Eroscoin (EROS) - Open Source Solution for Blockchain Payment

  • The EROS Blockchain (“EROS”) is committed to develop a payment solution for the blockchain
    industry different from all cryptocurrencies. It utilizes a value transfer protocol to achieve the
    transferring of payment on peer to peer basis and to build up a decentralized application
    platform, which brings blockchain technology into the global payment industry, eCommerce
    industry, financial services, Internet of Things, supply chain management, social media, gaming,
    Information technology, HR systems, product management and other industries. Innovative
    technology, comprehensive governance structure and board applications give EROS advantages
    over Bitcoin and Ethereum as a public blockchain.

    The EROS Payment gateway and wallets, as the most promising blockchain ecosystem for the
    payment industry, perfectly combines the advantages of leading cryptocurrencies and addresses
    the inherent problems of existing blockchain systems. It will continue to develop and iterate
    through the foundation of the platform, as well as through the products and practical business
    implementations. A new kind of economy mode will be formed by the Blockchain Economy to
    significantly enhance the efficiency of the industries, as well as society as a whole.

    In addition to that, the payment industry backs the payment ecosystem to fulfill the demands of
    customers & merchant. There are many payment gateways/merchants are in the industry of
    Blockchain. However, the services of the EROS payment is totally different, unique, secure &
    better with extra facilities. Extra services of EROS includes payment gateway services, P2P chat,
    In-chat payment facility, merchant payment solutions, invoicing management, product
    management, order management & product support tools as well.

    The foundation will provide transparency for payments management, financial management,
    code management and business practices for merchants, and will maintain high standards of
    honesty, ethical business conduct and compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations for
    the users. An accounting firm has been engaged to provide financial report audit and compliance
    management services.

    The birth and the infancy stage of EROS have been strongly supported by the founding
    members, the development team, industry experts, early backers, lawyers and professional
    consultants. We would like to thank everyone who have made extraordinary contributions to the
    development of the EROS Blockchain Economy.

    The Background & Significance of Blockchain

    Before the emergence of the Bitcoin network, the TCP/IP protocol has been widely used to
    transmit information globally. The development of interconnection technology (e.g., Internet,
    Internet of Things, and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality) have introduced more diverse ways to
    interact among people, information and objects and allowed more entities to become digitized
    and tokenized.

    However, information sharing and transmission is not enough to meet the development needs of
    the economic society. A question has been increasingly raised and discussed by the public: How
    can we transfer digital payments and value from peer to peer?

    In the past, we were not able to identify a solution to transfer assets and value from peer-to-peer
    over the Internet without the involvement of third parties. The Bitcoin network is the first P2P
    value transfer protocol. In this EROS Blockchain white paper we introduce the practical
    implementation of a VTP over the Internet.

    With the world getting more connected, an increasing number of companies strive to offer their
    services and solutions online. Finance, education, healthcare, commerce and leisure providers
    are actively moving towards digitization in an attempt to serve the existing and find new
    customers worldwide.

    In a result, EROS foundation is aimed to provide better and possible facilities, and to strengthen
    the crypto payment industry by using the Blockchain ecosystem.

    On the 31 st of October 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto announced the Bitcoin whitepaper titled
    “Bitcoin, A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System” and introduced the Bitcoin network to establish
    a decentralized system of value transfer. Every participant in the Bitcoin network acts as a
    reviewer of transactions; the value transferred between two parties can be completed without
    establishing a trust relationship. This technology has changed the way we obtain and share value
    and has created a new decentralized, peer-to-peer community.

    European Parliament, along with other regulatory authorities across the globe are now actively
    outlining new rules and principles for e-services. The legal framework removes regulatory
    uncertainty serving as a catalyst for the business migration online. We’ve undertaken a thorough
    analysis of the latest trends including rules around eID, QES and Trustee services as well as the
    Aggregation of Payment Services within the scope of the PSD2. And this is where EROS steps in.

