Rpay - Pay Through Cryptocurrency

  • What is Rpay?

    Rpay is a new and unique approach to Retail and Trade. It is an ecosystem of P2P connected nodes, a paradigm shift where there are no servers and it's fully decentralized. Rpay allows it’s users to interact and exchange payment directly with no middleman. Because there is no one in the middle of your transaction, there are no fees. No restrictions, and you only reveal the personal information that you would like to. Rpay’s vision is to enable everyone to pay through Crypto for retail and services in the Blockchain Era. Rpay is a revolutionary way to shop for retail products, consumer and professional services, that leverages cryptocurrency and the power of the community to make our customers save from 50% up to 90% on the retail price of the products and services they love and use in daily life. We all understand speculation is not enough and participation is what gives a currency long-term sustainability. We focus on solutions for consumers and businesses by rewarding them for utilizing cryptocurrency in their everyday life. Rpay platform is a simple way for the masses to experience cryptocurrency. Without it life seems overly complicated? Rpay aims to be one of the most recognized mainstream payment systems. Rpay Apps are designed to turn spectators into users in a simple way. We are working to build lasting relationships and grow community involvement in Blockchain technology.

    Rpay features

    Rpay is Privacy and Security Centric

    No central server, no personal information captured, and no data mining. Your data
    cannot be stolen or sold, because nobody other than you has it. Data is distributed
    across the nodes with redundancy and context based dynamic encryption.

    NO Fees and NO Restrictions

    For most users, products, and services it's free for both buyers and sellers. No
    commissions, no fees. Arrange for local pickup on Rpay online with the payment
    method of your choice including Rpay tokens, or other crypto currencies. Since your
    data is only yours, we are not imposing any limitations and restrictions on items that
    can be bought and sold.

    User Experience Focused

    Simple, tidy, efficient, beautiful. We have top UX experts in our team. Our future
    roadmap includes snap-and-post super easy for-sale postings using computer vision
    algorithms already developed by us.

    Rpay / BTC Wallet integrated

    We believe in lowering barrier to entry for crypto users to start using crypto for
    transactions through a wallet integration and friendly UI. It is a key adoption factor.

    Social Engagement

    Rpay ecosystem includes not only “Buy it Now” listings, but also a variety of auctions
    – Silent, Regular and Dutch. It also includes online classifieds materials, in a craigslist
    style. Deleting boundaries between regular e-commerce and simple classifieds services
    will make Rpay “go to” place for a variety of selling/buying/leasing workflows.

    How does R Pay work?

    Blockchain, the backbone technology behind Bitcoin, is one of the hottest and most intriguing technologies currently in the market. Smart contract, or code executed on the blockchain, bring significant advantages over existing applications and frameworks of operation.

    Rpay Application

    Applications designed for mass adoption

    An application which is free and simple is not enough, There needs to be
    innovation that solves problems and challenges. Rpay has a two-phase approach to
    overcome obstacles in the minds of consumers and businesses by offering incentives
    so that cryptocurrency may become a part of everyday life.
    The sole purpose of this phase is to attract the masses, capture their attention and
    raise the awareness of cryptocurrency beyond the “underground” status. This will be
    accomplished through two applications, one for consumers and the other for

    Phase 1 - Incentives and Rewards

    Phase 1 is a gateway for the masses to adopt cryptocurrency into their everyday life
    through rewards. Consumers and businesses both need to be incentivized in order to be
    open to incorporating cryptocurrency on their life. Our idea of rewards is not just a
    simple loyalty programme, we have a strategic plan in place to create mass adoption

    Consumer Rebate Rewards Application

    Rpay offers an exciting retail incentive to the rapidly growing number of online
    shoppers. When consumers shop at some of their favorite online retailers like
    Walmart, Best Buy, JC Penny and even Petco just to name a few, they will receive
    R token cryptocurrency through the Rebate Rewards Platform.
    Once people understand the benefits of shopping with a decentralized cryptocurrency,
    they will discover why cryptocurrency is a lot more exciting than traditional cash back.
    Rpay’s platform is a simple way for the masses to experience cryptocurrency without it
    seems overly complicated. In other words, PRO makes cryptocurrency simple and fun to
    Cryptocurrency will no longer be limited to technology experts and advanced
    speculators. Everyone who shops through the Rpay Rebate Rewards application will
    automatically start collecting cryptocurrency as a rebate. This allows them to own
    cryptocurrency and also become a speculator. This is how it will be possible for the
    general population to easily become a part of the cryptocurrency community.
    Rpay will launch the R token Rebate Rewards Platform at the time of Rpay app
    launching distribution starts.

