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  • Webcoin is a new cryptocurrency asset based on the Waves Blockchain. Webcoin is used for peer-to-peer web and social media exchange services within the Webhits.io Ecosystem.

    Webhits.io helps: - Social Media Influencers to generate revenue using their profiles. - Affiliate marketers to increase ROI. - Book authors to increase book sales & readership audience. - Small businesses and Digital Marketing agencies to receive more social media engagement on their and their clients websites, social media pages, posts, articles and blogs at the lowest possible price on the market. - Resellers & Freelancers to expand the number of web and social media services they offer. Webhits.io mission and vision is provide actual results and increase ROI, but also to lower the cost of service for website and social media engagement services globally. Our Ecosystem suggests 2 completely innovative solutions for the: • Digital Marketing world – interest-based p2p network that guarantees ROI results cheaper than ever before. • Cryptocurrency world – Alternative way for Webcoin mining which differs from any other type of cryptocurrency mining and proof of work.

    Webhits.io platform and desktop application will help individuals, agencies and businesses to increase ROI, get highly targeted visitors, choose geo location, and increase number of likes and shares on their websites, social media pages and posts. Our innovative interest-based platform will allow miners to choose from various interests based on their social media profiles, what they read about and what their followers are more likely to engage and share.


    Virtually anyone surfing through the Internet can benefit from using the Webhits.io Ecosystem. Just a few examples: • If you are a freelancer or a reseller who want to offer more services/gigs to your existing or potential clients. Webhits.io allows you to reseller the platform services and make money out of it. Please refer to the case study on our homepage to see how you can make $2000 in 30 days using our platform. • Amazon book authors. Webhits.io interest-based users will help you increase your readership and social media audiences at the lowest price on the market which is the key to success for every book author, especially when selling online – bigger audience, more revenue and r educing the cost for digital marketing services. • Social Media influencers. Often times people who have hundreds of thousands of followers are not able to fully monetize what they’ve built over the years. Luckily, we are here to help! Our full platform version will offer special type of yearly subscription designed for Social Media influencers. This plan will allow them to earn more Webcoins based on their social media reach in matter of followers. More Webcoins means more revenue for you! • Software developers and affiliate marketers. Every software developer and affiliate marketer knows ClickBank and JVZoo. Both software creators and marketers seek ways on how to increase sales and are more than willing to spend a lot of money on advertising to reach their sales goals and earn commissions selling others products or services. Webhits.io helps to reduce the cost for social media ads services and to increase their ROI by actually getting real targeted shares by users who are likely to buy their products/services on social media platforms. This is a dream come through for any affiliate marketer and software creator.


    Webhits.io already has a working business model that has been generating revenue for both the Webhits.io Ecosystem and for its paying advertisers. To learn more on how to make money using our alpha version, please refer to the study case under the “Documents” section on Webcoin.Today homepage. Webcoin mining and the blockchain implementation are a complement to the current working system and it users.

    What will be the value of 1 Webcoin in the Webhits.io beta and full versions?

    Webcoin will have a fixed website visits and social media engagement value within the Webhits.io Ecosystem of all time. This value will be as follows: • 1 Webcoin = 1000 unique website visits. • 1 Webcoin = 200 likes (or the equivalent name on social media platforms – eg. thumbs up, vote up/down). • 1 Webcoin = 100 shares (or the equivalent name on social media platforms – eg. retweet).

    What does this mean and what’s the value in this proposal?

    This means that no matter of what the future price of 1 Webcoin on
    market exchanges is when advertisers buy 1 Webcoin, they will receive
    1000 unique websites visits or 200 likes or 100 shares in exchange.
    It will be up to the Webhits.io users to choose how they want to
    spend their Webcoins – withdraw their Webcoins and trade them
    on cryptocurrency market exchanges or use them for actual 

    web and social media engagement services to increase ROI and promote their clients, businesses, products or services. The cost of 1 Webcoin WITHIN theWebhits.io platform will be fixed to $1 of marketing value offered by the services WITHIN the Webhits.io platform (1000 unique website or 200 likes or 100 shares ).


    The Webcoin wallet will allow the platform users to deposit funds, which will be converted into webcoins, using Bitcoin, various altcoins (supported by CoinPayments) and fiat currencies (Stripe). Users will also be able to withdraw their remaining webcoin balances, but a Waves wallet will be required for the transfer. We are currently talking to several major wallets to provide more withdrawal options.


    Unlike Bitcoin mining where high GPU and CPU are required for the machines to verify a transaction and get awarded for their work, Webhits.io suggests much simple way to earn Webcoins within the Webhits.io Ecosystem. The beta version of the Webhits.io desktop application will offer peer-to-peer website exchange services while the full version of the Webhits.io platform and app will offer both web and social media(over 300 social media platforms) exchange services. In order to mine Webcoin, users will be required to create an account in the Webhits.io platform and to also download the desktop application and sign in using their Webhits.io account credentials.This application doesn’t require any GPU or high CPU power because miners don't earn Webcoin by verifying transactions, but by visiting advertisers websites and social media links submitted on the Webhits.io platform. Every visit of an advertiser's website will be awarded with a portion of a Webcoin. This means that you can use almost any PC and VM to earn Webcoins. Security is our top priority. For this reason, the desktop application will not collect any user sessions and credentials. Example: 30 Webcoins = 30 000 visits (1 Webcoin = 1000 web visits).


