[ICO] - Sparkle Coin Diamond - Backed Cryptocurrency

  • Our Mission

    Sparkle Coin’s mission is to create a more efficient global economic growth and promote societal advancement by developing a platform that brings cryptocurrencies into mainstream business and consumer markets.

    By adhering to these practices, we hope to bring the world closer together by introducing a new universal cryptocurrency-driven economy.

    Struggles for Cryptocurrencies

    Cryptocurrency adoption has been slow until now because the technologies were still being developed and the necessary infrastructure was not in place. Sparkle coin represents the second generation of cryptocurrencies that will push through the barriers since the technologies have matured and we developed an entire support system around Sparkle Coin.

    What is a second generation cryptocurrency company

    Unlike the previous generation of cryptocurrencies which mainly focused on the technical aspects of the blockchain technology, Sparkle Coin, along with the economic ecosphere around it, focuses on how to use these technologies to transact in the real-world. By doing so, we are able to use these tools to create an entirely new economy with tremendous potential for growth.

    What is Sparkle Coin?

    Sparkle Coin is a diamond-backed cryptocurrency designed to be a part of a new economic ecosphere, which is built on top of a solid foundation based on proven business fundamentals essential for real-world transactions.

    Sparkle Coin is a hybrid cryptocurrency possessing the best qualities of both POW (Proof of Work) and POS (Proof of Stake), providing rapid adoption through mining of Sparkle Coin as well as long-term sustainability through minting.

    Sparkle Coin is a managed cryptocurrency with full support from a company founded by business and technology veterans, who have pre-funded the operating company Sparkle Coin, Inc. for 100 years.

    How Does the Diamond Backing Work?

    Sparkle Coin is an asset backed cryptocurrency, which provides a level of protection for the early purchasers of the coin.

    Each Sparkle Coin is backed by $5 worth of GIA certified diamonds procured through established diamond wholesalers, which can be immediately redeemed the day after the Sparkle Coin ICO in increments of $500.

    However, if the price of Sparkle Coin reaches $25 per coin, the backing will stop. At five times the initial price, the economy built around Sparkle Coin will have proven itself and Sparkle Coin will then have its own intrinsic value. This was the goal from the beginning.

    The reason for the $5 diamond backing is to provide early adopters of Sparkle Coin a safety net for their participation in this new economic ecosphere.

    How Does Sparkle Coin Work?

    Sparkle Coin can be traded and sold for fiat currencies, providing immediate liquidity into CASH after the ICO. This is not available for the vast majority of cryptocurrencies available today.

    Sparkle Coin can be used to purchase products from some of the largest online stores in the world through VCoinMall.com, part of the Sparkle Coin economic ecosphere.

    Sparkle Coin can be used to purchase products from millions of potential online merchants wanting to transact in cryptocurrency, who cannot at this time without the use of VCoin Exchange’s payment gateway software and Sparkle Coin itself.

    The Sparkle Coin Economic Ecosphere

    The goal of this new ecosphere, comprised of Sparkle Coin and the related companies, is to utilize blockchain technologies to create a new economy that can be more efficient in its growth and contribute to the well-being of the world economy as a whole.

    Sparkle Coin

    A diamond backed, transaction-centric, hybrid cryptocurrency used as currency for this new economic ecosphere.

    VCoin Exchange

    A powerful currency exchange where Sparkle Coin can be traded with other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

    Provides software and payment gateways for virtually any merchant to accept Sparkle Coin and other cryptocurrencies as payment for products and services.


    VCoinMall is a peer-to-peer e-tailer which connects customers with retailers and other e-tailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Toys"R"Us, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Staples. Customers can pay using cryptocurrencies including Sparkle Coin, Bitcoin, and Ether. The products are shipped directly to the customers by the stores. All returns and exchanges are also handled directly by the stores.

    What About Price Volatility, Which Has Prevented Mainstream Adoption of Cryptocurrencies?

    When a customer purchases products or services through VCoinMall.com or an online store using VCoin Exchange’s payment gateway with Sparkle Coins, the merchant gets paid the exact advertised price of the products or services in U.S. Dollars, regardless of the changing value for Sparkle Coin. This process (patent pending) provides the stability merchants have been waiting for to conduct business with cryptocurrencies.