    Business/Merchant Solutions Reward Application
    How do you get a business or merchant to want your product? Usually, you must
    offer something that will enhance the company and help increase loyal customers so
    that the business can be more profitable.
    How has cryptocurrency technology helped businesses adopt cryptocurrency?
    The Rpay Business Solutions application will be offered for free. This will help guide
    businesses into understanding how they can benefit from accepting cryptocurrency.
    Businesses will discover the importance and advantages of cryptocurrency through our
    application. The Business Solutions app has 4 components within the app that will add
    tremendous value to any business.
    The application is designed to help businesses further learn about business development,
    branding, advertising and the advantages of cryptocurrency.
    One of the components of this application is an intuitive learning platform with
    educational modules that are simple for businesses to learn about cryptocurrency.
    Rpay will reward businesses as they complete the courses on the app with special
    advertising credits and in some cases, even bonus tokens. This is a great way by which
    they can experience how consumers earn rebate tokens. This will incentivize businesses
    to start accepting and using cryptocurrency. This benefits business and their
    customers mutually.
    Once customers and business owners have R token rewards, they will naturally want
    to know how they can sell, trade, and use these tokens.



    Expand your store by allowing customers to pay using R Pay, a decentralised, ethereum based blockchain.


    Enable customers to pay for their subscriptions or other in-app services.


    $50 billion is stored in unspendable crypto coins around the world - be the first to tap this huge opportunity. Taping the $ 18000 Trillion Industry.

    RPay Mall

    Service Provider of MOBILE Recharge, DTH services, Multi Recharge & All In One Recharge from Rpay.

    Consumer Services

    It provides transparency in delivering services to consumers.

    Professional Services

    The only Rpay recommended solution for receipt tracking, expense reporting, mileage tracking, and company card reconciliation.

    Our Mission with RPay

    RPay's mission is of two-fold:-
    1. To be a secure, economic and prime mode to
    receive pay and transact through crypto
    2. To make Rpaymall a decentralized universal
    marketplace to make trade in retail and
    services, free and open for all.

    The BIG “Vision”

    We want Rpay to become the smartest way to pay and transact for retail, trade, and
    We want the participation process to be increasingly simpler and economical for
    people and we want our new economic model to spread because we believe that it will
    help people improve the way they use their money and the things they can buy with it.
    We want people to be able to “make more of their money” and “live the dream” in
    the “simplest of way”

    THE BIG OPPORTUNITY in retail industry

    The global retail sector is estimated to have achieved revenues of US$ 22.6 trillion in
    2015 and should continue to rise to US$ 28 trillion by 2019, with an average annual
    growth rate of 3.8% since 2008.
    The sector represents 31% of the world's GDP and employs billions of people
    throughout the globe. Hyper and supermarkets account for 35% of retail direct sales
    with USA and China at the forefront. E-commerce is expected to show a CAGR of 23%
    between 2012 and 2019 in revenue and 12% for e-consumers.
    Mobile share in e-commerce has reached 29% in certain countries and has been
    growing fast but there is still room for growth, with desktops still representing the
    majority of devices used for online shopping. In terms of market trends, specific
    consumer behavior such as over- connectivity and the pursuit of healthier lifestyles are
    expected to shape the market in coming years.

    The BIG IDEA
    Rpay is a decentralized application not only focussed on disrupting commerce but
    focussed on disrupting retail, transaction and services industry, the way we exchange
    goods and services and pay for it.
    We are taking what may seem overly complicated to the masses by making
    cryptocurrency simple to use and understand. In retail and service sector, consumers
    and businesses can be introduced to cryptocurrency through rewards reserved to
    incentivize them to start using cryptocurrency in their everyday life.
    The fact is, in traditional retail commerce, there is a heavy emphasis on offering
    rebates, cash back, and incentives for shopping at a specific store. We believe this
    principle should also hold true for cryptocurrency. Our plan is a simple and unique
    strategy that will shift the way people in general use cryptocurrency in commerce.
    We have a vision that extends beyond what the normal cryptocurrency user is
    accustomed to. Our vision is to take the essence of cryptocurrency and expose it to the
    world, presenting it in a way they have never seen before. We feel that cryptocurrency
    has become a cycle of projects trying to push the boundaries by having different ideas
    and technologies, however not thinking outside of the box. We have a different
    perspective and approach compared to other developers, We need to be aggressive, we
    need to be proactive and we need to make a real difference. We have a strategic plan
    that has never been implemented in crypto before and we are confident that our vision
    will become a reality. We believe Rpay is an innovative project  that is extremely viable and needed in the marketplace.

