MONCRYPT - Innovative Banking Platform Based on Blockchains

  • What is MONCRYPT?

    MONCRYPT is a decentralized managing platform for your assets. It works on the basis of blockchain technology and smart-contracts. In traditional sense it is banking with additional services which works with cryptocurrencies. Our sidechain enhances bitcoin blockchain capabilities. It allows to conduct fully confidential transactions super fast. Whole system is secure and guarded with biometric ID. One-time sign up gives you complete anonymity inside our system. You should be able to use our discount rates for flights and hotels, exchange all available currencies to crypto and back at official exchange rate, play games and make bets, sell something to earn bitcoins and much more!


    Our main mission is to create a convenient and safe tool for people. This tool will be used to purchase, sell and exchange cryptographic protocols in the innovative ecosystem of blockchains through digital obligations issued by the platform. Under the tool, we mean a universal platform that performs exchange operations with cryptographic protocols through an information code and forms a network of users interested in these operations. On our platform, built on the principle of "single window", the user, once registered (we support the filling of forms KYC and AML), gets the following features: 

    • secure storage of cryptographic signs; 

    • obtaining a full range of banking services for any operations with the use of crypto currency: payment for goods, services and accounts with the setting of auto-payments in local currency around the world, invoicing, ordering virtual and physical debit cards with payment option in Internet networks of any currency, nominated in BTC and tied to your bitcoin-wallet;

     • transfer of any of your income to bitcoin-wallet; 

    • application of an innovative solution for all types of loans: lending against collateral for your funds on the MONCRYPT deposit account; 

    • sending cryptographic signs with a minimum commission to anywhere in the world and instant crediting of monetary funds to the recipient in the currency of his country. To achieve these services, we need to refine the platform functionality and create our own original biometric wallet with the highest level of security. The launch of our project will lead to:

     - mass attraction of users; 

    - the ability to conduct transactions with a minimum commission; 

    - creating an environment for the further development of the crypto-currency ecosystem.

    MONCRYPT Benefit

    You invest in financial revolution! We’ll do everyday transactions much clear and safe for you. This project is unique and should become really popular. Our platform should earn on commissions, advertisement, token price growth. We don’t depend on cryptocurrency rates - we earn in any case. Our project start time is approximately 6 months. MONCRYPT token price should grow and you’re able to sell and earn anytime you want. Each investor should receive personal payment card to use cryptocurrency in every place on our planet!

    Priority Guaranteed Safety 

    Our main goal: comfort and convenience of the user for carrying out a variety of financial transactions in combination with an integrated security system of the highest level, providing biometric identification for the safety of funds. We strive to ensure that our business is regulated and maximally protects users' funds. When you enter your funds on the site, we create a reserve stock in the guarantee fund and thus insure your assets. So, 25% of the platform profit will be transferred to the reserve stock. If we are to blame for the leakage of funds, we will be able to repair the damage to users in full. These funds will not be on the network Bitcoin [1]. We will place our reserve stock on cold storage in a Swiss bank together with the master keys to the sidechain MONCRYPT and provide investors with a confirmation document from the bank. All business processes of cryptographic banking will be implemented on the COREZOID cloud operating system. This platform will be used to develop the digital core MONCRYPT [2]. Corezoid has successfully established itself in the organization of Western Union money transfers in Ukraine [3] and the largest bank in Ukraine – PrivatBank is based on it, showing excellent results in the speed of work with 10 million transactions per day or about 500 per second. For comparison, PayPal processes about 46 transactions per second with peaks of up to 100 transactions per second [4] . The digital core of MONCRYPT will carry out the basic operations of the bank: issuance of assets, the exchange of crypto-currencies, management of the nodes of almost all existing crypto-currencies, management of the sacred and MONCRYPT nodes, and other services that our banking will provide. All business processes of our banking will be transferred to the cloud, which will increase the resiliency and security of the MONCRYPT system.

    Efficiency with MONCRYPT 

    We use the formula of the characteristic of the efficiency of the system with respect to the transformation or transfer of energy:

    If you deposit $ 100 on the deposit to the bank, then in a year you will receive on average up to 3% per annum: Ŋ = 3. Risks: deterioration of financial condition or bankruptcy of the bank. For example, as a result of the global crisis of the banking system in 2008, many banks went bankrupt. In addition, annual inflation even in developed countries is from 1.5 to 2.5% per annum or more.

    If you invest 100 dollars in real estate, then in a year you will receive on average from 10 to 15%: Ŋ = 10-15. Risks: a possible drop in value: as a result of the fall in the real estate market in 2008, its value fell almost 3 times. In addition, there is the difficulty of rapid implementation to receive cash, additional costs for maintenance, insurance, etc.

    If you buy BTC (Bitcoin) for $ 100? The growth rate of bitcoin over the past year was 300% or more. In this case, you would receive in 2016: Ŋ = 40-120, and when making a purchase in the period from 01/01/2017 to 01/07/2017: Ŋ = 120 - 280. Risks: high volatility, loss of private keys. According to many experts predicting the price of bitcoin at the beginning of 2018, it can range from 3600 to 5000 US dollars per bitcoin. Thus, by investing in the MONCRYPT system you can get the highest profit.


    Confidential transactions 

    Keep security and at the same time hide the transaction values - this is one of the most powerful and innovative MONCRYPT features. Transactions of this type keep the transferred amounts visible only to transaction participants, while ensuring that no more coins can be spent than is available in a cryptographic way. This expands the scope of the usual confidentiality offered by bitcoin blockchain:

    Asset release 

    To issue assets, a special MONCRYPT transaction is used:
    $ moncrypt-block-signer issueasset 1000 100 { "txid": "bafa767d039691765cb041084875ef84cb44f2b13b568cf3ef2a2488aefd1463", "vin": 0, "entropy": "f708d07f4181076a792d353b537e6e398294db9d55fce823c225a7769109360a",

    "asset": "4676ee7e6d26ca5251d399205093de50a48b73e5ce7bbda5ec62eccd480fde1f", "token": "d7ce4f9632af51e44d86d7f58b709c802b06a335a2b44d20809b090c5f864330" }

    In transactions where asset release has asset property fields embedded in transaction inputs, up to one issue per entry, which means issuing both the asset itself and the digital coins for reissue.

    This equation will be valid only if the total amount of the asset H is the same on the input and output side and the total amount of the asset I is the same on the input and output side. This will allow us to maintain an unlimited number of assets.


    Early 2017

    Connecting blockchains, creating first smart-contracts

    Several blockchains functionality test

    September 2017

    ICO start, first prototype

    Few options available to use on the website

    February 2018

    Launching an App with Biometric ID

    Completely new for the market

    April 2018

    Connecting our platform to satellite and offline servers

    Safety first. Your money are protected in the best way

    July 2018

    Data transmission using quantum photons

    New way to hide your personal info

    September 2018

    Complete All-in-One CryptoBanking Platform

    Full launch with all functions and options available

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