• ClearPoll aims to provide more accurate public opinion data. We do this by allowing
    wider participation, by making polls easily accessible via our ClearPoll app. We allow
    our users to vote on topics, and then the topics with the most votes become active
    polls for everyone to vote on. That means that people are deciding what matters to
    them most, and then people are voting on that issue. There is no one person or
    corporation making decisions on which questions are asked, or which poll results are
    made public. It is an incredibly transparent and accurate way of gauging public opinion.

    We intend to use blockchain technology to record votes on polls. This means that once
    a vote has been cast on a poll, it is sent to the blockchain, and cannot be changed or
    removed. Final poll results are also stored on the blockchain, meaning poll result data
    is final and 100% publicly viewable by all ClearPoll users. Nobody can hide or manipulate
    what the general public has to say.

    ClearPoll - Social Opinion Polls on the Blockchain


    ClearPoll will redefine how public opinion is measured and reported. This will have a
    strong influence on mainstream media. It will be far more difficult to persuade the
    general public to think and feel a certain way, when we can all observe the data that
    ClearPoll, the new consensus in accurate and current public opinion, will provide.
    As well as encouraging a more transparent and accurate media, the data provided by
    ClearPoll will allow corporations, governments and other groups to properly strategise
    and respond to accurate public opinion data. If a government does not understand what
    its people want, it cannot possibly provide the best solution.
    ClearPoll will make it easy for everyone to quickly find accurate public opinion data. It
    will provide a clear picture of not only what people want, but perhaps why they want it.


    ClearPoll is designed primarily as a mobile application, however we also plan on delivering
    a desktop browser platform, plus a ClearPoll Plus subscription based advanced metrics
    The mobile app works in a very simple way. It is designed so that the widest possible
    audience can successfully use it. We don’t want to limit the voting demographic to
    people with technical skills.

    Users will download from all of the major app stores, across Android and iOS. They can
    then install the app, and create an account. Accounts are not stored on the blockchain,
    only votes and poll results are.


    The user can easily search for polls by keyword, or they can browse by categories. Poll
    categories include politics, human rights, entertainment, sport and more. The user can
    easily filter down from global polls to national or even local. When the user finds a poll
    that they care about, they can vote.
    Their vote is sent to the blockchain where it is stored securely. Nobody can change it or
    remove it, not even us.
    After voting, they can view the current poll results. ClearPoll features various charts and
    graphs showing realtime statistics. Users can view statistics by location, and even by
    the hour. A local poll can only be voted on by a user within that region, so there won’t be a
    case of a user in Sydney voting on an issue specific to Londoners, unless the poll creator
    designed it to be a “global poll”. Polls are active for 24 hours, giving everyone a chance
    to vote regardless of their time zone.


    If a poll does not exist for an issue that means a lot to the user, they can suggest it as
    a topic. Other users then vote on their topic, based on whether or not they would like
    to see it become an active poll. This system means that not only do people decide the
    outcome of polls, but they also decide what is important in the first place. Topics that
    have the most votes (at least top half of the ranking) after 24 hours will become active
    polls. For example if there are 20 topics suggested, and your topic is in the top 10 when
    its 24 hours expires, it will become an active poll. This system allows more important
    or urgent issues to leapfrog a topic and become an active poll. Unsuccessful topics can
    always be resubmitted another time.

    We understand that social sharing is essential in raising public awareness, and it is
    something people do by choice. ClearPoll offers the option of sharing your latest vote, as
    well as sharing an entire poll, across major social networks, including:

    Each poll has a unique identifying number, for example #2408, which makes it easy for a
    user to search for that specific active or historical poll. The unique number system creates
    a great opportunity for more sharing, such as wearing a poll result on merchandise.
    Imagine a group of people wearing “#2408” tees to a protest. Their message is loud and
    clear, the people have spoken on their issue and it’s easy for you to find those results.


    As well as creating the ClearPoll app, we will develop a desktop version of ClearPoll. Users
    can login and easily view the latest polls they have voted on, as well as share each one.
    They can view final poll results and statistics on how their opinion measured up. They
    can also view upcoming social events near them, and easily shop for merchandise.
    The desktop platform is a hub for user account activity, whereas the app is designed
    primarily for voting. Users cannot vote by desktop, they can only vote via the mobile app.
    The desktop platform can not send transactions to the blockchain, however it does
    source data from the blockchain.


    We aim to provide a method for individuals or corporations to easily embed widgets
    displaying current and historical poll results. Featuring realtime data, ClearPoll Widgets
    will be a great way to help grow the ClearPoll brand and make it simple for journalists
    and others to reference and report accurate public opinion data.


    Most users of the ClearPoll app will be able to view a lot of interesting data, such as
    votes by the hour, and location based results. However, we plan to provide an additional
    service which we call ClearPoll Plus. This advanced service will allow individuals or
    corporations to subscribe to advanced metrics. They will be able to view and filter data
    including age, gender, location down to city or even suburb level, as well as much more.
    This data will serve as an extremely powerful and valuable tool for market research as
    well as journalism, or just for a greater understanding of public opinion trends. The data
    is not personal data, there are no names, addresses or any other identifying metrics. It
    is cumulative data.
    The only way to subscribe to ClearPoll Plus, is by purchasing with ClearPoll tokens
    (POLL). This will create a high demand for the tokens, theoretically increasing their

    Token revenue from ClearPoll Plus will be used as rewards for nodes, after the initial
    allocation of node tokens is exhausted (see section 7 for node rewards).


