Tokenza - the first fundraising and freelancing platform

  • Tokenza is the next genera0on of crowdfunding pla8orm. The company leverages blockchain to become a leading actor in community-based fundraising.

    Tokenza Ecosystem

    Tokenza is the next genera0on of crowdfunding pla8orms, we help people bring
    crea0ve and inspiring projects to life. Tokenza is like having Kickstarter and Fiverr in
    the same place, and running on top of the Ethereum network.
    • Contributors can back innova<ve projects with money, or by offering services and exper<se
    • Project owners can ask funds from the community (“a la Kickstarter”), or profit from services and
    developments offered by freelancers and bounty hunters (“a la Fiverr”).

    Tokenza’s community consists of project owners, backers and bounty hunters:
    - Backers use our TKZ tokens (or ETH) to contribute to promising projects
    - Bounty Hunters offer services to project owners, and get paid in TKZ (or ETH)
    - Backers get new tokens issued by projects in which they contributed

    As one of the first movers, Tokenza aims at becoming an industry leader
    in token-based crowdfunding and blockchain services.
    • Token Sale Market is s<ll young and immature (mainly tech people)
    • Irra<onal early investors, bullish trends, unsustainable growth
    • Big Ins<tu<onal actors are taking posi<on in the so-called ICO market
    • Market is stabilizing, consolida<ng, and will be regulated soon

    -  Great posi<oning opportunity as a “Pick-and-Shovel” provider for the blockchain industry
    -  Great development opportunity to build the #1 Blockchain Fundraising Plaform
    -  Great business opportuni<es when market starts to consolidate

    Tokenza is a plaform where people can launch a crowdfunding campaign in seconds, or offer their services to support crea

    Tokenza is taking fees on every market transac0on:
    - commission on raised funds
    - commission on service delivery
    - commission on adver<sing
    - trading fees on the in-app token exchange


    Detailed Roadmap

    • June 2017
      • Development of Mockups & Artworks
      • Development of User Interface
      • Non-functional Prototype
    • July 2017
      • Development of Backend
      • Token Design & Smart Contract
      • UX improvement
      • Functional Prototype
    • August 2017
      • Token Sale Landing Page
      • Creation of Bounty Programs
      • BitcoinTalk Announcement
    • September 2017
      • Legal & Incorporation
      • Smart Contract Audit
      • Development of Freelancer Dashboard
    • October 2017
      • Server & Network Security
      • Acquisition of First Users
      • Private Beta Release
    • November 2017
      • Seed Token Sale (TKZ Pre-sale)
      • Product demo to token holders
    • December 2017
      • Company Structuring
      • Legal Compliance
      • Cold Start Marketing
    • Q1 2018
      • Public Beta Release
      • Platform Improvement VS User Feedback
      • Token Sale Series A
    • Q2 2018
      • Official Product Launch
      • Development of TKZ Exchange
      • Massive PR & Online Marketing
    • Q3 2018
      • Token Sale Series B
      • Public API & Developer Widgets
      • Freelancers & Small Businesses Acquisiton
    • Q4 2018
      • Strategic Partnerships
      • Business Development
      • International Expansion
      • External Growth


    Tokenza needs 8,640 ETH in seed funding to structure the company, deliver a private beta of the
    pla8orm, recruit high profile advisors, and launch a successful Token Sale Series A.

    - Validated Proof Of Concept: we’re crea<ng a product that people want
    - Validated Scalability: service is 100% automated, no salespeople or human interven<on needed
    - Limited Risk: Pick & Shovel business (% on everything)

    Seed : 8,640 ETH
    - Structure the company (advisory board + legal)
    - Development of Tokenza Wallet
    - Goal: Launch in Private Beta and con<nue to improve the product VS user feedback
    Series A : 32,400 ETH
    - Development of the Internal Tokenza Exchange
    - Development of analy<c dashboards for contributors and project owners
    - Goal: Reach cri<cal mass of contributors, freelancers and project owners
    Series B : 116,787 ETH
    - Business Development + Strategic Partnership
    - Aggressive User Acquisi<on (Marke<ng, Rewards, Contests, Bounty & Affiliate Program)
    - Goal: Become a leading actor in digital asset crowdfunding by the end of 2018



    There will be 3 sale stages in one unique smart contract. A maximum amount of
    70,115,032 TKZ tokens (40% of the total supply) can be sold during the token sale.
    Token Seed
    • Max Cap: 8,640 ETH before next stage
    • Pricing: 1 TKZ = 0.0016 ETH (1 ETH = 625 TKZ) à 36% Bonus
    • TKZ For Sale: 5,400,000 TKZ (3.08% of the total supply)
    Token Series A
    • Max Cap: 32,400 ETH before next stage
    • Pricing: 1 TKZ = 0.0018 ETH (1 ETH = 555 TKZ) à 28% Bonus
    • TKZ For Sale: 18,000,000 TKZ (10.27% of the total supply)
    Token Series B
    • Max Cap: 116,787 ETH before end of crowdsale
    • Pricing: 1 TKZ = 0.0025 ETH (1 ETH = 400 TKZ) à Regular Price
    • TKZ For Sale: 46,715,032 TKZ (26.65% of the total supply)


    • Name: Tokenza
    • Symbol: TKZ
    • Type: ERC223
    • Genre: Female Android
    • Supply: 175,237,582 TKZ


    Distribu0on % of supply Number of tokens
    Token Sale 40% 70,115,032 TKZ
    Opera<ons 25% 43,789,364 TKZ
    Founders * 20% 35,047,517 TKZ
    Boun<es 10% 17,523,758 TKZ
    Reserve 5% 8,761,911 TKZ
    TOTAL SUPPLY 100% 175,237,582 TKZ
    From 0me to 0me, Tokenza may decide to burn some tokens to lower the total supply.
    The total number of TKZ tokens in circula0on may only decrease, but never increase.

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    White Paper:

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