvy token (JVY), first, and then have the option to hold, sell, or convert it to nearly any other cryptocurrency in existence.
    For users who choose to buy-and-hold the Javvy token, the price differential provides an opportunity to convert to other cryptocurrencies, at a later date, for less than a real-time transaction directly into a given cryptocurrency would cost. Users who buy and convert immediately should not have any noticeable “price skew” before completion of the conversion.

    Token Technology

    Our tokens will be of a standardized ERC20 form, so it can be easily integrated by any other party who wishes to do so. All of this code will be publicly available in our repositories and can be audited by anyone who wishes to do so.

    Javvy Token (JVY) Transactions

    A connection with the Ethereum Mainnet will be handled using Parity, which will serve as our Ethereum node. This will ensure that our connection to the network is always synchronized, and transactions can be processed and validated fast and securely. A React and Web3 stack will be used as our front end bridge and interface to monitor all events in real-time.

    Javvy Token (JVY) Technical Details & Token Sale Plan

    Maximum CAP: 2,000,000 ETH Reserved coins: 30>#/p###

    • 12% for founding partners (vests in 2 years with 6-month cliff)
    • 10% for operational use to process buy & sell orders in the Javvy wallet
    • 4% for attracting and retaining top talent, post launch
    • 3% for key people, advisors, and influencers
    • 1% for bounty rewards

    JVY price per Ether: 0.002 ETH / token (500 JVY / ETH) Bonus Tokens: 10% (0 – 200,000 ETH), 5% (200,001 – 300,000 ETH) Emission rate: No new coins will ever be created Sale start: November 1, 2017 @ 13:00:00 UTC Sale end: November 15, 2017 @ 13:00:00 UTC How to Buy: Buy Javvy ICO Tokens (JVY) Instructions Accepted currencies: ETH Coin distribution date: Immediate (but locked until ICO completion)

    Note: If users decide to speculate, based on the degree of perceived project success, the Javvy token value could be very volatile.

    Javvy Equity Investment

    For investors who want to own shares of Javvy

    Total Equity Offered: 10% (5,000 shares)

    • Angel Funding: 1,000 @ $500/share
    • How to invest: Contact Us
    • Sale Period Start: 08.25.2017 through 09.22.2017
    • Crowdfunding: 4,000 @ $1,000/share, minimum
    • How to invest: TBA
    • Sale Period: 09.25.2017 through 01.25.2018

    Downside: Little to no liquidity until IPO, merger, or acquisition. Upside: Reduced risk of speculation, though speculation could push valuations, if project is viewed as extremely successful and high growth.


    Javvy Pitch Deck (brief overview)

    Javvy Prospectus with Financials

    Detailed Financials (upon request)

    How To Buy Javvy (JVY) ICO Tokens

    Javvy Wallet (prototype soon)

    White Paper

    Javvy Patent Pending 62543097

    Javvy Patent Pending 62558597



    ICO Website:https://javvy.com/javvy-exchan...






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