    Vision of EROS Team

    EROS Foundation is committed to develop fully qualified & professional global blockchain
    community by cooperating with the other blockchain communities, third party services,
    developers and companies. The goal of EROS Foundation is to innovate the experience of using
    virtual currency in real life. Ultimately bring it into finance, business, product management,
    gaming, payments and internet industries. EROS Foundation is the compatible ecosystem to
    develop, enhance and bridge the real world applications into the blockchain.

    In the current era, there are many payment industries are in an existence based on the
    blockchain systems. The current market depends on the peer to peer payment transfers with
    proof of security. However, such a security are not possible with presently running systems.

    Thus, EROS want to provide extra facilities then the current available payment system providers.
    In addition to that, EROS has planned to provide real-time solutions for merchants & customers.
    Integration of all new blockchain based technologies and upcoming currencies is our aim to
    develop the EROS ecosystem.

    Technical Development:

    As a part of the open source innovation, The EROS Foundation is eventually committable to
    deliver secure, reliable and compatible platform to an open source community. Our highly skilled
    development team has capability to enhance payment ecosystem with more reliability.
    The developers and third party services gets an unlimited independency to create & develop
    their applications on top of the EROS Blockchain. It also integrates on-chain and off-chain data
    through technical and conceptual innovation.

    Business Development:

    The EROS Foundation will reference investment banking practices to perform industry analysis
    and selections and to choose the appropriate industries to implement EROS Coin in the
    businesses. Enterprises using the EROS blockchain will be able to develop more applications in
    order to achieve the sustainable development of EROS Coin. In future EROS foundation will
    provide solutions to the Enterprise business partners to burn less transaction fees and get more
    business development with EROS foundation.

    Decentralized Financial Services:

    There is no central authority. This eliminates centralized overhead such as centralizing all
    payments at one place in big organizations. In financial terms EROS Coin helps you to
    decentralize everything suitable for the technology.
    The EROS foundation will provide a transparency for financial management, code management
    and business practices, and will maintain high standards of honesty, ethical business conduct and
    compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations.
    An accounting firm has been engaged to provide financial report audit and compliance
    management services.
    To further make the EROS a truly open source community, the EROS foundation will eventually
    distribute 80% of the total EROS tokens to the community for business implementations,
    marketing promotions and linkages between the real world and blockchain world. The remaining
    20% tokens will be allocated to the co-founder team, early backers, consultants, and
    development team.

    The EROSCOIN Architecture


    The EROSCOIN foundation is an organization seeking to provide decentralized payment solution to the merchant & users. EROSCOIN is responsible for the creation, management & distribution of the EROS tokens. It also has the responsibility of crypto currency assets, development of coin, and the updates of future products and services followed by EROSCOIN Blockchain. Funds received by the EROS foundation will be utilised to further improve the EROSCOIN in order to increase its value.

    Objectives of the EROSCOIN are..

    - Provide seamless, smooth & secure payment transfers
    - Provide the possibility of transferring value between users & merchants
    - Make the process of splitting currencies easier.
    - Create currency for every industries which are using online payment gateways
    - Create & provide mass payment facility to fulfill community needs.
    In a nutshell, we emphasize on the industry’s challenges and reveal the solutions for increasing
    the users of payment gateways using the virtual currencies.

    Market & Infrastructure

    Every market has its own infrastructure and working ways for it. No matter, if it is dependent on
    another markets or industry. The blockchain & cryptocurrency market is holding billions of money
    in the virtual world. Enabling the peoples to transfer high value money to each other.
    Talking about the infrastructure of EROS platform. It is totally depends on how people use the
    coin. Let’s assume one freelancer Bob is willing to receive international payment within a
    seconds. He is a member of particular freelancing website or community which accepts only
    Credit card as a payment method.
    Now the real life problem begins here. Once he is ready to receive the payment, he must verify
    his freelancing account as per KYC norms of particular website. This way it will take normally
    24-48 hours.
    After getting approved, he will be able to receive payments and its normally executed within 2-3
    days. So, let’s override the whole process of sending & receiving payments within a 30 seconds
    using EROSCOIN payment platform. Now, You can send and receive your transaction within a
    fraction of seconds.

