Snovio ICO - World's first decentralized lead generation platform

  • Snovio is the world’s first decentralized sourcing and lead generation service, providing high-quality leads thanks to the use of blockchain technology and crowdsourcing data collection methods.

    The idea of Snovio was born after using typical lead generation services. It’s unclear when, from where, or how these services collect potential clients’ data, which they in turn sell to their customers. The result? A huge bounce rate (often up to 30%), a large percentage of non-existent telephone numbers, and critically outdated information.

    The idea of decentralization, which lies at the heart of Snovio, solves problems faced by traditional lead generation methods by attracting tens of thousands of people from around the world to collect and update the system’s data

    These technologies and methods make Snovio an irreplaceable tool for lead generation with the most accurate data for any type of business. Data contributors are provided with a unique model for fair revenue distribution from selling data through a transparent and audited economy.

    Snovio Project Mission

    Traditional lead generation method suffers from several problems:

    1. Sources of Information Lack Transparency. Currently, clients who
    purchase leads have no way of telling what the source(s) of that
    information is/are. They could be buying extremely outdated contact
    information that was collected automatedly and which wasn’t
    updated for several years.

    Through Snovio, clients can always see the full history of the data
    they are purchasing: beginning from the moment data was added
    into the system, including any time that the data was updated, and
    whether the data was bought by other clients

    2. Data Exclusivity. When buying data from traditional lead generations
    services, clients never know how many times that same data
    was sold to others and whether it’s even worth buying that data now

    Using Snovio, clients can always see the full history of the data they’re
    interested in, including an accurate account of generation, updates,
    and sales. This gives clients a better opportunity to make informed
    decisions about purchasing any and all Snovio leads

    3. Poor Quality Leads. Since traditional lead generation services collect
    their leads in a centralized manner, those leads are often of a lower
    quality and the information in them quickly becomes outdated. Our
    personal experience indicates that, on average, 20% of purchased
    leads contain either a non-existent email address or fake telephone
    Snovio immediately shows clients the source of the data they are
    interested in as well as the time of its collection, including

    the number of times that data was sold, previous clients’ reviews, etc.
    All of this substantially increases the trustworthiness and the quality
    of the services offered to our clients

    4. Inability to receive real-time updates. In the current,
    highly-competitive business world, businesses need to be able to
    reach potential clients at the exact moment that clients develop a
    demand for their product(s). Examples for such demand-triggers
    might be purchasing a new car, a new promotion, or moving into a
    new home. These are critically important triggers that are
    opportunities for businesses to provide their respective services at
    the exact moment when clients are most likely to demand, and are
    most likely to end up paying, for those services.
    At Snovio, tracking updated data triggers form a fundamental part of
    the system’s functionality and competitive edge.

    5. Utter opacity about the distribution of revenues (from selling data)
    for information suppliers and contributors. Currently, when
    information suppliers provide their data to traditional lead
    generation services, they lose total control over that data

    Snovio solves this problem using an open transaction registry

    complete with all the relevant information and smart-contracts

    We see our mission as changing the outdated methods of lead
    generation to new methods that reflect the realities faced by modern
    businesses. We seek to provide much needed and greatly demanded,
    high-quality data with constantly updated information. Similarly, we
    want to change the approach for working with data suppliers by
    recognizing their interests and motivations in selling data and keeping it
    up to date.

    Developed Technology

    Snovio has and continues to develop decentralized lead generation
    technology founded upon the idea of crowdsourcing data collection and
    blockchain technology.
    Our team uses popular development technologies and databases like
    PHP, Python, JavaScript, Angular, MySQL, MongoDB, Reddis, RabbitMQ,
    Laravel, Elastic Search.
    Currently, our MVP (minimum viable product) has core modules of the
    system which are already in active commercial exploitation, such as email
    search and verification, adding new data to the system (currently without
    the financial motivation by tokens). We continue to work on the most
    critical piece on system decentralization and storage of the most
    important information with blockchain technology


