Novacool - first immersion cooling system for home PC


    NOVAcool is the first immersion cooling system for home PC with affordable price, high efficiency and reliability.

    NOVAcool is your choice if you:

    - Tired of searching for the best cooling system for your PC.

    - Air cooling is not as effective and too dusty for you.

    - Water cooling is not reliable and too complicated to install and upgrade

    White Paper:

    How it works

    In a two-phase immersion cooled system, electronic components are submerged into a bath of dielectric heat transfer liquid - "Dry water", which are much better heat conductor than air, water or oil. With low boiling point (49°C vs. 100°C for water), the fluid boil on the surface of heat generating components and rising vapor passively takes care of heat transfer. Circulation happens passively by the natural process of evaporation

    Overview Of NOVACool

    Main color: Black
    Supported motherboard: Mini-ITX (Micro-ATX)
    Frame size w/o external radiators: Tower(72x43x19cm)
    Built-in power supply: No
    Supported GPU length: 300mm
    Supported Power supply: ATX
    Compartments for 2.5 "drives: 6
    Compartments for 3.5 "drives: 0
    Compartments for 5.25 "drives: 0
    Materials: steel/plastic
    External radiators: up to 3 (360X120mm) \
    two PCI-E Riser 16x\16x, canister with "dry water", internal radiator
    for water circuit, instructions of assembly and operating.






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