    Borderless Payments

    Whenever one or group of people required to send money outside the country. It is most
    important thing to receive payment as soon as possible on receiver’s side. In this terms
    EROSCOIN payment solution is available to solve the issue. This platform is a totally dedicated for
    the people of an online economy where people transacts using fiat currencies.

    To successfully enable borderless payments in a real term, One have to send money using
    EROSCOIN web or mobile wallet to another person. The receiver will get an instant notification of
    new incoming payments. Now to withdraw that money receiver can withdraw that amount in fiat
    currency for his/her routine use.

    There are several benefits of using borderless payments, the first and foremost important
    benefits is the faster transactions without involving any intermediate banks or third party persons.
    It helps an individual to save their time.

    ICO Structure

    Funds raised during the ICO will be used solely for the development of the EROSCOIN network.
    The following distribution of funds is preliminary and can be a subject to change.

    ICO Fund Distribution

    Core Development: 50% Fund
    Marketing & Campaigns: 15% Fund
    Reserve Fund: 10% Fund
    Operational work: 8% Fund
    General & administration: 7% Fund
    Legal work: 5% Fund
    Content Licenses: 5% Fund

    Tokens & Crowdsale Distributions

    ERO Token Distributions

    ● Crowdsale Process (ICO): 120 million ERO Tokens.
    ● EROSCOIN Foundation Reserve: 48 million ERO Tokens.
    ● Advisory & Escrow Team: 21.6 million ERO Tokens. This will be allocated as rewards for
    advisors and escrow team.
    ● Reserve Fund: 24 million ERO Tokens. This portion will be allocated to reward early
    adopters and provide liquidity to the market if required.
    ● Bounty Program: 2.4 million ERO Tokens.
    ● Charity : 24 million ERO Tokens.

    The ERO Token is used to power the EROSCOIN payment solution and works as a mean to
    reward or get rewarded for participation in the peer to peer payments. each payments on the
    system has an associated cost specified in ERO. as soon as the payments are carried out on the
    EROSCOIN platform, the ERO is transferred from one participant to another.
    ERO will be issued during our first phase of ICO. Once completed, no further tokens will be
    generated. The remaining tokens after ICO will be burned.
    EROS tokens crowdsale will be distributed in two phases. In the first phase of Presale-ICO, upto
    45% extra bonus tokens will be provided. In the second phase of ICO, up to 25% extra bonus
    tokens will be distributed. As soon as the crowdsale ends, within a week every users can
    exchange the tokens in the leading exchanges.
    A maximum of 240 million tokens will be generated, of those 120 million tokens will be kept as
    reserve. While in the process of crowdsale, A maximum of 120 million ERO tokens will be sold
    during the crowdsale.


    Q2 - 2016:

    Concept Development:
    - Research into blockchain technology and payment gateway markets. Do a feasible study
    of all possible technologies we can integrate in.

    Q3 - 2016:

    Idea Validations:
    - The development team will start to work on ideas and differentiate it based on the initial
    prototype of the ERO Token.

    Q4 - 2016:

    Services & Projects Announced:
    - Finalize the possible services (payment solutions), projects (web wallet, mobile wallet) and
    third party tools, which will be used alongwith the ERO token.

    Q1 - 2017:

    Testing Performance of Coin:
    - EROS Token performance testing starts by development team.

    Q2 - 2017:

    Coin Testnet Development Started:
    - Development team is looking into a test-net development to make sure everything works
    fine during development stage.

    Q3 - 2017:

    Website Launch:
    - Launch the fully functional working website including the introduction to the coin.
    ERO Token ICO:
    - Prepare & launch ERO token ICO to begin the crowdsale process.