    Snovio is an independent, decentralized platform for lead generation
    between tens of thousands of contributors (data suppliers) and
    Contributors. From the supply side, contributors add ever newer and
    more up-to-date potential leads to the database, all while they update
    leads already in the database. Moreover, every contributor’s every activity
    is saved in a comprehensive history log to account for a fair distribution of
    revenue from selling data to final customers.
    Customers. From the demand side, customers can search the database
    using a variety of criteria depending on their business needs. Additionally,

    they receive immediate notification whenever information changes or is
    updated in any lead that they have bought.
    The platform, which connects contributors with customers works on a
    basis of blockchain technology and smart-contracts, which guarantee fair
    distribution of revenue between all parties.
    Tokens are used within the system for internal accounting between
    customers, the platform, and contributors, as well as for rewarding users
    for adding data to and updating data in the system. The number of
    tokens is permanent and constant, equaling 2,5 billion pieces (fractional
    amounts are possible). Contributors receive tokens for adding new data
    to the system, which is in turn bought by other users. All contributors are
    immediately rewarded with internal credits for adding new data to the
    system. These credits can be spent inside the system.


    There are currently a few wide conduits for lead generation. These are
    SEO, paid traffic (AdWords, Yandex.Direct), social networks, and using lead
    generation services like Snovio. These conduits partially overlap, but it’s
    currently recommended that you use all of them to cover the full breadth
    of your potential audience.
    At Snovio, the customer’s sales team determines criteria by which to purchase
    leads (for instance: the industry in question, geography, the size of
    the business, and so on), and purchases the required number of leads
    (which include information like names, email addresses, telephone numbers,
    companies and positions, etc.).
    For instance: a) find men 35-45 years of age in New York state who own
    Audi vehicles, b) find marketing and sales managers at companies in the
    American Northwest that produce foodstuffs

    Snovio USERS


    Snovio will function simultaneously as a SaaS-service and a marketplace
    between data contributors and data customers

    SaaS-service. Currently, this is the core model by which Snovio operates.
    We offer a lineup of premium package plans beginning at $19/month and
    upwards depending on the volume of information consumed.

    Marketplace. Under this model, Snovio will function as an intermediary
    between data contributors and data consumers, guaranteeing a fair
    distribution of revenue from data sales among all parties. The
    marketplace is a fundamental piece for our decentralized model, which
    we have already begun developing and realizing


    May 2017

    Project Launch

    Snovio platform and Chrome Extension for contact searching

    June 2017

    Verifying and Updating Data

    Launching email address verification function

    October 2017

    SNOVio ICO

    Launch ICO

    November 2017

    Launch Proprietary Mailing List Module

    Sending triggered email series on updates to contacts within the platform

    November 2017

    Blockchain Technology Launch

    January 2018

    Present New Website-Technology-Identifying Functionality

    February 2018

    New Level

    Database growth to 1,000,000 profiles

    April 2018

    Ten-fold Growth!

    Growing the lead database to 10,000,000 contacts

    April 2018

    Keeping our fingers on the pulse!

    Function of notifications on updates in the purchased profiles


    • August-September, 2017
    Project translation and localization into the 20 most popular

    • September, 2017
    Chrome extension for Gmail that is analogous to clearbit (shows
    a list of email addressed for an entered domain).

    • November, 2017
    Proprietary mailing list module. Sending triggered email series to
    added contacts.
    Data collection from sites such as:
    - AngelList
    - Behance
    - Dribbble
    - GitHub
    - StackExchange
    - StackOverflow
    - Twitter

    December, 2017
    Porting the currently operational data collection module for
    Chrome to Firefox.