    Retail & Transaction

    Statistics and facts on Retail & Transaction
    The retail industry is responsible for the display and sale of new or used goods to
    consumers for personal or household consumption.
    More recently, there has been a rise of convenience shopping, online trading, and the
    growth of franchising.
    The industry is characterized by a high degree of casual, part time and seasonal
    employment. It is estimated that more than half of the adult population is either
    currently working, or has worked at some time in their life, in the retail industry.
    The world retailing industry is becoming increasingly competitive, forcing companies
    to take an innovative approach to attract consumers and encourage long-term loyalty.
    Department stores, for example, are increasing consumer footfalls by replacing more
    expensive brand-name products with less expensive private-label products. There are
    many market segments that are fuelling the growth of this industry. For example, the
    world multi-line retail industry, specialty retail market (products encompassed in the
    specialty retail industry include computer and electronics, automotive retail, home
    furnishing retail, apparel retail and specialty stores.), the convenience store industry
    and the global e-commerce industry are all expected to grow significantly in the next
    few years, especially in emerging markets such as Latin America, the Middle East, and
    The global e-commerce industry is boosted by wider internet penetration.

    Introducing RPAYMall – a Universal Bazaar


    Create a store. Sell whatever you'd like. Reach a new audience. Get paid in RToken.

    Rpay Mall is a wonderful project pursuing liberation of P2P trades. It's an online
    space where the user can buy and sell their products in the listed categories.

    What is RpayMall?

    RpayMall is an online decentralized marketplace to buy and sell goods and services
    online. By running an application on your device (PC/Tab/Mobile), you can connect
    directly to other users in the RpayMall network and trade with them. The network isn't
    controlled by a company or organization. Rpaymall is a decentralized peer-to-peer
    network, which means there are no listing fees and the marketplace is censorshipresistant.
    Goods and services are bought and sold on Rpaymall using R token, a digital
    cryptocurrency that is decentralized and censorship-resistant. Transaction fees on the
    RToken network are economic.

    Rpay, RToken, and RpayMall together make online commerce economical and freer
    than ever before.

    Right now, online commerce means using centralized services. eBay, Amazon,
    Alibaba, and others have restrictive policies and charge fees for listing and selling
    goods. They accept only acceptable forms of payment that cost both buyers and sellers
    money, such as credit cards or Paypal/Alipay. They require personal information, which
    can lead to it being stolen or even sold to others for advertising or worse. Buyers and
    sellers aren't always free to exchange goods and services with each other, as
    companies and governments censor entire categories of trade.
    RpayMall is a different approach to online commerce. It puts the power back in the
    users' hands. Instead of buyers and sellers going through a centralized service,
    governing agency Rpaymall connects them directly. Because there is no one in the
    middle of the transactions, there are no fees, no one can censor transactions, and you
    only reveal the personal information that you choose.

    Key Features


    Rpay Mall is a free and open retail platform and it costs nothing to download and
    use. Unlike sites like Ebay or Amazon there are no fees to list items, and no fees when
    an item is sold. Because the trade is p2p (peer to peer), it's happening directly between
    buyers and sellers with no middleman and big brother to take a cut from each sale. It's
    completely free e-retail platform for both buyers and sellers.


    Rpay Mall is easy to set up on the device and it use your own web server for your
    store. It is as simple as Download the program, run the installer, and you'll be listing
    your items in minutes.

    Rpaymall uses its own payment system R Pay which is built and used by the
    community. Existing online payment systems such as credit cards are tied to identity,
    cost money to accept, and risk identity theft. Rpay is more private, has no risk of
    identity theft, and costs little to use. Third party payment processors aren't able to
    hold funds or reverse transactions.

    Rpay Mall uses a unique feature of R Coin that helps prevent fraud: Multisignature
    escrow which helps to prevent fraud and scammers. In this unique e-commerce
    marketplace buyers and sellers agree to a mutually trusted third party before they
    start a trade, and then the buyer sends his Rtoken to an escrow account. Those Rtoken
    can only be released when two out of the three parties agree where it will be sent.
    Normally the buyer and seller are the two parties in agreement, but if there is a dispute
    the third party will come settle the dispute. These third parties offering dispute
    resolution are selected on an open marketplace.

    Every user on the Rpay Mall has access to an encrypted chat feature, and can talk to
    any other user on the network. Buyers can ask sellers about their products. Sellers can
    confirm shipping details or offer customer support. If a dispute arises, all parties can
    talk to a trusted third party to help settle the dispute. All conversations are end-toend
    encrypted for privacy.

