Sandcoin - The world's first electronic option for high-quality sand

  • Introduction

    We are proud to introduce the first ever sand quarry project funded
    through raising cryptocurrency via creating a blockchain option for
    mining non-metallic materials. SAND COIN is a blockchain derivative
    based on a real product.
    The goal of the project is to raise funds via a blockchain system and an
    ICO to develop a sand quarry in the Moscow Region. Through creating a
    real product based blockchain option for a low price and issuing SAND
    COIN, which includes entering the cryptocurrency market and
    subsequent buy back, we offer a profitable asset to interested investors.

    The Project

    We own a 109 hectare (269,354 acres) plot of land in the Moscow Region.
    The land is situated 60 km away from Moscow and 10 km away from the
    construction site of Central Ring Road junction.
    The fortunate transport accessibility and direct proximity to the
    construction of road infrastructure makes our land an attractive area for
    future development into a mortar sand quarry.
    This land is valued at $1.8 million as a real estate property, without the
    value of prospective sand mining.
    We have the license from the Russian Federal Subsoil Resources
    Management Agency to prospect subsoil for sand on our land.
    Based on the survey made with 16 drill holes on the grid of 300x300
    meters and 5 boreholes on the grid of 300x300 meters, we can evaluate
    the sand resource of the R1 category, and in the near future confirm the
    presence of the sand resource of the S2 category. We have conducted
    appraisal drilling with core extraction and testing samples extraction.
    The drilling was conducted up to 16 meters in depth, and yielded the
    following results:
    Topsoil 0,15 meters (stripping 15 centimeters)
    Sand, medium and coarse to the depth of up to 16 meters
    Water cut from the depth of 4 meters
    It’s worth noting that mining would not be conducted on the total area of
    the land plot, but only in the borders of the mining claim so as to comply
    with the legal regulations. In this case the total area of the sand quarry
    development will be 90 hectares (222,39 acres).
    The water cut facilitates sand mining via hydromechanical extraction.
    The total volume of sand is estimated to be 14.4 million cubic meters.

    Extracted and ready for sale product will consist of grade 1 and grade 2
    Very fine sand - fineness modulus of 1.0 - 1.5
    Fine sand - fineness modulus - 1.5 - 2.0
    Medium sand - fineness modulus - 2.0 - 2.5
    Coarse sand - fineness modulus - 2.5 - 3.0
    To supply the mining process we plan to provide 150 kW of electricity. It
    is also worth noting than the necessary infrastructure will include not
    only providing power grids, but the construction of outbuildings:
    A building for the sales department, accounting and the administrative
    supply department - 300 square meters.
    Housing for the mining staff to provide uninterrupted extraction of nonmetallic
    materials - 250 square meters
    To provide transport infrastructure we plan to build a 500 meters long
    and 8 meters wide asphalt surface entrance complex, which would allow
    year-round sand mining operation.

    Project implementation plan

    Our project is an opportunity to invest into SAND COIN blockchain option
    implemented through a blockchain platform and based on a real product
    - cubic meters of mortar sand.
    The total volume of sand is estimated to be 14.4 million cubic meters.
    The average market price of 1 cubic meter of sand is $5.30.
    Estimated total earnings of the quarry - 14 400 000 m3 * $5.30 = $76 320
    The volume of sand sold during pre-ICO and ICO - 3.4 million m3 = 3 400
    000 SAND COIN. The price offered to investors during crowdsale $0.95 -
    $1.35 = 1 m3 ($0.95 - $1.35 = 1 SAND COIN).
    Fundamental stages of the project:
    Pre-ICO. July - August 2017.
    During the pre-ICO investors will be offered to purchase a block-chain
    option of 230 000 cubic meters of sand (230 000 SAND COIN)
    1 SAND COIN = $0.95
    2) ICO. September - October 2017
    During the ICO investors will be offered to purchase a block-chain option
    of 3 170 000 cubic meters of sand (3 170 000 SAND COIN)
    1 SAND COIN = $1.25 - $1.35
    The minimal milestone of the ICO - $1 175 000
    3) Connecting power grids, construction of the infrastructure necessary
    for sand mining, purchase of equipment.
    October 2017 - April 2018
    4) Conducting stripping work, the beginning of quarry development
    May 2018

    5) The buy back launch
    July 2018
    SAND COIN blockchain options buy back will start 9 months after
    fundraising ends. We plan to buy back 10% of SAND COIN with
    subsequent burning every year, until buying back up to 50% SAND COIN
    from the market. Investors will also have the right to exchange SAND
    COIN for an equivalent amount of cubic meters of sand (1 SAND COIN = 1
    m3 of sand).
    6) Partnering up with other non-metallic material quarries, connecting
    them to the SAND COIN system, February 2019

    7) Launching the development of a second sand quarry, 2020

    Based on this form of investment we expect a substantial increase in
    value as soon as SAND COIN enters the market, and equalization of the
    blockchain price later on, once the quarry development begins.
    We expect SAND COIN to increase in value even more due to the buy
    back in July 2018.
    Other price growth stages will happen due to the partnerships with other
    non-metallic material miners and their participation in SAND COIN in
    February 2019, and the launch of a second quarry development in 2020.


    The project plan requires two stages of sand quarry development.

    First stage includes:

    Legal documentation preparation Connecting to the power grid, lighting Entrance complex construction Outbuildings construction First stage expenses - $1 175 000

    Second stage includes:

    Stripping works Purchase of equipment Purchase of vehicles for sand transportation Second stage expenses - $2 353 600.

    Monthly expenses: sand mining, staff salary, administrative costs - $95 000. Monthly earnings based on an average of 90 000 m3 of sand mined (3000 m3 a day) and an average market price of $5.30 for 1 m3 of sand - 90 000 * 5.30 = $477 000. Mining 1 cubic meter of sand costs $1.25. The mining expenses will be gradually reduced throughout quarry development and equipment investment recoupment. At the average rate of 90 000 m3 of sand mined monthly, the quarry will be depleted in 13.5 years. After this we plan to start working on recultivating the land for fish farming or other appropriate economic activities. During pre-ICO we offer investors a way to earn a substantial profit as soon as SAND COIN enters the market, considering the price of 1 SAND COIN (equivalent to 1 m3 of sand) during crowdsale = $0.95 - $1.35. Average market price of 1 m3 of mortar sand = $5.30.


    Ruslan Pichugin


    Graduated the Moscow State Law Academy, specialization "Land Law",
    the co-founder of the construction company,
    "Revital", in the past the founder Yocto Games (worked with Chillingo, Electronic Arts, Microsoft Studios)

    Grachkov Kirill


    Education Moscow State University, the executive director MBK LLC

    Eduard Egorov



    North-Western Technical University

    Worked as PR manager of companies Leiman Spich and CJSC NESCO

    Eugene Khashin


    Education: TSU - Mathematician, Aptech CE - Database specialist.
    Co-founder of the first Russian PaaS "Dokkur",
    CTO "Swanager - infrastructure provider"


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