    • January, 2018
    Сomplement the extension with an option to search services’
    • February, 2018
    Reach a database size of 1,000,000 profiles.
    • June, 2018
    Reach a database size of 20,000,000 profiles.
    • July, 2018
    Development of expanded address book service and
    synchronization of data from different social media through it.
    • April, 2018
    - Reach a database size of 10,000,000 profiles;
    - Send messages about changes in data within peoples’ profiles;
    for instance, adding new skills or changes in employment

    ICO Structure

    We will release 1,5 billion tokens with the ticker symbol SNOV for the ICO
    (website at a base price of $0.01 USD. The ICO will be
    conducted from 19 September to 19 October 2017. The tokens will be
    allocated in the following manner

    • 60% will be distributed through the ICO using crowdsale;
    • 28% of the tokens will be reserved for the Snovio team;
    • 1% will be directed as a bounty towards marketing and ICO
    • 1% will be given to partners and advisers

    Token name: SNOV
    Pre ICO: 4 Sep 2017 – 2 Oct 2017
    Main Token Sale: 3 Oct 2017 – 3 Nov 2017
    Tokens issued: 2.5bln tokens
    Total Sale: 1.5bln tokens
    Initial price per token: 0.01 USD
    Hard cap: $15 mln

    Through conducting the ICO we plan to attract up to $15 million,
    distributing up to 1,500,000,000 tokens to Snovio participants. Tokens
    meant for but not distributed by the ICO will be deposited into contributor
    reward pool. In this way, the total amount of currency will always be
    constant and equal to exactly 2,5 billion tokens.
    During the ICO, tokens can be acquired for major cryptocurrencies –
    Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, etc.
    SNOV tokens are released on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain
    technology, ERC 20 standard.
    Citizens and taxpaying residents of the USA cannot participate in the ICO

    In the month following the ICO, SNOV tokens will be added to
    cryptocurrency exchanges with the largest daily transaction volumes.
    We are taking all the needed and possible steps to make sure that this
    happens in the absolute shortest amount of time possible.
    We will consider the ICO successful if we have raised at least $5 million.
    If that is not the case, in the worst possible scenario, we will return the
    raised funds to buyers as outlined in the smart-contract. The maximum
    sum we will raise will be $15 million.

    Snovio Whitelist

    We are collecting applications for SNOV token distribution till October 2

    ICO presale through Whitelist program will run before the major ICO event. The minimum purchase is $5,000.

    At this stage, it is possible to buy tokens for fiat money upon request.

    • Whitelist bonuses:
    • • $5,000–$50,000 + 15% SNOV
    • • $50,000 and above + 25% SNOV


    Citizens and taxpaying residents of the following countries cannot
    participate in the Snovio’s ICO:

    • USA
    • Puerto Rico
    • Guam
    • Singapore
    • American Virgin Islands


    Private token presale will start on September 1 and run until September
    14. The terms will be announced on closer to the date.
    In other words, when buying 1000 tokens on the first day, you will receive
    1150 tokens in total, and so on.
    It is possible to take advantage of the following bonuses during the ICO:
    - 15% bonus on the first day of the ICO;
    - 5% bonus during the first week of the ICO

    Snovio Bounty Program

    1% (25 000 000) of the total amount of SNOV tokens will be available for the Bounty campaigns pool. The tokens will be distributed as follows:

    • signature campaign — 30% — 7 500 000 SNOV;
    • Blogs, forums and media publications — 26% — 6 500 000 SNOV;
    • Translation and moderation – 20% — 5 000 000 SNOV;
    • Facebook bounty — 12% — 3 000 000 SNOV;
    • Twitter bounty – 12% — 3 000 000 SNOV.

    Terms and Conditions

    General rules

    1. The Bounty program starts on the 11th of August, and ends on the last day of the Token Sale. The token sale is planned to take place in October. The exact dates will be announced on website and social nets.
    2. The exact dates, terms and conditions of the sale will be published on Snovio official website.
    3. 1% of the total volume of SNOV tokens emission are allocated to the Bounty campaigns pool, but not more than 1.666% of the total volume of funds collected. One user can participate only with one account. In case that we note any double-registrations, duplicate accounts (except the initial one) will be permanently banned from the campaign.
    4. As a reward for the Bounty activities, you receive SNOV tokens. The tokens are allocated gradually to your wallet within 6 weeks after the end of the token sale.
    5. Facebook and Twitter bounties will be counted after the end of the campaign. No intermediate total will be displayed.
    6. To participate in the Bounty campaign, you must be at least 18 years old.
    7. For technical support during the Bounty campaign, please contact us on [email protected]://

    How and when do you get your bounties

    The tokens will be allocated to your Ethereum wallet within 6 weeks after the end of the Bounty campaign. The exact terms will be announced on Snovio website.

