ICOMG - first 100% anonymous way for anyone in any country to participate in ICO

  • About ICOMG

    ICOMG is an erc20 token that represents 100% of the gross profit of icomg.io

    Icomg.io is a third party service for participating in initial coin offerings anonymously using ether. Icomg will have a listing for each and every upcoming ico as well as an ether address to send funds for any ico you'd like to participate in.

    Icomg charges a 10% flat fee in ether for each ico purchase. That 10% is distributed in full to icomg token holders the 1st day of each month beginning November 1st 2017. All icos are processed anonymously and we collect 0 information from you. Once the ico you bought is over, the coins will be sent to the ether address that you paid with.

    Please make sure you use services such as myetherwallet.com or other wallets where you have your private keys.

    Token Sale

    The ICOMG token sale will begin Sept 29th at 5pm GMT and will run for 1 week!

    100% of the gross profit of ICOMG.io is paid out to ICOMG token holders the 1st day of each month beginning November 1st 2017. Dividends will be distributed in ether and will be automatically sent to the ether address holding the ICOMG tokens.

    10,000,000 ICOMG tokens will be created as the max supply. 9,000,000 ICOMG tokens will be sold in the ICO at a price of 300 ICOMG tokens for 1 ether. There will be a hard cap of 30,000 ether. Any ICOMG tokens not sold out of the 9,000,000 will be destroyed once the ICO is over. The 1 million coins remaining from the 10 million created will be kept by the ICOMG team for site costs and operation and will be diluted down to 10% of all circulating ICOMG tokens, with any left over being destroyed.

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