    Is Sparkle Coin Stable?

    Sparkle Coin is designed for rapid adoption and long-term sustainability because it is a hybrid algorithm, which allows for POW mining of coins and also POS minting of coins.

    Real business relies on stability. Sparkle Coin, Inc., is the only company in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world to incorporate a fund set aside for the operation of the company for 100 years.

    Each day, the company receives 1,000 Sparkle Coins from an off-line managed and audited digital vault to help seed and fund the growth of Sparkle Coin, which was generated in the Genesis Block.

    Mining and Minting

    Sparkle Coin, forked from Bitcoin and Peercoin, allows for POW mining of coins and POS minting of coins.

    Approximately 1,008 coins are available to be mined daily for 100 years, after which the award block will be halved over time similar to Bitcoin.

    1,008 coins per day for 100 years equates to: 36,817,200

    Halving of the award block will add additional coins for years more.

    Block time is set to approximately 10 minutes and 7 Sparkle Coins are awarded per block.

    Mining is available starting at 1:00 PDT September 20, 2017.

    Minting will also start at the same time as mining with a maturity of a 30-day minimum and a 90-day maximum.

    This means you will have to hold onto newly acquired Sparkle Coins for 30 days before minting is permitted and you have up to 90 days to mint using those coins.

    Why VCoin Exchange and VCoin Mall will not conduct ICOs

    Sparkle Coin is the cryptocurrency for this new economic ecosphere we are building. If VCoin Exchange or VCoin Mall conducted ICOs, they would be issuing different tokens that would conflict with Sparkle Coin. Even though the ICO for each company could be well over $150M each, totaling over $300M, these companies are going to forgo the quick money in lieu of long-term success. In return Sparkle Coin is going to prefund these two companies also for 100 years. This strategy provides the best chance for this new economy to grow and to increase the value of Sparkle Coins.

    Genesis Block

    A Genesis block totaling 59,187,500 Sparkle Coins will be mined immediately before the ICO to be used as follows:

    • Sparkle Coin ICO: 4,000,000

    • Pre-ICO supporters: 200,000

    • Pre-ICO work in trade: 200,000

    • Sparkle Coin, Inc. 100-year operations prefunding: 36,525,000

    ** To be kept in an off-line, managed and audited account

    ** 1,000 coins will be release daily to seed, promote, and manage the Sparkle Coin market

    • VCoin Exchange 100-year operations prefunding: 9,131,250

    ** To be kept in an off-line, managed and audited account

    ** 250 coins will be release daily to seed the Sparkle Coin market and operate the exchange.

    • VCoin Mall 100-year operations prefunding: 9,131,250

    ** To be kept in an off-line, managed and audited account

    ** 250 coins will be release daily to seed the Sparkle Coin market and operate the service.

    Why Buy Sparkle Coins?

    When you purchase Sparkle Coins, you are contributing directly into the new economy we have designed. You are not investing in a company or the creation of a company. We have already done that and have even pre-funded Sparkle Coin, Inc. on our own for 100 years.

    By purchasing Sparkle Coins, you are putting those coins into circulation to be used for transactions such as purchasing products and services through VCoinMall.com and other online merchants using VCoin Exchange's payment gateway, or increasing the trading volume on VCoin Exchange. Your purchases of Sparkle Coins help to grow the economic ecosphere built around Sparkle Coin.

    The volume of purchases of Sparkle Coins has a direct effect on the transaction volume the ecosphere can accommodate. The higher the value of all of the circulating Sparkle Coins, the more online merchants VCoinMall.com and VCoin Exchange can bring into the ecosphere, which in turn will provide the holders of Sparkle Coin more options to purchase products and services worldwide.

    How is This ICO Different?

    Unlike most ICOs today, which are only at a White Paper stage, needing the ICO funds to start development. The Sparkle Coin management group has completely developed the entire economic ecosphere and is ready to launch Sparkle Coin, VCoin Exchange, and VCoinMall.com.

    There is real value in Sparkle Coin, Inc. and Sparkle Coin itself, not just hype. Sparkle Coin means business and it’s ready to conduct it today.