    The snovio team

    Alexis Kratko


    Alexander Zhadko

    PM, web developer

    Rodion Yaremenko

    CTO, web developer

    Yuri Gatchenko

    Web developer

    Yuri Arendar

    Web developer

    Dmitry Shevchenko

    Web developer

    Roman Fisenko

    Web Designer

    Mikhail Iakovlev

    PPC Darth Vader

    Daria Shevchenko


    Lera Borshch

    Communications Manager

    Julia Zubok

    Marketing & customer care

    Mila Postol


    Natalie Valerieva

    Digital Marketing Expert

    Paul Shuteyev

    Marketing Ninja

    Our partners and advisers









    White Paper:

    One Pager:

  • Lead enrichment as a key to successful campaign

    enriched leads is a key to higher conversions (more personalized, better A/B tests, more intime emails make higher conversion)

    Almost every sales or marketing process is based on campaigns. Of course, if you sell occasionally or in small amounts, you can get your results with no campaigns at all, but no scaling or well-designed sales or marketing mechanism (that drives leads) is possible without campaigns.

    What is a campaign? Well, usually we define two main types of campaigns. Both aimed to drive leads which are potential buyers/clients/attendees or anything that aligns with your business goal. Long story short campaign is what drives you leads. Let’s see 2 types of campaigns:

    1. Mailing campaign. This campaign drives leads or sales via mailings that are sent and delivered to targeted prospects (the ones you collect/generate specifically for this campaign). This type of campaign is mostly used by marketing teams and professionals, and the goal of such campaign is to drive hot leads to sales department.
    2. Cold calling campaign. This campaign drives leads or sales via cold phone calls to targeted prospects (collected prior to campaign as well). This type of campaign is one of the favourites among the sales teams and professionals, as it allows to reach a prospect directly and even close the deal right away.

    The more leads or sales campaign generates, the more effective it is. Now when we are clear with what a campaign is, let’s discuss what are the cornerstones of the successful campaign:

    • Personalization. It’s hard to overestimate this one! Really, when you know the name of a person you can include it in the subject line of the email and get the higher Open Rate. If you use in the email’s body you get better CTR. Same with calls — if you call a person by name it establishes a better contact.
    • Geo targeting. Another must-have parameter. When you know the city or any other location data for your leads you can send or schedule your mailing campaign according to the time at leads’ location. There are best and worse times for mailings, so this one makes a huge difference. Better time means better Open Rate, better CTR. In case of phone calls, Geo targeting is even more important — to avoid calling during night time, dinner time, etc.
    • Business data. This data is more important for B2B niche, when you need to reach exact person in a specific company. Business data allows you to set specific campaigns for different decision makers based on their positions, or to different corporate segments based on company size (1–20 employees, 20–50 employees, 50–150 employees, etc).
    • Additional contact information. The more contact points you have the more chances to reach the person, deliver your value proposition and close the deal you have. If you have an email try to get the phone number, and vice versa.

    These are the four main cornerstones of the successful campaign that allows to increase Open Rate, CTR, run various A/B tests, personalize subject lines, copies, calls and more. The more lead details you have the more rich it is. So what really enriches lead, and what information to search for in addition to primary contact? Well, let’s list it now:

    1. Personalization — Name and Surname
    2. Geo targeting — City or Zip Code
    3. Business Data — Business Niche, Company Size, Position
    4. Additional contacts — Phone Number, Email, Social channels

    When you have all this data you can send you email campaign during the best-converting hours, call when the person have a time for a talk, include names to establish a personal touch, reach decision makers only and much more. How to achieve that?

