Christ Coin by Life Change - First Decentralized Christian-based Cryptocurrency.

  • Introduction to Life Change

    Life Change is a decentralized Christian platform that provides a safe and secure environment for people of faith to socialize, transact, communicate and grow together in the knowledge of Christ. Life Change seeks to revive hopes, repair lives, and rebuild dreams of those who are a part of the community and those who are reached by the Life Change community. Life Change plans to accomplish this goal by leveraging technology to create a unique cryptocurrency, Christ Coin. This allows the Life Change Platform to incentivize members who participate in this spiritual enrichment community to earn digital currency (tokens) that can be stored in digital wallets. The earned tokens may then be transferred peer to peer, spent as digital currency for retail items, redeemed for other digital currency (such as Ether) or fiat currencies (such as the U.S. dollar), deposited as tithes and offerings into wallets set up by the different religious and humanitarian organizations that participate on the platform, or gifted into special Life Change outreach wallets that will be used to meet the practical needs of communities on a global scale. Since Christ Coin is pre-mined, meaning that a hard limit for tokens created has been set, the Life Change Platform limits the volume of currency in circulation and hence provides a mechanism by which the earned tokens stored in digital wallets retain value and ostensibly grow in value over time. The fact that tokens can retain their value is invaluable in being able to maintain the financial fidelity and overall attractiveness of the Life Change Platform and Christ Coin. This will, in turn, empower the Life Change community to continue in the spirit of generosity inherent in the life and gospel of Christ. With such a grand vision that has not hitherto been attempted with this type of model, Life Change is guided by a leadership team that works to shape the vision and direction of Life Change with transparency, ethical business practices, and full accountability so that the spiritual, moral, and financial integrity of Life Change and Christ Coin remains beyond reproach.

    How the Life Change Incentives System Works

    Community members are incentivized to grow spiritually, earn passive income, raise funds for
    their affiliated church organization, and make a difference in their world by earning Christ Coin
    tokens as rewards for simple acts of daily devotion to knowing Christ more intimately.
    How to Earn Tokens
    Tokens are earned by interacting on the Life Change platform. Some of the ways in which
    tokens may be earned are as follows:
     Reading the Bible and other biblical posts on the site
    • Creating Bible studies
    • Creating Bible-based curricula (bounty program)
    • Posting content (written or video)
    • Commenting on posts
    • Liking posts
    • Joining/volunteering for prayer team and other initiatives
    • Creating a wallet for tithes
    • Watching live streaming church services
    • Streaming Christian music
    • Watching other media content
    • Posting / participating in kids’ games & content
    Token rewards will affect both content creators and content consumers. By tying token rewards
    to the posting of comments and likes, Life Change incentivizes users to be content producers
    and to post compelling, relevant, and spiritually enriching content. By tying token rewards to
    spiritual material consumed, Life Change incentivizes content consumers to continue their
    journey towards spiritual enrichment. To make the system equitable and balanced, different
    tiers of rewards are credited to the user based on the degree of their contribution. Moreover,
    there is a limit to the number of rewards that may be earned per day / content.

    How to Increase Token Earnings

    By developing an IMPACT system, the Life Change platform rewards users for their progression
    and influence within the community. IMPACT is an achievement based, multi-tiered system
    where users can earn greater IMPACT (as measured by the IMPACT meter) by accomplishing
    preset goals and interacting with the community. Because the user can earn a greater number
    of tokens as they progress up through the tiers of the IMPACT system, the user is incentivized
    to continue their journey of spiritual growth and fulfillment.
    In other words, members are rewarded with tokens for interaction on Life Change based on the
    amount of IMPACT they have accumulated. While everyone starts at a base earning level, the
    algorithm will adjust earning capability as the level of IMPACT increases. To minimize deflation
    in value, daily earning limits have been set at all levels of IMPACT.
    OWNERSHIP: Earning ability increases in proportion to the level of ownership of tokens. While
    IMPACT is a way of increasing token ownership, another way of increasing token ownership is
    through direct investment. The owner (whether an individual or organization) is incentivized to
    increase token ownership because daily contribution ability and earning ability increases in
    proportion with the total level of ownership.
    A mock example of how contribution and earning ability increases with the level of ownership is
    shown below.
    Disclaimer: This mock example is provided only to better illustrate how ownership levels affect
    contribution and earning ability. The example below is not the final statement on how earning
    ability will work but does serve to illustrate IMPACT. By not divulging the exact formula for
    earning tokens based on levels, Life Change is able to stay true to one of its core mission
    statements of commitment to the spiritual growth of its members.

    Mock example:

    Level 1- 1,000-10,000 tokens: 1 post per 24 hr. period - 5 likes - unlimited comments
    Level 2- 10,000-50,000 tokens: 2 posts per 24 hr. period- 10 likes - unlimited comments
    Level 3- 50,000-100,000 tokens: 3 posts per 24 hr. period- 15 likes- unlimited comments
    Level 4- 100,000-500,000 tokens: 4 posts per 24 hr. period- 20 likes- unlimited comments
    Level 5- 500,000-1,000,000 tokens: 5 posts per 24 hr. period- 25 likes- unlimited comments
    Voting Level- 1,000,000 tokens: Voting rights - unlimited posts - unlimited likes - unlimited

    Why Voting Rights Matter

    The user of the Life Change platform is incentivized to accumulate enough tokens to earn
    voting rights – either by investing in tokens and/or moving up the IMPACT meter. A user who
    has accumulated enough tokens to have voting rights can exponentially increase their ability to
    earn tokens through community interaction, including increasing tithing tokens earned. The
    user also gets to vote on how funds in stored wallets are used to help meet the practical needs
    of the global community.
    By keeping voting rights at a moderately high token level, Life Change ensures that would-be
    voters share in the vision of Life Change while ensuring that the hurdle to vote is not

