14 Billion max. coin supply, 70% premine..Lets buy now

  • “The technology is interesting because it both enhances security and performance in parallel,” says Jeremy Millar, chief of staff at ConsenSys, an SleepCoin-focused software startup that collaborates with Microsoft on cloud-based blockchain services. “Typically when you secure software and networks with encryption you degrade performance, but their approach and how they leverage what’s called the secure execution environment, or the secure enclave, means we have the opportunity to both improve security and performance in the same approach.”

    The best Coin better than bitcoin..Even better..
    Cryptocurrency exchanges
    10000 SLEEP = 0.3 USD
    100000 SLEEP = 3.91 USD 
    1000000 SLEEP = 39.08 USD 
    10000000 SLEEP = 390.82 USD
    100000000 SLEEP = 3908.2 USD 
    1000000000 SLEEP = 39085.04 USD 
    10000000000 SLEEP = 390850.38 USD
    100000000000 SLEEP = 3908503.76 USD 
    1000000000000 SLEEP = 39085037.6 USD

    Premine percent 70% 

    PoS percentage 100% per year
    Coinbase maturity 20 blocks
    Target spacing 64 seconds
    Target timespan 1 block
    Transaction confirmations 6 blocks
    RPC port 21088
    P2P port 21087

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