    Q4 - 2017:

    - Presale ICO
    - Initial Coin launch
    - Web wallet test net launch
    - ERO Pay (Payment gateway) sandbox
    - ERO mobile wallet (alpha 1.0)
    - Final testing of web wallet

    Q1 - 2018:

    - Web wallet launch
    - ERO Payment Gateway Core testing
    - Mobile wallet testnet (beta 2.0)
    - ERO Payment Gateway official launch

    Q2 - 2018:

    - ERO Mobile wallet launch
    - Further development of EROS

    EROSPAY Decentralized Applications (DApps)

    EROSPay Web Wallet (Mighty)

    Online wallets have always been an intriguing development for cryptocurrency users. They
    always demands it in easy way. Everything should be easy to use, secure & ultra fast. To use our
    wallet all users need to do is register an account, and their wallet is ready to use.

    Features of EROS Web wallet

    - It is specifically designed for peer to peer payments
    - Generate & holds multiple addresses in account
    - Send & receive ERO cryptocurrency within a second
    - 2FA security enabled on web wallet
    - Secure & transparent wallet data directly connected on the Ethereum Blockchain network.
    - Easy to use web wallet interface
    - Designed to receive important wallet notification on time through email

    Easy to send & receive coins:

    The EROS browser based web wallet is fast and secured with advanced security algorithms. You
    can send and receive ERO coins to person or a merchant by providing custom fees for each

    Suitable for every computers:

    The EROS web wallet is suitable for all computers that supports web 2.0 modern web browsers.
    The majority of the supported browsers are Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla
    Firefox & Opera.

    Onestep access:

    Login to your EROS web wallet using one step login features. Even it is integrated with our two
    factor authentication security to make it full proof against the possibility of account theft.
    Secure and stable connection:
    Based on the ethereum network, EROS blockchain is up and running all the time following the all
    possible security measurements.

    Easy transactions:

    Send and receive transactions with a single click. Extending the featured web based wallet, safe
    & fastest transactions confirmations within a few seconds.

    ERO token storage facility:

    One of the useful tool is the EROS Online token storage, it holds your coins in the web wallet for
    the future use. Either you are a merchant or a normal user, you can store your tokens in a web
    However, the normal web wallets offer plenty of localisation support. As everyone knows, the
    cryptocurrency is a multilingual ecosystem, and people prefer to use services in their own
    language. Most of the regular wallet clients do the same, although their language pack is often
    limited to “traditional” languages.
    Talking about EROSCOIN it is leading the charge in this regard, as it will be supporting a dozen
    different languages in the future. Without the language barrier, you are free to do borderless
    transactions within a seconds.

    Decentralized Instant Payment Gateway

    As mentioned in the Wikipedia, “A decentralised system in systems theory is a system in which
    lower level components operate on local information to accomplish global goals.” To achieve the
    decided goal, not only one system or person is working on it. But it requires more than one
    system to be connected with it.
    The EROSCOIN decentralized instant payment gateway is a peer to peer network operating on
    the Ethereum blockchain. A transaction on the network consists of one or more operations.
    Payments, offers, and fees are all examples of operations that could make up a single
    About transaction fees, There’s a nominal fee, referred to as a Gas fee of ethereum, associated
    with each operation in a transaction. It also supports high value payments transfer instantly.

    Features of EROS Payment Gateway

    - Instant Borderless payments
    - Peer to Peer secure transaction broadcast
    - EROS micropayments lets you send low price payments instantly anywhere in the world
    - Transfer fiat money across the borders using exchanges
    - Browser & blockchain based technology
    - EROS decentralized payment gateway for merchants
    - Less transaction fees for merchants
    - Confirmed transactions within 15 seconds on EROS Payment system

    Extensive merchant tools:

    EROS payment gateway provides a secure payment processing through EROS Blockchain, white
    label payment gateway, and merchant account services to businesses worldwide.