    Upon a registration in the beta and the full versions of the platform, users will be able to choose whether they want to be miners, advertisers or both.


    The beta version will introduce yearly based subscription model (both free and paid) that will allow miners who have the infrastructure and mine professionally into a good revenue stream. Newbies can use the free subscription plan and earn Webcoins which they can use to either buy services offered by the platform or to withdraw them from their Webhits.io Wallets and exchange them against Bitcoin, altcoins and fiat currencies in the Digital Cryptocurrency Exchanges where Webcoin will be tradable asset.


    To ensure transparency and prevent fraud activity every miner withdrawal request will be reviewed by one of our team members. Also, every website or social media link submitted for promotion through the Webhits.io platform and app by both advertisers and miners will be manually reviewed by our support team.


    In order to cover transaction fees and daily functional costs the beta and the full versions of the platform will introduce a low withdrawal processing fee. The fee percentage will depend on the subscription plan a user chooses. The largest package will offer 0% processing fee.


    Advertisers won’t be required to mine, but can purchase webcoins within the platform and use them to buy social media services on the go which creates revenue for the platform. Furthermore, the full version of the platform will introduce social media plans and each plan will unlock various social media features. For example, the most expensive plan will allow advertisers to use services for over 300 + social media platforms.

    REVENUE The revenue that comes from the fees and advertisers will be shared with the miners who will be able to withdrawal their earned Webcoins to their Wallets at any time if reached the required minimum amount of mined Webcoins. Miners will be able to exchange or trade their Webcoins on digital cryptocurrency exchanges where Webcoin will be tradable asset. CUSTOM SERVICES We will also offer bespoke solutions in Webhits.io. If a client requires a custom feature to be present in Webhits.io, then we can consider the development of such a feature and accept Webcoin as payment.


    Decentralized money is a ground-breaking development, but blockchain technology cannot be reduced to this alone. Being essentially a distributed database, the blockchain allows for various types of distributed ledger entries, the nature of which depends on their interpretation by the blockchain's users. WAVES blockchain proposes to focus on other uses of blockchain tokens – those which are often overlooked in favor of the low-level opportunities which blockchain technology might provide, such as smart contracts. There is very strong untapped potential in a classical colored coins approach, and the WAVES platform is designed to realize this to its fullest extent. Smart contracts, being a natural development of Bitcoin scripting, are inevitable and will be one of the cornerstones of blockchain technology. On the other hand, certain features are much easier to implement using other approaches. Custom tokens operations realized as an attachment to blockchain transactions are very flexible and can be used in a variety of applications, from national currencies transfer over the blockchain to decentralized trading. A focus on such operations might well complement the approach introduced by Ethereum.


    PHASE 1 (2014 -2017 Q1) - COMPLETED

    The idea about the platform was born back in December 2014. We’ve worked hard for the past two and a half years to get the project to its current stage. An alpha version of a powerful web session manager on Webhits.io platform was launched in February 2017. The platform currently has thousands of active daily users and hundreds of paying clients. The new signups grow exponentially on a daily basis. Webhits.io alpha version currently offers both monthly subscriptions and 1-time services paid in fiat currencies. The platform has points system in order to distribute services to its free and paying clients.

    As of August, 2017 Webhits.io offers both subscriptions and 1-time services paid in fiat currencies. The platform has points system in order to distribute services to its free and paying clients. The results achieved by the alpha version so far come organically with no marketing or advertising efforts.

    PHASE 2 (2017 Q3 - 2018 Q1)

    List Webcoin on major market exchanges. Implementation of Webcoin, Webhits.io Wallet, cryptocurrency gateway to process payments within the Webhits.io Ecosystem using 70+ altcoins, release of the beta desktop application and the introduction of Webcoin mining. The beta version will include: New payment system will be introduced – Webcoins! Users will be able to pay with, mine and withdraw Webcoins using their Webhits.io wallets. Powerful desktop exchange application will be introduced. The application will be available for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. The application will allow users to login and it will communicate in real-time with Webhits.io platform. The Webhits.io desktop exchange application will be lite in size and it will allow auto mining at ease even for people with no or very little knowledge in the crypto mining world. No GPU will be required. New platform interface and a wallet will be introduced.


    - Webcoins will be available to trade on the Waves Decentralized Exchange. - Webcoins will be traded on more digital crypto exchange platforms over time. We currently have discussions with several major exchange platforms.


    Portion of the money collected during the Pre-sale and ICO periods will be spent for promoting the Webhits.io platform online. More information is provided in the “Financial” section in this document.

    PHASE 3 (2018 Q2 AND Q3)

    Webhits.io will release the full platform version and upgraded desktop application. Powerful social media exchange features will be introduced. Our goal is to add social media services for at least 300 of the major social media platforms.

    New services will be added constantly over time. The platform goal for 2018 is to reach over 100,000 active users.

    PHASE 4 (2019)

    Webhits.io becomes the largest interest-based p2p web and social media exchange platform.


    Webcoin tokens will be available for Pre-sale to subscribers who signed up for early bird access to the pre-sale round. The price of 1 Webcoin Token during the Pre-sale and ICO rounds is equivalent to $1. During the both rounds investors will be awarded with bonus tokens depending on the size of their investment. Please refer to page 16 in this document for bonuses information.





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