    The easiest and the most scalable way is to use a software like — it’s a magic wand for sales professionals and marketers. It allows to extract leads from websites, social networks and from the internal database of more than 350,000 leads. Along with the primary contact you get access to personalization and targeting data. What’s also interesting is that verifies all the extracted contacts thus leaving only the working ones, which makes your delivery and response rate higher. is not the ordinary lead generation service. recently announced the Initial Coin Offering which starts this fall on October 3rd, 2017. The ICO will allow to decentralize lead sourcing method and acquire thousands of contributors who will drive high-quality leads to the platform and enrich existing leads. This means the number of leads will grow faster and the quality of leads (their enrichment) will grow dramatically!’s ICO should be considered not only by investors, but also by sales professionals and marketers, because emitted tokens will not only be traded on the market like other coins, but also exchanged for full range of services Snovio offers and would ever offer, and leads — the bigger token price is the more leads you can get per token. So investing in SNOV tokens now makes the future lead sourcing even more effective.

    To summarize all this, I wish you focus only on enriched and high-quality leads for your campaigns, and use high-end tools — this will make it easy to keep your metrics and results high!

  • Announcement: SNOV token listing on Exchanges

    One of the questions we have been getting frequently in our Telegram chat since the Snovio token sale was announced, is where will the SNOV token be listed and traded. It’s a reasonable question and we know how important the support from exchanges is.

    So, we’d like to inform the future SNOV token holders and interested individuals that Snovio has already begun the process of reaching out to exchanges for listing the SNOV token.

    Currently, we have already submitted the requests to the following exchanges:

    • Bittrex

    It’s one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges built and based in the United States that offers a large number of trading pairs into BTC for its members from all over the world.

    At the time of writing, Bittrex is at the 3rd spot in terms of 24 hour trading volume with a total volume of $522,163,281.

    • HitBTC

    It’s a global trading platform functioning since 2013. It offers trading options for a variety of cryptocurrencies (from major to less-known ones) and fiat currencies.

    At the time of writing, HitBTC is at the 13th spot in terms of 24 hour trading volume with a total volume of $189,033,620.

    • Liqui

    It’s a fairly new cryptocurrency exchange based in Ukraine with a dedicated core of traders. It is rather fast to add new coins, and it can be distinguished from other exchanges for its unique savings account system.

    At the time of writing, Liqui is at the 30th spot in terms of 24 hour trading volume with a total volume of $16,622,014.

    • Cryptopia

    It’s an all-in-one cryptocurrency platform that provides mining pools, marketplace, exchange services and a support framework for each coin listed since 2014. It is popular for trading currencies that are hard to find on other exchanges.

    • C-CEX

    The exchange offers bitcoin and altcoin trading in about 205 cryptocurrencies and supports about 290,000 members.

    • CoinExchange

    It’s an altcoin exchange focused on ease of use, security and customer support.

    We have high chances to make it to HitBTC in the first turn, as our advisors have already introduced us to the HitBTC team.

    We’ll keep you updated as more details come in.

  • Snovio - Giveaway chance to win 2500 SNOV Tokens

    You have a chance to win 2500 SNOV Tokens. How?

    Entering is Easy: ✔ Like and share this post. ✔ Follow Snovio Token Sale. ✔ Write a slogan for Snovio Token Sale in the comments. ✔ Fill in the form: ✔ Your account must be public.

    The author of the most interesting punch line will be picked by our
    team. The giveaway will be closed 21st Thursday at 15:00 (GMT+3).
    Let luck will always be on your side

  • How to buy Snovio  tokens on the pre-sale

    1. Go to

    2. Click the “Apply for White List” button

    3. After the application review we will send a link with special invitation you need to follow to your email address

    4. Choose the payment method (BTC or ETH)

    • If you choose BTC, first you need to provide your Ethereum wallet id (either send it to e-mail address [email protected] or contact @medvednikov on Telegram). Next, copy a corresponding wallet address and make a payment from your wallet panel. Send your transaction address here — [email protected] or @medvednikov in Telegram personal message. After that, you’ll get SNOV tokens on the Ethereum wallet you’ve given us previously.
    • If you choose ETH, you get tokens on your wallet at once. All you need is to: - Copy our Etheruim contract address and make a payment from your wallet panel. - Enter the following parameters: Gas limit — 150 000 Gwei — 21 - You’ll get the SNOV tokens as soon as the transaction will be confirmed, it may take a couple minutes. If you can’t see SNOV in your wallet, try to follow these steps —