    Generate external invoices:

    Use an advanced invoice generator tools to quickly create invoices for your clients to bill them
    online with our beautiful invoice templates. Ability to download PDF invoices. In short, bill your
    client using ERO invoices.

    Direct invoices to the customer:

    EROS foundation introduces the first borderless instant invoice sending feature. Using this
    feature, you can generate invoice for any customer with your desire amount. At last, you are
    going to receive invoice amount inform of EROS Coin.

    Invoice status generator:

    To maintain transparency in EROS blockchain based payment gateway, we are assigning unique
    payment transaction ID to the every payments made. Use our instant Invoice Status tool to check
    your invoice status, either being paid, cancelled or rejected.

    eCommerce integrations:

    EROS provides full access to the merchants with more than 10+ eCommerce store integrations
    with plugins compatibility.

    Suitable for every businesses:

    Working with EROS payment gateway does not requires any special skills or certificates. Having
    sufficient knowledge of using crypto currency is enough for you. Just get your EROS merchant
    account and integrate the payment solution within your website.

    Easy & fast transactions:

    All of the transactions are being made on peer to peer basis. Once you create the transactions, it
    will be completed within 15-20 seconds. It is insanely fast and safe too.

    EROSPay Mobile Wallet

    EROSPay mobile wallet makes easy your send/receive process. Basically the mobile wallet will be
    launched on Android & iOS. About other platforms the development team will plan for the next
    releases on other platforms.
    Mobile wallet is built on totally secure code following the blockchain strategy to perform a fast &
    secure transactions within a seconds. Additionally the EROS mobile wallet is maintained to
    provide better user interface. Have a look at our mobile wallet.

    Extensive Features of Mobile Wallet

    Easy to use interface:

    EROS mobile wallet enables you to send and receive EROS blockchain payments on the go. Just
    pickup your mobile phone, login to the wallet, scan the QR code of receiver and hit the SEND

    Backup phrase:

    Easy to use and secure backup phrase protection to provide seamless backup experience using
    EROS wallet.

    Remotely accessible wallet:

    You have unlimited access to your wallet remotely from anywhere in the world. No matter in
    which country you are. We do not have any IP restrictions.

    Secure mobile wallet:

    EROS mobile wallet is fully secured built on the native concepts of application development by
    following the mobile industry guidelines.

    In-chat payment system:

    Send and receive ERO money to your friends and family using in-chat payment system. just type
    the amount you want to send in receiver’s chat and you’re done! once receiver approves
    transaction, you will get ERO instantly in your account.

    Request for payment:

    One of the targeted and useful feature is request for the payment. Use it to request money or
    due payments from your clients & friends. Request money using one touch button, your friend will
    receive invoice, you will receive the payment once he/she confirms the request.



    White Paper:










  • EROSCOIN Bounty Campaign Begins!

    EROSCOIN has started bounty campaign to reward community through social media for their support. To promote EROSCOIN in the community some rules are set and must be followed.

    There will be total 2.4 Million ERO is available for community distribution through bounty campaign. Below is the list of all bounty campaign rewards and rules with proper explanations.

    - Please note that all bounty rewards are paid on first come first serve basis. As soon as bounty campaign reaches maximum amount it will be closed automatically. Any attempts to abuse or trick the system will result in permanent ban on our website as well as all future bounty rewards will be cancelled.
    - Bounty rewards will be paid to eligible bounty hunters, within two weeks of the ERO token creation and allocation.

    Blog & News Articles (15%)

    To be eligible in the blog & news articles bounty you can write a blog post on your active blog/news website to receive bounty rewards.

    Blog Bounty Rules:

    • Blog should be at-least 300,600 or 900 words.
    • Your article must positively explain the EROSCOIN or Crowdsale in detail with graphics.
    • Add at-least 2 link back to EROSCOIN slack community & EROSCOIN website.
    • Blog should be publicly accessible. Private or password protected posts are not allowed.
    • Article must have at-least 100 minimum views. You can not manipulate view counts.
    • Article must be published only on cryptocurrency blogs. In some cases, your blog must have at-least 5 previously published cryptocurrency related posts.
    • Quora blogs are excluded from this campaign. You can write on it, but it will not be considered for a reward.

