Dolphin - crypto-asset investment analysis platform

  • Dolphin BI is a crypto-asset investment analysis platform based on a smart-contract. It enables users (Subscribers, Authors and Experts) to establish efficient collaboration in order to enhance ICO investment analysis. The platform consists of apps/widgets and corresponding data providers which can be developed by independent Author users and plugged into the platform. The platform combines advantages of data visualization, automatic analysis (machine learning) and expert analysis approaches. Reputation of Expert users and voting influence of Subscribers users are calculated in an auditable smart-contract which has a transparent update policy. Reward in DOBI tokens is distributed to Author and Expert users according to their contribution to the platform.

    Collaboration process overview

    Dashboards and widgets Subscribers

    receive powerful tools packed into widgets to support analysis of
    crypto-assets in every stage (incubation, presale, ICO, post-ICO)


    August 2017

    • receive feedback from early backers on what is clear and attractive or unclear and repelling to update project vision
    • attract early contributors with whom the project can be discussed in detail
    • verify whether users require a solution for the defined problem
    • develop an MVP and optimize it according to received feedback

    MVP release
    September 2017

    In-house development, number of features depends on the amount gathered at the
    presale stage: at least 2 automatic (machine learning) and 2 manual
    (expert) widgets

    ICO finishes
    October 2017

    • publish a detailed roadmap
    • launch full-scale development of the final product
    • attract data provider partners

    Beta release
    January 2018

    • run the platfrom with testnet smart-contract
    • bug-bounty program starts

    Production release v1.0
    March 2018

    • first production release of the in-house developed platform
    • most widgets and data providers are created by Dolphin BI
    • community content
    • bug-bounty program continues

    Production release v1.1
    May 2018

    • update in-house developed data providers
    • integrate data provider partners
    • add more widgets
    • publish the official guidelines and online courses for development and deployment of widgets and data providers
    • incentivize third-party developers (Authors) to join
    • plan future releases
    • update roadma

    Mobile app for Android
    July 2018

    • release a mobile application
    • publish a framework for mobile widgets and online courses

    Mobile app for iOS
    September 2018

    • release a mobile application
    • update a framework for mobile widgets and online courses

    Platfrom services development

    Develop services based on Expert's community:

    • Escrow service
    • Incubation service
    • ICO founders verification service
    • etc

    Develop services for Subscribers:

    • token booking service
    • token exchange service
    • KYC/AML service
    • etc


    White Paper:

    Demo Beta:

    Token Details:

    We provide a 25% token bonus for early backers
    Presale token (DBIP) price is 0,80 USD/DBIP
    Presale TGE tokens will be converted to main TGE tokens 1:1 before ICO
    Main TGE token (DoBI) price will be 1 USD/DoBI

    DBIP tokens are exchanged for ETH by Ethereum smart-contract. Recalculations
    for determining the amount of token are made in USD at the rate of the
    end of the day according to


    Get Tokens:

    How to buy DBIP

    1.Terms and conditions

    Accept terms and conditions if you haven't yet

    2.Create Ethereum wallet

    You need an Ethereum address to which DBIP tokens will be issued.

    We recommend using MyEtherWallet or the Metamask plugin for your favorite browser. You may use any wallet software, but you should have access to your private key.

    3.Deposit ETH

    Deposit ETH to your Ethereum wallet address.

    You can quickly deposit with BTC or other crypto-currencies
    using ShapeShift or MyEtherWallet

    4.Exchange ETH for DBIP

    Use your ETH wallet to send ETH to the presale contract address (see above).
    - while sending ETH you should set the max gas value to 150'000
    to ensure that the transaction finishes successfully. Gas is used to
    execute contract methods that issue DBIP tokens to your ETH-sending
    - do not send ETH from an exchange address, otherwise your DBIP tokens will be lost.
    - do not send ETH before or after the presale period. Such transactions will be rejected (your ETH will return but gas will be spent).

    5.Receive DBIP tokens

    After you send ETH and the transaction is mined, your DBIP tokens will appear at your ETH address.

    You can check your DBIP balance with MyEtherWallet by adding a custom token.

    6.Presale token migration

    Your tokens will be migrated to the main TGE contract when TGE starts and
    later to the Dolphin BI platform smart-contract, where they can be used
    as payment for services.










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