Lampix Token - Image mining and Blockchain based Computer-Vision and Machine-Learning

  • Quality Computer vision is an enabler for a very large set of applications, among which many are in the AR space. One such application is Lampix, a hardware and software solution that transforms any surface into a smart, augmented reality surface freeing human-computer interaction from digital screens. The Lampix platform is poised to be the foundation for the next generation of user experiences in retail, office, gaming, and many more environments by bridging the gap between the physical and the digital.

    Computer vision and machine learning - Datasets

    While the Lampix device is unique in its form factor, it relies on computer vision algorithms to recognize objects in the physical world and create augmented reality. This is similar to quite a few other AR systems (glasses, tablet-based, etc.), they all need to understand what they see before being able to augment that. This understanding requires large datasets of examples, such that algorithms (eg. Deep neural networks) can be trained to do the recognition.
    While working on Lampix we realized the scarcity of such datasets. We were missing a general-purpose market for such datasets with a self-balanced demand & supply system. We always ended up gathering the data ourselves (and actually created software to do this comfortably on Lampix). But the idea of the general purpose market got stuck in our heads, and hence we started building the PIX ecosystem.


    “Our vision is a Lampix in every home, office, store, and factory.”

    Our Mission

    “Our mission is to free humans from digital screens.”

    Lampix as a the reference for PIX

    To get the best of the PIX ecoystem and platform, we need a reference implementation which showcases the usage of PIX in all possible ways. As we have been working on Lampix for a few years now and the idea of PIX came while doing this, we will use Lampix as this reference device and platform.
    Lampix contains a projector, a camera, and a cloud-connected computer. We have already applied for a provisional patent for the device, which is currently pending.

    Lampix videos - introductions and use cases

    Lampix platform explained


    What Lampix does

    Link 1:

    Link 2:

    Use case – collaboration


    Use case – meeting


    Use case – office


    Use case – restaurant


    Use case – gaming


    The PIX Token

    The PIX token puts a value in computer vision datasets. This value will be reflected in the core of many final products such as Lampix, but also any other AR device or system.
    We are building a crowd-mined {image, description, segmentation} database of at least one billion images on the blockchain. This will probably be the first "image mining” augmented reality project built on top of Ethereum blockchain.
    Based on experiences of companies like Google with their machine vision database of 1-billion-data points seems to be a size that is meaningful and useful for a large set of systems and applications. Therefore, we want to build a billion-image-and-description database.


    Crowdsale Token Launch (CTL)/ICO

    Many people refer to a crowdsale token launch (CTL) as an ICO, Initial Coin Offering. A crowdsale token launch is a way for companies to raise capital by issuing their own cryptocurrency, which is usually used on a company’s platform.
    As you can read in Fortune17: “Renowned venture capitalists like Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz and Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures now tout ICOs as a new form of corporate financing.“
    “In the second quarter [of 2017], ICO issuance was greater than venture capital, with $210 million [invested in ICOs] versus $180 million [invested into startups by VCs]. We do expect that transition to continue; it’s why we’re doing what we’re doing.” From TechCrunch18.
    Initial Coin Offerings can be considered as an alternative form of fundraising that has emerged outside of the traditional financial system. This model has helped a lot of successful projects and companies get the funding required to start their business. However, ICOs have nothing to do at all with an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in which shares are being sold to the public.

    How CTL Tokens are traded

    Once the CTL is completed and the project launched, the ICO tokens can get listed on cryptocurrency exchanges to trade against other cryptocurrencies. The largest exchange by volume today is Poloniex19. The price usually reflects the overall cryptocurrency market sentiment, project-specific news, and the addition of new features.

    The Lampix Crowd Token Launch (CTL)

    Lampix will crowdsale a token called “PIX”. We are doing a crowdsale token launch (CTL) for PIX tokens on August 9th 2017. This will probably be the first "image mining, augmented reality" crowdsale token launch.

    Each PIX token will be used as a form of payment to image data miners, voters, or to purchase a Lampix and cloud computing.
    The CTL is a vital component to bring the Lampix and database to fruition, enabling us to build a Lampix ecosystem while also financing users who contribute to the database. The database will play a key role in developing augmented reality applications across many devices.
    PIX Token radically improves the efficiency of computer vision by creating a new database of computer vision and machine learning data that can be used between software developers, system engineers, and users. It all happens on the Ethereum blockchain.

    The Ethereum Blockchain

    Ethereum20 is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality, which facilitates online contractual agreements. It provides a decentralized Turing-complete virtual machine, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which can execute scripts using an international network of public nodes.
    The tokens can be earned by providing data or can be used to obtain a variety of data services from the Lampix computer vision and machine learning database. The utility of the token is based on distributed decentralized community-vetted user submitted labeled data, which simply means a person’s images with labels.