    Blog Bounty rewards:

    • 300 words: 70–300 ERO
    • 600 words: 135–670 ERO
    • 900 words: 200–1000 ERO

    Blog Bounty Registration form Link:

    Submit your application via this link.

    NOTE: All of the reward amount of blog & news article bounty depends on article & blog/news website quality.

    Social Media & Contribution (35%)

    Facebook Activity Rewards:

    There will be following bounties will be awarded to the Facebook promoters.

    1. Like EROSCOIN Facebook page (one time only) to receive 50 ERO.
    2. Share/Like/Comment activities of EROSCOIN Facebook Page to receive 50 ERO. (Maximum 120 ERO per week/per participant)

    Facebook Activity Rules:

    To be eligible in Facebook activity you must

    • You must have minimum 300 friends.
    • Must have 5 month old Facebook account with active public updates.
    • You should like our EROSCOIN Facebook page.
    • Write positive activities in comments/share appreciating EROSCOIN services and help community.
    • Only one comment in EROSCOIN Facebook activity will be rewarded.

    Facebook Activity Registration form Link:

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    Twitter Activity Rewards:

    There will be following bounties will be awarded to the Facebook promoters.

    • You will receive 40 ERO for one tweet or re-tweet.
    • You can receive max 400 ERO per week/per person.

    Twitter Activity Rules:

    • You must follow EROSCOIN on Twitter.
    • You must have valid 4 month old valid twitter account with previous tweets history.
    • You must have more than 500+ followers.
    • Tweet related to EROSCOIN or retweet updates from EROSCOIN twitter account. Your tweets must be appropriate and appreciating the EROSCOIN.

    Twitter Activity Registration form Link:

    Submit your application via this link.

    Signature & Avatar Campaign (5%)

    Signature & Avatar Campaign Rewards:

    • Jr. Member: Up to $30 worth of ERO tokens per week
    • Member: Up to $40 worth of ERO tokens per week
    • Full Member: Up to $80 worth of ERO tokens per week
    • Sr. Member: Up to $120 worth of ERO tokens per week
    • Hero/Legendary Member: Up to $160 worth of ERO token per week

    To get a reward, use the appropriate signature for your forum rank for pre-sale (25th-30th Sept) and Crowdsale ICO(11th Oct- 15th Nov).

    Codes to use during pre-sale (25th-30th Sept):

    Get a full list of codes from

    Codes to use during ICO (11th Oct-15th Nov):

    Get a full list of codes from

    Signature & Avatar Campaign Rules:

    There are following rules for signature campaign in Bitcointalk forums.

    • Register on and add your Bitcointalk link in the profile.
    • We will consider only regular active members.
    • Negative trust members in the forums are not allowed to join this campaign.
    • Your any posts in the off-topic, archive, social media bounty campaign, other signature campaign or non-cryptocurrency forums will not be considered.
    • If we find out any person spamming forums, will be banned from campaign and all payments will be cancelled for him/her.
    • Multiple signatures are strictly prohibited.
    • You are not allowed to use avatar of another campaign or site.
    • We will not pay for any posts that are less than 80 characters in total length.
    • Users are not allowed to change their signatures in a middle of campaign, failing to follow this rule, will be banned from campaign.
    • To be eligible for a reward, user must post at least 20 new posts with the signatures by the time the ICO ends.

    Signature & Avatar Campaign Registration form Link:

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    Newsletter & ICO Registration (9%)

    • To participate in Newsletter & ICO Registration you must create an account at our website on
    • Confirm & validate your email address to activate your account.
    • Login to Crowdsale dashboard at EROSCOIN and go to edit profile.
    • Update your Bitcointalk and Skype account details there.
    • After those steps, Subscribe to newsletter from EROSCOIN homepage and confirm your email address.