    As well as ClearPoll Plus creating a demand for POLL tokens, we are also launching our
    own advertising network, whereby advertisers can purchase ad space on the ClearPoll
    app and desktop platform.
    In order to ensure poll voting is not influenced by advertising, we will only show ads on
    the poll result areas - never pre-vote.


    ClearPoll requires the ability to process millions of blockchain transactions in a fast and
    efficient manner every day. For these reasons our developers are looking at creating an
    independant distributed ledger that is not reliant on any existing blockchain networks.
    One such technology that we have identified to aid us is Hyperledger Fabric. Whilst we
    are not at the stage where we can positively say this will be our platform, we can say
    from preliminary testing that it looks like a very good fit for our needs.

    Hyperledger fabric has been designed by the Linux Foundation for enterprise level security,
    scalability and performance. The project’s goal from a performance point of view is to
    reach 100,000 transactions per second, this a very general goal as transaction speeds
    can vary depending on transaction content and network conditions. However this goal
    far exceeds our requirements which gives us the confidence in Hyperledger fabric as a
    solution for ClearPoll.
    More information can be found here on Hyperledger Fabric:


    We will be creating tokens known as ClearPoll (POLL). The number of tokens generated
    is subject to the funding received during our PreICO and ICO. ClearPoll tokens are an
    ERC20 token, meaning you can easily manage them from your Ether wallets.


    We intend to issue 70% of all tokens to crowdfund investors. A full breakdown of token
    allocation is as follows:

    Early investors in our PRE-ICO and ICO will benefit from significant discounts on our
    ClearPoll tokens.
    In addition to the discounts, we will also be reserving 10% of all tokens, which are
    intended to be destroyed as the ClearPoll system is used. 100 tokens are destroyed per
    poll that is completed.
    Once all reserved tokens are destroyed, each ClearPoll token will theoretically have more
    value due to shorter supply, thus rewarding coin holders.
    1 POLL COMPLETED = 100 Reserved Tokens Destroyed


    The number of tokens per ether will be reduced as each stage of the PRE-ICO and ICO
    completes. Early investors have the chance at up to 50% bonus as compared to the final
    stage of the ICO.


    We intend to issue bonus coins to users who wish to act as nodes on the blockchain
    network. Users can apply to become a node, and we will acquire their details and provide
    them with regular POLL tokens in exchange for their service.
    Once the tokens we have reserved for node rewards have all been claimed, we will continue
    to issue POLL tokens to nodes. These tokens will come from ClearPoll Plus revenue.


    The following roadmap applies to funding of 2 million POLL tokens sold or above. Should
    we receive less funding, the timeframe may be extended and as previously mentioned,
    some features will require further funding to be completed.


    Creating social apps is a lengthy and complicated process. The ClearPoll project in
    particular will be very heavy on software, mobile app and blockchain development hours.
    We have assembled a very capable team, with experience specifically in these areas. Our
    breakdown of funding use is as follows:


    Robert Culley

    Director & Lead Developer

    Robert is an experienced industrial designer and a very successful mobile app developer, being the other half of the indie mobile app development team with Daniel. Robert’s expertise has been highly sought after in his field, and he has worked alongside some of the most exciting new tech startups as a designer and developer. Robert has an “anything is possible” attitude which is necessary for a project such as ClearPoll.

    Daniel Abela

    Director & Lead Designer

    Daniel has operated his own successful design business for the past 13 years. He is also one half of a very successful indie mobile app development team, with over 10 million installs across their titles. Daniel is the lead designer at ClearPoll and with vast experience working in highly productive environments, he has a great understanding of how to bring a concept to reality.

    Simon Cocking


    Simon is a senior editor at Ireland's number 1 tech site, His experience and knowledge in the tech field and specifically in regards to new startups is incredibly valuable to our team. Simon is an industry leader - having previously held TED Talks, such as this one.

    Evgeny Ardashev

    UX Designer

    Evgeny is a senior UX designer at one of Australia’s largest corporations. He has extensive experience across the board, from graphic design to industrial design, as well as development experience. Evgeny is renowned for his ability to create designs that are not only beautiful, but achieve the best possible results.

    David Sun

    Business Development

    David has a long history of operating and managing businesses across several industries. With a natural ability to create great relationships with clients, his talents are an integral part of our team. David will be focusing on building our network of corporate clients, as well as helping to grow the ClearPoll brand through marketing and advertising.

    Chris Hitchins


    With a B.Sc in Computer Science from Murdoch university, Chris is an experienced web and mobile app developer with a great attitude towards achieving the best result, regardless of what is required. He has an excellent ability to quickly adapt to current trends and techniques.

    Kenneth Johnson


    Kenneth is studying computer science at Murdoch University and has already worked as a developer on successful mobile apps. With vast experience in technical project management, he is a key part of our team. Kenneth has worked with some of Australia’s leading companies, and has a great ability to create the best technical solutions for any project he is a part of.

    Luke Hedger

    Web Developer

    Luke studied computer science, software and web development at Deakin University and is an important member of our team, as a web developer. Luke has operated his own business for 14 years, as well as launched several successful tech startups. Luke has a great ability to work through problems and create the best possible result.

    Adrian Daluz


    Adrian graduated with a B.Sc in Computer Science, Inter-networking and Security from Murdoch University. His expertise is a welcome addition to our team and his skills will be put to work creating the most practical, efficient and secure final product. Adrian is a very capable software developer and adapts well to a quickly changing industry, including blockchain technology.


    Pre-ICO Token Sale


    White Paper:





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