    Transactions and trust need each other, but current systems are complicated.
    Rpaymall use smart contracts to simplify the relationship.
    Rpay Mall's decentralised trust and reputation system (DTRS), powered by smart
    contracts, works flawlessly with RPay Mall payment processor. We let the buyer see
    trustworthy and transparent reviews made by previous customers.

    How does it work?
    The information needed to ensure a trustful relationship between buyer and seller
    (such as warranty) will be recorded onto the blockchain. Smart contracts will
    automatically amend each party's trust rating according to an algorithm that assesses
    the quality of the transaction.
    This is revolutionary. Based on the information saved during the transaction, clients
    and merchants will be able to file/solve a claim, rate each other, view ratings etc. Their
    history is then recorded onto the immutable Ethereum blockchain so that others can
    make well-informed commercial decisions.

    Possibilities with Rpay Mall

    On RpayMall one can -

    * Create an online store for users to sell goods for RToken
    * Connect these stores directly to each other on a global network
    * Users can browse individual stores and search for products across the whole network
    * A buyer directly connects and purchases the good from the merchant using RToken
    * RToken payments can be made via escrow to protect merchants and buyers during trade

    RpayMall will enable -
    An online marketplace that is:
    Scalable to millions of stores
    Free of intermediaries and their fees
    Without a central point of control or failure
    Frictionless trade

    With RpayMall the world will be free from the following problems -
    Hosting an online store
    Easy to deploy
    Install and operate
    Eliminates fees related to listing on a platform
    Significantly reduces payment fees via R token (i.e. fractions of a cent)

    NOTE: Rpaymall will provide the whole ecosystem to support your store. It will have integrated crypto wallets;
    the user doesn't need to know what cryptocurrency is to start using it. Rpay has built-in currency R Token)
    to enable huge internal bandwidth, no transaction fees and much more

    Introducing R Token

    Rpay and Rpay Mall are backed by R Token, a blockchain based cryptocurrency
    designed to deliver blazing fast, secure and near-zero cost payments to anyone in the
    world. It is designed to overcome well-known inefficiencies within government central
    banks and other cryptocurrencies. R Token is developed with a believe that everyone
    should be able to initiate transactions that are fully secure, private and anonymous.
    R Token contains proven innovations that other Tokens have not been able to develop
    and incorporate. Segregated Witness, Lightning Network, Smart Contracts and Cloud
    Mining are here for you.

    How R Token is Different

    R Token opens up new horizons of opportunities that have not been provided before
    by any payment system. Technological innovations of R Token deliver improved
    scalability, manufacturability and transparency as well as your privacy and security.

    Smart Contracts

    Smart Contract is an electronic algorithm that describes a set of conditions, the
    implementation of which entails real life events known to everyone. Where there used
    to be accountants and lawyers today there is a huge amount of opportunities to use a
    Blockchain-based mechanism. This is a very powerful feature indeed capable to evolve
    many traditional contracts into a cryptographic solution providing users with
    protection and reliability.

    Pre Sale

    To implement Rpay's vision, we are launching an initial coin offering (ICO) to issue
    R tokens on the public blockchain. The tokens called R Token will be issued during the
    Pre-ICO and ICO. The pre-ICO will be launched to determine the hardcap (how many
    tokens to be issued totally) for the ICO, only 5,000,000 of the 90,000,000 tokens will
    be distributed during pre-ICO.
    On the 25th of September 2017 at 11 AM Hong Kong time, Rpay will launch its
    pre-ICO to distribute 5,000,000 of the token supply to determine the price and
    Hardcap (the total supply of tokens) for the ICO. The price of a token during the
    pre-ICO will be 0.70 USD (there is no minimum purchase amount), and the price during
    the ICO will depend on the total number of tokens issued during the pre-ICO.

    Token Summary

    Token Name: R Token
    Available at:www.Rpay.io
    Total Tokens for Sale in pre-ICO: 5,000,000
    Platform: ERC20
    Accepted Cryptocurrencies: BTC & ETH
    Pre ICO Token Rate: 0.70 USD
    On Exchange Token rate: above 1:00 USD
    All collected funds shall be received and stored on wallets with

    Fund Allocation

    R Token will be a token sold to the general public. A person doesn't have to be
    Cryptocurrency savvy or have any knowledge of the way it works to take advantage of
    our economic model. Thanks to our model, customers don't even have to know that
    R Token is a cryptocurrency at all. In fact, we expect it to act as a bridge for people
    who aren't already aware of the power of this amazing technology and contribute to
    its further spreading thanks to the incentives offered by our platform and it seas of

    Rpay will be used in the day to day life of its holder as it will be accepted as a mean
    of exchange by retailers, e-commerce and service providers. Since we directly choose
    the retailers whom to do business with, we will incentivize this process by largely
    favoring the ones who decide to accept R Token as a means of payment.

