VALUS - blockchain-based platform which will connect trademarks, retailers & customers

  • What is VALUS?

    VALUS is a blockchain platform which will be based on Ethereum platform. VALUS will allow customers to verify items through QR code.
    The customers will get basic information about scanned items (VALUS Verify). In a case of purchasing an item customers can register ownership of that item (VALUS Ownership).
    If customers often buy items online, they can check whether the website where they buy is trustworthy. The existing customers can provide their
    experience and also the trademark can verify that website. (VALUS Website). Customers can also check if retailers sell genuine items.
    On the other hand,
    customers can help trademark to reduce the number of manufacturers
    that sell fake items and for reporting them, customers will be rewarded
    with VLS tokens (VALUS Store).

    How does it work?


    Crowdsale details

    Token Symbol: VLS
    Blockchain: Ethereum Platform
    Token type: ERC20
    Token Price: 1VLS = 0.10 USD
    Sale period: 13.10.2017 12:00 UTC - 10.11.2017 20:00 UTC
    Soft cap: $1.000.000
    Hard cap: $10.000.000
    Distributed in the crowdsale: 51%
    Token supply: Based on funds collected
    Accepted crypto-currencies: ETH

    Tokens Distribution and Fund Distribution

    Crowdsale Bonus

    VALUS bonus programme is designed to support our early contributors with special bonuses

    In 48 hours (till 15. October 12:00 UTC) after crowdsale starts - 15% bonus (1 VLS = 0,085 USD)

    1st week (15. October 12:00 UTC - 20. October 2017 23:59 UTC) - 10% bonus (1 VLS = 0,09 USD)

    2nd week (21. October 00:00 UTC - 27. October 2017 23:59 UTC) - 6% bonus (1 VLS = 0,094 USD)

    3rd week (28. October 00:00 UTC - 3. November 2017 23:59 UTC) - 3% bonus (1 VLS = 0,097 USD)

    1 VLS Price in ETH

    Price for 1 VLS is 0.10 USD. Prices in the table is calculated according to current exchange rate and will be locked at the beginning of our crowdsale (13. October 2017 12.00 UTC). The locked price will be valid for the entire time of the crowdsale.

    Time Bonus Current price in ETH
    48 hours 15%
    1st week 10%
    2st week 6%
    3st week 3%
    4st week 0%



    Crowdsale website:

    White Paper:









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