    • Development of Sparkle Coin and the ecosphere of companies started two years ago in 2015, which culminates at the Sparkle Coin ICO on September 20, 2017.



     Mining will be available starting on 09.20.2017


    The FIrst Rule of Cryptocurrency Wallet use is...

    Backup your wallet!- The first thing you should do after downloading the Sparkle Coin Desktop Wallet is to go to the pull down menu and initiate a backup before doing anything else. You can back it up to a USB Flash Drive, DVD/CD, or even another hard drive (but not in the same computer in case the computer fails or is lost).

    The backup will allow you to restore your wallet and access your Sparkle Coins in the event the wallet is damaged or lost. 

    Without a backup, if you lose access to your wallet, you will not be able to recover the Sparkle Coins. The coins will be lost forever. 

    Understanding How a Cryptocurrency Wallet Works

    A cryptocurrency wallet is a secure digital wallet used to store, send, and receive digital currency like Sparkle Coin. Most coins have an official wallet or a few officially recommended third party wallets. In order to use any cryptocurrency you will need a cryptocurrency wallet. 

    How Does a Cryptocurrency Wallet Work?

    Cryptocurrency itself is not actually “stored” in a wallet. Instead, a private key (secure digital code known only to you and your wallet) is stored that shows ownership of a public key (a public digital code connected to a certain amount of currency). Your wallet stores your private and public keys, allowing you to send and receive coins and act as a personal ledger of transactions.

    Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Should I Use?

    For Sparkle Coin, we have provided a Sparkle Coin Wallet that you can download to use with your Sparkle Coins. However, there may be third-party wallets that you can also use. Please be sure any third-party wallet you use is compatible with Sparkle Coin.

    Are Cryptocurrency Wallets Secure?

    Cryptocurrency wallets are all built to be secure, but the exact security differs from wallet to wallet. Generally, like your user names and passwords, the security of your wallet comes from you using best practices. We suggest not keeping more currency than you need at one time in a single wallet that you use frequently. 

    It’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to backup your wallet and private keys and to encrypt them. At least one backup should be on a thumb drive to ensure that you have a copy offline. If you lose your wallet or your keys then you lose the currency connected to it! As a rule of thumb don’t keep more currency in your digital wallet then you would in your real one!

    Types of Wallets

    There are a number of different types of wallets you can use including online, offline, mobile, hardware, desktop, and paper. Each “type” refers to what type of medium the wallet is stored on and whether or not the data is stored online. Some wallets offer more than one method of accessing the wallet.

    Here is a quick breakdown of the different types of cryptocurrency wallets:

    Online Wallet: An online wallet is literally a web-based wallet. You don’t download an app, but rather data is hosted on a real or virtual server.  Some online wallets are hybrid wallets allowing encryption of private data before being sent to the online server.

    Offline Wallet: A separate and stored medium containing the necessary keys for your cryptocurrency. 

    Mobile Wallet: A wallet that is run from a smartphone app.

    Hardware Wallet: Dedicated hardware that is specifically built to hold cryptocurrency and keep it secure. This includes USB devices. These devices can go online to make transactions and get data and then can be taken offline for transportation and security.

    Desktop Wallet: The most common type of wallet. Typically an app that connects directly to a coin’s client.

    Paper Wallet: You can actually print out a QR code for both a public and private key. This allows you to both spend and receive digital currency using a paper wallet. With this option, you can completely avoid storing digital data about your currency by using a paper wallet.


    The Sparkle Coin ecosphere of companies is the first step in creating a new High Efficiency, Low Drag Cryptocurrency Based Economy.

    Our platform was designed to allow partnering companies to easily offer their products and services to the cryptocurrency community.

    We have the ability to create tokens, develop ecommerce solutions, assist in your ICO, provide customer access through our online mall, and list your tokens on our exchange to provide trading and liquidity. Join us today and let’s build the future of business and finance together.



    Buy, Sell, or Trade your Sparkle Coins with other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies through VCoin Exchange.




    Order products from your favorite online stores through VCoinMall.com's order management and payment service. Pay with Sparkle Coin, and have the products shipped directly to you!








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