    Please, note that you can’t send Ethereum transactions directly from cryptocurrency exchanges. You need a token compatible Ethereum wallet. Learn our terms& conditions —

  • Snovio updates, week #2 - listed on CoinMarketCap,  added in 5 New Exchange  & More

    Today we prepared the second portion of Snovio weekly updates for you. We’d like to inform you about our latest news and project’s life after the token sale.

    The first and probably the most anticipated update. We got listed on CoinMarketCap — see the link!

    SNOV token was also added to such exchanges as: - Blockfolio - BitScreener - Crypto-Compare - WorldCoinIndex - CoinCodex

    The most important news is about development and improvement of our service as this is the reason we conducted the token sale. Our team is working on the tokenization of our platform and we are going to introduce the ability to purchase our service plans with SNOV tokens soon.

    Also, the active users of API may take advantage of recent additions to it that allow to verify emails and perform an email search using a first and last name and domain address. It is available already.

    Other improvements of our service that were planned will be implemented according to our roadmap.

    This week brought news the bounty campaign participants have been waiting for — the distribution of tokens has begun. Tokens will be distributed as follows:

    1) Translation and moderation 2) Signature campaign 3) Blogs and media 4) Facebook 5) Twitter

    All tokens for the translation and moderation campaign and also for the signature campaign have already been sent and now it’s blogs and media campaign turn.

    We’d like to remind once more that on December 25th we will close the token sale member area. If you paid with BTC or LTC and haven’t provided your ETH wallet number please send an email with this information to Eugene — [email protected].

    Thank you for staying with us. Snovio Team.

  • Snovio updates: week #3

    Are you getting ready for the Holiday season and enjoying the winter?

    We prepared our weekly updates for you. This is 3rd week since the ICO ended. Even though it doesn’t seem that we achieved a lot but we do work hard in order to meet your expectations and the trust that you put in us and our project.

    To begin with we’d like to assure that we are doing our best to be listed and we send multiple inquiries every day to a numerous exchanges for SNOV token to be there. As soon as we receive a positive reply, we will be sending the updates on all our channels.

    If you’d like to help us to get listed on Kucoin you may vote for SNOV token ( and increase our chances to get there. We already received great support from all of you but we need more votes in order to succeed :)

    Very soon on December 26th the token sale member area will be closed. After December 26th you can find the information about your tokens in your wallet and we recommend to refer to your wallet to check relevant information.

    If you paid with BTC or LTC and haven’t provided your ETH wallet number please send an email with this information to Eugene — [email protected].

    Our team has important news about Snovio extension. - We introduced the possibility to pay with tokens for our service. Besides, we have a nice surprise for you as all plans come with 15% off if you buy with SNOV tokens (the prices with the applied discount are already available in your Snovio account)

    Same service plan rules would apply and you will receive same level of service. - Furthermore, there will be amazing discounts up to 30% off on our annual and monthly plans for the Holiday season. We are very excited to make your celebration of the upcoming holidays joyful!

    We wish you a Merry Christmas and we’d like to say many thanks to all your help and engagement. You’ve been supporting us all the way from the beginning of ICO. Without you we wouldn’t succeed! Thank you!

    Best regards, Snovio Team

  • Snovio updates: week #4 - Work with exchanges, Snovio app, tokens for the bounty campaign & More Update

    Happy Holiday greetings to you!

    We are certain that you are having a holiday atmosphere in your offices and homes already! Snovio office is not an exception :) Nevertheless, we stay focused and before we go to celebrate and come back in the New Year, we have to summarize and inform our users and token-holders about updates of the week #4.