    Newsletter & ICO Registration Rules:

    • Multiple registrations from same IP address will be banned permanently from bounty program without any warning.
    • You must have valid and active Bitcointalk account, Banned accounts will be not considered.

    Newsletter & ICO Registration form Link:

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    Translation & Local Community (13%)


    • Translation rewards are available for proper (Google Translate Not Allowed) translations of Bitcointalk Announcement Thread & Whitepaper.
    • All translations must be finished before crowd-sale starts on 11 Oct, 2017.

    Translation form registration link:

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    Bitcointalk Thread/Slack Community Help:

    • To be eligible you must provide community support and answering questions with explanations about EROSCOIN features with positive discussions in translated ANN thread till the end of ICO.
    • Accepted users must actively participate in Slack community until the end of crowdsale and provide community support in EROSCOIN Slack channel.
    • Weekly forum posts will be counted until Friday 23:59 forum time.

    Bitcointalk thread registration link:

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    Slack registration link:

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    Create YouTube Video & Review (13%)

    To get reward through youtube video marketing, you must follow the rules mentioned below.

    Youtube Video & Review reward rules:

    • You must produce at-least 2 minute video.
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    • Write comment in video appreciating EROSCOIN with positive feedback.

    Youtube Video & Review registration link:

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    Reddit Activities & Community Support (5%)

    Reddit activities Rules:

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    • You are eligible to receive rewards for reddit contents published in the limit of 10 content per person, per week.

    Reddit activities registration link:

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    Telegram Interactions & activities (5%)

    Telegram activity rules:

    • Join EROSCOIN on telegram.
    • Help telegram community to understand EROSCOIN features and discuss about project regularly.
    • Accepted users must actively participate in Telegram community until the end of Crowdsale.
    • You will receive approx 335–3350 ERO for your monthly activities (depends on your activity level).
    • To participate in activities you must submit your telegram username/mobile number using the link below.

    Telegram activities registration link:

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  • EROSCOIN: A Decentralized Payment Gateway is All Set to Launch ICO This October

    With block-chain payment gateways coming up fast, EROSCOIN has set itself apart with its enhanced security and features that leave its competitor’s several miles off.

    What is EROSCOIN?

    Decentralized payment gateways work by acting as an uninterrupted way of converting and sending currency. Senders and receivers have the opportunity to make transactions in whichever currency that are preferable to them. As expected, in the middle and end points of the transaction, fiat and cryptocurrencies are involved. So for example, if I decide to send Bitcoin, the receiver may choose to withdraw it in their local fiat currency, say the dollar.

    There are still a number of challenges to be overcome to achieve the end goal, mass-adoption. These include the acceptance of different currencies, currency-splitting, and ease of use. Startups are therefore striving for continuous innovation in order to elevate the payment transfer customer experience.

    The above now brings into play EROSCOIN, a decentralized, multi-currency, peer-to-peer payment gateway that provides payment transfers that are both more efficient and safe. A year in, the EROSCOIN team has managed to introduce an innovative and convenient product for a harmonious end-to-end cross-border money transfer that supports all cryptocurrencies. Moreover, they have a solution for currency splitting.

    Features OF EROSCOIN

    For daily use, Eros Coin boasts of two features: EROSPAY Wallet and Eros Micro-payment.

    The EROSPAY Wallet is a mobile application built on an open-source, public block-chain and it complies with all the ERC20 principles. It is compatible for both Android and iOS devices. The features that it has include peer-to-peer communication, In-chat instant payment, and one-touch payments. With an easy to use interface, the application has great potential for mass adoption. Additionally, EROSPAY Wallet provides secure backup phrase protection and remote accessibility. Eros micro-payment is a feature in the Wallet that unlike the others, facilitates the sending of very small amounts of money.