    Life Change Features

    Life Change Wallet Funds
    Life Change will create content to generate tokens & funding for each wallet. They will also be
    funded with quarterly buyback tokens that don’t get burned.
    A list of the long-term Life Change wallets is as follows:
    *  Life Change Development Wallet: Funds all overhead & future Life Change projects.
    * Mission Wallet: Funds for missions & mission trips.
    *  Church Planting Wallet: Funds for planting new churches.
    *  Kingdom Build Wallet: Funds to support major charities & projects.
    *  Humanitarian Wallet: Funds to provide relief to humanitarian efforts globally.
    *  Rewards Wallet: Funds distributed back to Life Change community members for their
    participation in the platform and the incentive program.

    Advertising Network

    An in-house advertising (ad) network will allow Life Change to maximize ad revenue and ensure
    that certain types of ads stay off the network. We plan to empower anyone who would
    advertise with us and make sure that we are able to affect the demographic they are searching
    for. Whether it is a sponsored blog or video, to live streaming church services, we want to make
    sure that both sides mutually benefit.

    Quarterly Token Buyback and Burn

    Life Change users will be given the opportunity to redeem stored tokens for a secondary digital
    currency (such as Ether or Bitcoin) or fiat currency (such as the U.S. dollar). Up to 70% of the
    quarterly revenue earned from all revenue sources will be used to fund the quarterly token
    buyback. A yet to be determined percentage of tokens that are bought back will be burned
    (taken out of circulation/taken off the market) to help sustain the market value of coins that
    remain in circulation.

    Kids for Christ

    Life Change understands how important it is for children to learn about Christ. Moreover, kids
    often have a heart to meet the needs of others, but do not always have a way to do it. Life
    Change offers a solution by letting kids log in and earn tokens! They will have Christian-based
    games, videos and reading material at their fingertips, a lot of family-based content to enrich
    your children’s lives and make learning fun!

    Streaming Music

    Life Change will allow people to stream their favorite Christian music and earn Christ Coin
    tokens. Members will also be allowed to upload or launch their own music to a targeted

    Market Place

    The Life Change platform will accept Christ Coin tokens as payment for all items sold through
    the marketplace. A wide range of items will range from books & t-shirts to canned foods &
    toiletries. More items will be available as Life Change grows and partners with larger online


    Our Christ Coin token exchange platform will allow for the exchange of tokens in a user-friendly
    environment. The savings token will bring a stable element to those who shy away from risk. As
    we work to introduce the token to churches and pastors, we want to provide everyone with the
    easiest path to purchase and trade Christ Coins. The growth of the platform is dependent upon
    the Christian community supporting us.

    Mobile App / Point of Sale

    Our mobile app and point of sale platform will allow for the exchange of tokens in a userfriendly
    environment with a scan or wallet id followed by a 6-digit pin. Because Christ Coin is a
    decentralized digital currency, transactions and the money transfer process takes place in a
    matter of minutes rather than a next day withdrawal. Also, the typical fee for debit cards or
    credit cards is significantly reduced using peer to peer point of sale. The mobile app will show
    wallet balances, other holdings, past transactions or ledger entries, and contact list. It will also
    have peer to peer chat or instant cryptocurrency marketplaces.

    Social Media Connectivity

    Life Change provides incentives for social sharing of content posted on the platform. Any media
    posted on the Life Change Platform can be shared to popular social media platforms such as
    Facebook and Twitter. By leveraging your current social media followers you can earn Christ
    Coins on the Life Change Platform.


    To grow our community, we will need to lend our support to churches and affiliated Christian
    organizations and retailers. Life Change will accomplish this goal by creating attractive strategic
    partnerships designed to help grow churches and organizations.

    Life Change User Steps Flowchart

    Life Change Model

    Crowdfunding Incentive / Cost Breakdown

    If all tokens are sold, an extra 25% bonus will be rewarded from the Life Change Founders’ wallets to all
    token holders including bonus tokens. If there are any unsold tokens, they will be added to the locked
    distribution wallet and taken out of circulation.
    *Life Change Founders will keep 1% of tokens raised from initial Crowdfunding.
    *After bonuses are paid out, Life Change Founders will lock remaining tokens in a smart contract to be
    distributed over the next 7 years.



    *  Q4 - Launch Platform w/ Google AdSense
    *  Q4 - Go to Exchange/Trading
    *  Q4 - Socials, Mission Planning, Church Planting, Outreach
    *  Q4 - Start In-house Ad Network
    *  Q4 - Start App Development / Point of Sale / Mobile Wallets


    *  Q1 - Platform Enhancements, Level Up Ranking System
    *  Q1 - Retailer Meetings / POS Prospecting
    *  Q1 - LifeXchange Platform Development - Buy/Sell Exchange Simplified- Savings Token
    *  Q2 - Global Marketing Outreach
    *  Q2 - Bible Studies, Reading Plans, User-Generated Plans Upgrade
    *  Q3 - Fund Buyback Wallet
    *  Q3 - Roll Out Ad Network
    *  Q3 - Launch Beta LifeXchange Platform
    *  Q4 - Integrate New Books For Reading
    *  Q4 - Launch Marketplace
    *  Q4 - Develop Streaming Music Page
    *  Q4 - Develop Kids for Christ Page (games & content)



    White Paper:






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