    PIX Token Usage

    Spend PIX / Purchases

    • Data from the database
    • A Lampix device
    • Buy Lampix Apps
    • Cloud computing service (Lampix GAS)

    Earn PIX / Payments (to)
    • Image miners
    • Voters
    • Lampix App Developers

    The Offering

    We are creating 1,100,000,000 PIX tokens. We will sell 50% of the tokens in the token launch over 3 days. We need to raise around $60 million to make any surface a smart surface in the next 4 to 5 years. Please see our financial model for full details on the tokens.
    • Day 1 we will sell $20 million worth of tokens with a 15% bonus
    • Day 2 we will sell $20 million worth of tokens with a 10% bonus
    • Day 3 to 10 we will sell $20 million worth of token with a 5% bonus
    We will place 30% of the tokens in reserve and we are using 20% of the token for the team.

    Use of Funds

    The funds collected through the CTL will be used to cover the expenses of the project until the project starts making profits and sufficient cash flows to function on its own. Lampix is expected to make profits by 2021.
    The key expenses to be met with the funds collected are given below:
    • The cost of the Lampix database
    • Staff salaries
    • Sales and marketing expenses
    • Hardware manufacturing costs
    • App development costs

    Use of funds - composition

    Road Map:


    Lampix software team complete

    We already have the lampix software team, used it to build the platform to its current stage and deliver to the current POC customers


    Hardware team: core in place

    More resources recruited as needed.


    Lampix (tens, 3D Printed, 3rd prototype version)

    These are the prototypes we are currently building and selling to POC customers


    Lampix POC customers

    Signed BMW, working on a few other large accounts which we will disclose soon.


    Business development and operations team complete 

    Currently recruiting business development team for both PIX ecosystem and Lampix


    Lampix larger rollout from POC customer

    Our next business development target with Lampix is to do a larger roll-out of the device, probably in a retail environment.


    Javascript API public release

    This is the public release of the Javascript API enabling developers to build their own Apps on Lampix. It includes an improved version of the simulator.


    Lampix (hundreds, urethane casted)

    Next level of prototypes, we can build hundreds of these using a technique called urethane casting. These will be used in the first larger customer rollouts. For this step we have to figure out the details of the hardware, including if we do a partnership with Intel.


    PIX Ecosystem Closed Beta

    We will use the PIX ecosystem platform for creating internal datasets, to assess / test the system. We might include key customers in this phase, but it is still TBD. Already using external miners which can earn PIX.


    Image mining app & corresponding backend software

    This includes the lampix app that guides the user through mining samples, as well as the server side software that gathers the samples and parts of the system that assesses the quality of the dataset, in order to provide instant feedback to the miner. It also includes an automated training system on a standard DNN architecture, so users without ML knowledge can train and directly use their data in their lampix apps. The data is also submitted to the PIX ecosystem.


    Whiteboard collaboration app

    The whiteboard collaboration app will be delivered with the Kickstarter version of Lampix, it shows off the usefulness of Lampix in a collaborative work environment.


    PIX Ecosystem Open Beta

    We will have a first version of the system ready to be used for external customers, enabling them to search for and request datasets.



    PIX Ecosystem closed Beta POC complete scenario with external participants

    For the PIX ecosystem we need to sign at least 2-3 external participants for the initial open beta phase. Through our crowd-funding we already have access to data miners, so the initial open beta participants will mostly be data consumers.


    PIX ecosystem Launch

    First version of the PIX ecosystem for full production use, containing a subset of all the envisioned features. Subsequent releases will follow on a quarterly basis and add all planned features. The order in which the features will be added is dependent on the results and feedback obtained in the Beta stages, as well as the feedback from the BD team up to this point.


    Lampix (first production run)

    First production version of Lampix, delivered to B2B and also to Kickstarter customers.



    White Paper & FAQ:








  • Lampix (PIX) Exchange & PIX Utility Update

    PIX token listed on HitBTC

    Lampix platform

    Lampix , a New York based company, has announced that PIX token was listed on HitBTC on September 26.

    HitBTC is a global trading platform with multi-currency support, operating since 2013. Besides trading digital assets, tokens and ICOs, HitBTC provides proper markets for fiat trading, including USD and EUR trading pairs.

    With the listing of PIX on HitBTC, members in the community will have an additional way to purchase or sell the tokens easily.

    PIX Utility

    Lampix is working on the world’s first Blockchain based “˜image mining” network for augmented reality or other computer vision system.

    The new Blockchain will hold images, description data-sets of real world objects, and it will be one of the biggest image databases in the world. The content of the database will be supplied by image miners, who will be compensated with PIX tokens for their efforts. The company also plans to offer this database to software developers to use in products such as the HoloLens or Google Glass.

    About Lampix

    Lampix can transform any flat surface into a smart surface using computer vision and machine learning. Lampix was started in 2015 and since then they have acquired many clients like PwC, Bloomberg, and many large retail chains. The company also has a pipeline of approximately 200 notable companies.

    Lampix also won the best Augmented Reality in March 2017 and Virtual Reality company at SXSW festival (which is also one of the largest festivals in its domain). The company uses PIX tokens to grow the data ecosystem through purchases and payments. The PIX token is an important component which will bring the database and Lampix to fruition. It will play a key role in developing augmented reality applications across many devices.

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