    Being this the case, the value of R Token will be granted by the size of the market
    that backs it up, as more people become aware of our Value Proposition.
    The increase in the value of R Token wills also positively affect the participation cost
    to the events, since it is calculated as a fraction of the retail price of the product in any
    fiat or crypto currency.
    This implies that a person that bought say 100 R Tokens at 0.70 USD, having the
    value increased to 7.70 USD, will be able to join 10 times more events with the same
    amount of coins.
    Being RPay the largest Token Holder, the price of R Token will be largely infuienced
    by our presence in the market.



    Payments have never been so fast

    Traditional payment systems require up to 16 different steps to settle just one transaction, which carries high fees. With the presence of blockchain technology, this is now unnecessarily complex. Rpay replaces it with just one step, and one fee.
















  • R Pay Raises 15% Within the First Day of Public Token Sale

    R Pay a tokenized assets platform, has successfully raised 15% during the first day of its public token sale, which means the 1stDay was quite successful step.

    The core mission of Rpay is to bring greater trust and security for users to transact across the extended value chain. Rpay is one application to buy, sale and pay for retail and services. The vision of Rpay is to enable all users to pay through crypto for retail and services based on decentralized technology.

    Rpay will become the smartest way to pay and transact for retail, trade, and services. It will be simpler and economical for people and it will help people improve the way they use their money and the things they can buy with it. We want people to be able to make more of their money and live the dream, literally.

  • Blockchain set to transform retail industry

    R Pay’s revolutionary features can streamline operations, ensure product authenticity and enable tighter supply chain collaborations.

    Across all continents, traditional retailers are facing challenging times. Margins are shrinking because of competition, limited supply chain visibility, high transaction costs and ever rising counterfeit products. Given such challenges, blockchain has the real potential to address these issues and many more.

    Retail and Rpay

    Making a mark first in the financial sector, blockchain is now set to transform retail industry. It provides a way to conduct and record transactions through a peer-to-peer network that replaces the traditional role of a central trusted authority. Rpay Mall is an online space where the user can buy and sell their products in the listed categories. Goods and services are bought and sold on Rpay Mall using R Token, which is a digital cryptocurrency that is decentralized and censorship-resistant. Transaction fees on the R Token network are economical.

    Saving cost

    Blockchain has the potential to reinvent and in some cases obviate key business functions throughout an organization. As a result, it can bring greater trust and security and enhance sales forecasting and inventory control. In fact, a recent survey done by Cognizant shows that 82% of respondents predicted that blockchain would yield cost savings for their organization of more than 2.5% by streamlining operations and automating manual tasks.

    Though it is known that the benefits of blockchain can accrue to internal processes, the real benefit can be seen from the collaborative efforts with external organizations such as supply chain partners. In fact, the retail industry should adopt blockchain technology faster so that they are not left far behind in the race for growth. Rpay can help you achieve your vision as retailers who will be on a wait-and-watch mode will find it difficult to catch up once the direction for blockchain in the retail industry gathers momentum.

    Key benefits of blockchain in retail

    Improve inventory management: Shorter product life cycles have made sales forecasting very challenging. R Pay’s blockchain technology can provide smart contracts to enable a retailer automate execution of payments and orders. An efficient supply chain management will help in making accurate forecasting and minimize lost sales due to nil stock. It will also help to push up profit margin and increase customer satisfaction.

    Authenticate product: One of the biggest advantages of blockchain is that it never allow spurious products to reach the shop shelve. The technology of Rpay will help scan the product barcode and trace the origin of the product.

    Customer rewards programme: Rpay will issue loyalty rewards points to increase customer satisfaction. As customers have difficult in navigating the rewards programme and loyalty points, blockchain applications will allow users to easily redeem points across different merchants. In fact, RPay seamlessly makes loyalty programmes simple by enabling customers easy redemption of points and bringing enhanced smile on the faces of customers.

    As retailers, both traditional and digital rivals, compete with each other for efficiency, blockchain’s distributed ledger technology provides an opportunity to increase operational efficiency and reduce cost. At Rpay, we can provide blockchain technology to retail business which will generate higher efficiency across the value chain in the business and help in innovation.

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