Digix Progress Update and Documentation — 26th Sept 2017

  • Over the past few months, we have been steadfastly documenting weekly developers’ update on the business and technical progress. Readers who had been following us since then have seen updates ranging from architecture overview, unit testing, tooling development suites and progress on imagery matters such as User Interface and off-chain integrations such as Know-Your-Customer verification flow. As the space and general interest in the product and company grew, new followers may not have been as up to speed on the ongoing matters, all these information will feel disconnected with the asset tokenization project, hence, the golden question — where does this all fit in?

    Below, we have listed down the components and libraries needed to build DGX 2.0. As medium does not allow for an easy way to display tables, we will port this over to our website soon in a more accessible format to make it easier for Digix supporters to track our technical progress.

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