Team Mysterium September Updates

  • It was a productive month indeed — happy to share with you some news.


    The hiring process requires quite a bit of time and effort — despite that product development was moving ahead just as planned.

    As you may know, we’re currently working on node&client communication and identity management.

    Our short term goal is to create an early prototype of the service so we can perform initial tests before proposing it to a wider community.

    • Our aim is to have the initial Prototype with the first nodes available by January. It will have a working client-node communication, initial usage monitoring, but no payments yet.
    • With a prototype in hand, we will be able to test the system — its discovery and identity management mechanisms.
    • This will be a closed beta — most helpful members of the community will be able to use a free VPN service (beta version) so they can also test it and give us feedback.
    • We will continue building the product according to the newly collected data and feedback.

    During the last sprint we’ve opened a 1–1 node & client communication channel. For more details, please check our activity on Github.

    The team is growing

    We’re glad to announce the development team is growing again with Ignas joining us on 12'th of October.

    Ignas Bernotas

    Ignas is a strong backend developer with a passion for creating slick, functional software from the ground up. He is enthusiastic about open source based software and is motivated by the idea to provide privacy to those whose freedoms are limited by censorship and unreasonable legislations. Did I mentioned he’s got a lot of experience? His last workplace is a successful startup with a recent exit.

    Mysterium Network team is still looking for more developers to join the team. We have around 20 people in the pipeline and find ourselves in the second stage of the hiring process with several promising candidates.

    Team internal processes and communication

    We’re growing stronger as a team with some new processes in place (e.g. started using project management systems).

    One of the things we tried during the last week was recording of our sprint demos. It was just a try but something to consider for the future communication with the community. Let us know if you think it is a good idea!

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