    1. Work with exchanges

    Meet a new trading pair on Tidex — SNOV — USDT ( This will significantly improve the transfer of SNOV tokens to fiat money, that’s why we are very happy to receive such a present for the New Year. Regarding other exchanges, we hope that in the upcoming 2018 year we will bring good news and new listings and we are doing everything for this to happen!

    2. Token Sale members area is closed already. Please don’t panic as it didn’t store your tokens. If you need to transfer tokens or check the status use your wallet to do so — everything is saved on the Ethereum blockchain and you can always access your tokens there.

    3. This week was very productive. For the first time SNOV has reached and exceeded the 5 cent mark on Coinmarketcap on December 26th. This is a very good token growth taking into consideration that the Token Sale ended less than a month ago. Right now the token stabilized at about 3.5 cents. It will be even better!

  • Snovio - The Great Report

    2017 was a great year for Snovio. It gave the birth to the project, helped to grow up and set the goals for the future. Let’s recollect what important this year brought to Snovio.

    The launch of the project

    The development of the project began in December 2016. And in the May 2017, we’ve already had our first subscription purchase. It was a great step for the little project.

    Growing up the toolset

    Nowadays, Snovio has a wide range of features. They are: -chrome extension -prospect search -company search -domain search -bulk email search from the list of domains -finding emails from the list of names -API integration methods -email verifier -contributor’s plugin -in-app messages (the very NEW)

    These features include sophisticated functionality, which makes them unique for the lead generation market.

    More users, more fun

    Every month the number of our users not just increased — it multiplied!

    Just look at these numbers of registrations: • 124 in April • 302 in May • 1093 in June • 3061 in July • 4205 in August • 5934 in September

    The Superteam

    At the beginning of the project, there were only 3 people in the team. But now we are more than 20 cool guys who love their job and do everything to bring Snovio to the Moon! During the ICO, our team was even greater.

    We keep growing up! Just last week 4 people joined us: PPC specialist, web-developer, SMM-princess and QA engineer.

    Now we keep hiring marketers, copywriters, and developers.

    Also last year our team visited 11 offline events.

    Token Sale

    The hugest part of our work was the work on the Token Sale. Our team grew and become a family during this period.

    For the token sale, we released SNOV tokens based on Ethereum blockchain, ERC 20 Token Standard. It will be used as a mechanism for internal accounting between data contributors and data customers.

    After burning all unsold tokens, the total number of remaining tokens is 651,129,644 SNOV.

    Now SNOV is tradable on the next exchanges: BTC: ETH: USDT: BTC: ETH:
    and (ETH only)

    It was not easy, but we gained this, so…

    We raised $ 2 129 106!

    All the funds raised will be used for improving Snovio. Namely:

    development marketing and PR expanding the team attracting new contributors It changed our service at all. Now we are actively working on tokenization of the platform. All the details are written in our Whitepaper.

    The first step to THE BIG DREAM we made was implementing the ability to pay with tokens for our service.

    Our next Goals

    There are 2 main directions of Snovio development in 2018

    New modules implementation: -Marketplace -Outreach email sequencer -Ethereum smart contracts - Technology finder

    Existing modules development: -Contributor’s extension functionality improvement -Direct emails from Snovio extension -API methods enrichment

    Now you know our story. We believe that show must go on!

  • Snovio updates: week #6

    This week was quite calm but successful for Snovio. On Wednesday, January 10, SNOV reached its new historical maximum.

    We have 2 videos for you to watch.

    The first is our Q&A webinar with Alexis. Evgeny and Daria. It was a great chance to e-meet our token holders real-time and answer all the tricky questions. But don’t worry if you haven’t watched when it went live. Please, find the video here and follow our updates to be online with us next time.

    The second important video is an interview with our CEO Alexis Kratko. You may find it here.

    And the last but not least. We started enriching our Knowledgebase. It already has 2 articles and 3 more are being prepared now. So very soon you’ll be able to figure out some problems without waiting for somebody else’s help. You may find it here .

    This week did not bring much news but despite this fact, we reached the new height. Run silent, run deep.

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