    The Eros Pay Wallet is convenient to use and makes for smoother money transactions. It also boasts a one-step access option while having an integrated two-factor authentication system.

    As for e-commerce use, Eros Coin has services tailored specifically for this sector in order to enable everyday exchanges. Retailers will benefit from services like the Merchant panel as well as payment and invoicing management. Most assuredly, the feature in EROSCOIN provides advance invoicing tools to vendors to bill clients, send direct invoices and check their invoice status.


    The EROSCOIN foundation is working towards bringing block-chain based payment transfers to a wide range of sectors, including supply chain management and product management. This will happen by providing an easy-to-use product that supports almost every currency imaginable and then placing it in the hands of the people.

    For the soon to happen Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the ERO token, only 120 million coins are available for the 240 million market cap set by the EROSCOIN team. The funds raised will be split. Half will go towards research and development while the rest will be divided between business expenses like marketing, legal work, operational work and bounty programmes. The ICO period will start in about a week (11th Oct 2017) and end on 15th November 2017.

    All who are interested in being at the forefront of technology should thus familiarise themselves with EROSCOIN, the next generation block-chain based global payment solution.

  • All You Need to Know About Multi Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways

    All You Need to Know About Multi cryptocurrency Payment Gateways

    A multi cryptocurrency payment gateway is a fragmented platform which enables the sending and receiving of payments in different cryptocurrencies. A multi cryptocurrency payment gateway serves to create a more direct payment method by removing all middlemen. As crypto in cryptocurrency suggests, it seeks to make an online payment is safer by use of a blockchain system. A blockchain system is simply a form of a ledger. Moreover, the system facilitates global transactions in more than one cryptocurrency. For purposes of efficiency, transparency, and automation, the gateway employs the use of smart contracts; software programs that act as an actual contract. The programmer tracks the whole process, from the establishment of the agreement till the payment, after which it is made available as an audit tool. This added security gives all stakeholders peace of mind and adds trust which makes them more likely to use such kind of a payment platform.

    Why is conventional payment gateways better?

    Where international transactions are concerned, conventional payment gateways come with a lot of hazards and limitations. A conventional user has to switch currencies, some decentralized payment gateways accept more than 500 different types of cryptocurrencies to suit the situation, thus easing the process. Its decentralized nature also means that there is no human interaction. This means that the likelihood of events like altering of figures and clerical errors is little to none. Another tribute to its transparency is that there will be no more frozen accounts due to hidden terms.

    What makes Blockchain based payment gateway advisable?

    A blockchain based payment system creates a similar platform for use by anyone, anywhere. No region or person needs a different application to make use it. This gives freedom over when, how and where the user can carry out payments.

    The automated smart contracts have terms that were already set prior. This reduces the need for hiring counsel every time and in turn, transactions are made faster. In 15 to 20 seconds, parties can confirm completion of payments, more than 100 times faster than the traditional methods.

    It doesn’t necessarily have to be payments only, although some platforms do focus solely on payments. Some platforms provide more extensive services. EROSCOIN, for example, goes ahead to give you a whole ecosystem.

    More use of Blockchain based platforms

    Other than smart contracts, there are also other applications in the blockchain system. By use of text messages, users can send payments to each other via the In-chat system. It essentially is discussing business while chatting. When the counterparty, be it a friend or just a business, approves the request, a smart contract ensures it is valid, and the money is delivered to your account. Similar to this is the P2P, peer-to-peer, method. It particularly has reduced costs and can still be in use when looking to transfer small amounts of money around the globe.

    With more and more people depending on smartphones and technology, comes the use of mobile wallets. They enable the user to send and receive money instantly to any other smartphone with a valid blockchain address. It gets rid of the need for a bank account. They function the same way for commercial and non-commercial transactions.

    Solutions yet to be implemented include order, product and invoice management applications.

    This will eventually be the way to go for business owners seeking to run e-commerce companies and firms.

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