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  • Do you need the Elementrem original logo? --> http://i.imgur.com/TNzyvGI.png

    Imagine all computers on the network are performing the command which you have presented.

    Elementrem is Ethereum Fork smart contract blockchain.
    Of course Elementrem is fully independent from Ethereum.

    Smart Contract

    Contract code for BlockChain nodes

    Super Computing

    It can use all of the computing resources of BlockChain nodes.


    For complex financial operations, the smart contract automatically settles the trades.

    Elementrem Github source code
    While end users probably do not need to the source code, a lot of informations in itmay be useful to them.

    Algorithm - Dagger Hashimoto (Elhash)
    Block target = 13 sec
    Block Reward = 5 ELE
    Uncle Reward = 4.375 , 3.75 , 3.125 , 2.5 , 1.875 , 1.25

    Tron Recursive Hard Fork (1,900,000 block)
    Block mining reward is reduced to 1/5 
    BlockReward = 5 ELE -> 1 ELE

    15 million Elementrem were premined.

    Completed the deletion of 35,000,001 ELE (Of all 50 million)

    Elementrem are designed to unconditional difficulty rising from approximately 2.8 million blocks. This is not related to Network Hashrate.
    Around that time, It will be deciding whether to continue with the POW or going to be converted into the POS.

    Download Elementrem mist wallet

    Mining Informations,

    Block Explorer - http://www.elementrem.net
    Network Status - http://www.elementrem.info

    Mining pool

    Market List


    Elementrem official site is only as follows:
    Blog - www.elementrem.com
    Website - www.elementrem.org
    Source Code - www.github.com/elementrem
    Block Explorer - www.elementrem.net

    Elementrem official E-mail is only as follows:
    [email protected]


    All computers on the network are performing the command which you have presented.
    As well as Due to the highly-developed protocol contracts, all the information is reliable even in a computer environment that can not be trusted. This technology can definitely extend your application.
    Provides platform for automating, refining, managing complex processes. Simplification of complex financial derivatives, intelligent and autonomous machines collaboration IoT devices. And You can use the computing power beyond the supercomputer.

    Elementrem will be able to realize everything.

    If you specify the right conditions, your requirements will be handled automatically by a computer connected to the Elementrem BlockChain Node. This is the Highly developed contract code. Validation and calculation, as well as by defining the function was to enable the Turing Complete code development. That's the “smart contract.”

    Elementrem Smart contract is the protocol to upload the code to all the nodes of the blockchain and run it. Elementrem is realized by the Dapp (Decentralized APPlication) around the Smart Contract, which can be described as technology becomes possible decentralization of Application architecture that can be free from the existing centralized system shortcomings.
    This is a key technology that enables a trust services in an untrusted environment.

    Smart contract will use the computing resources of all the nodes of the blockchain. and node will receive a reward of “Element” for provide computing resources. The monetary unit of Elementrem is the Element(symbol is ELE). and an MEY is the smallest unit in ELE. Of course turing complete machine have to pay the cost of resource use. This payment is called the GAS and GAS will be paid by MEY. Gas is not going anywhere just discarded from the network to prevent the waste of resources due to useless code and infinite loop.

    If global world computing did indeed become a reality, how would it affect our world?

    We will never do something that control the ecosystem and harms the community and benefits the management.
    Just let nature take its course, like Bitcoin.
    Keep in mind that elementrem provide only features such as improvement of function.


    Elementrem address 0x2E9b91Ef36042eF507FFad561233C243f707D4bc
    Bitcoin address 1EJkurRUjPeoDJGqt6BNocTbrBrZgLbA9o

  • Elementrem Solidity Programming Language release has been completed.





    is a high-level language whose syntax is similar to that of JavaScript

    and it is designed to compile to code for the Elementrem Virtual


  • Elementrem [ELE] is listed: https://yobit.net/en/trade/ELE/BTC

    Elementrem Dice: https://yobit.net/en/dice/ELE

  • Please update ASAP! This release for prevent a network DOS attack.

    Gele 1.4.12 upgrade has been completed.

    Mist Wallet 0.7.91 upgrade has been completed.

    1.4.12 Gele code released - Merge pull request #5

    - Release for prevent a network DOS attack

    1.4.11 Gele code released - Merge pull request #4

    - 61 protocol - commit removes its hash-chain sync logic
    - add building for the MIPS64 platforms
    - ensures that the header and body are written during chain insertion before the canonical hash is set.
    - fix the stall checks/drops during sync
    - downloader: better remote head tracking
    - adds a minor polish to the downloader so that for every sync cycle it maintains the master peer that it wants to sync with.
    - modified the ancestor lookup so that instead of requesting the top 192 headers down from H = min(our-head, remote-head), it requests [H - 192, H + 192) with 15 header gaps (i.e. in total 24 headers, 12 in the past, 1 advertised head and 11 in the future).
    - Filter race: concurrent map read and map write. Fixes concurrent map access in filtering
    - The new build script, ci.go, replaces some of the older shell scripts. broken xgo cross builders due to the CI reorgs done a while back.

    In Next Mist Wallet version, https://github.com/elementrem/mist/releases -current version 0.7.91 / next version 0.8.2 more functions and features are add to give system users another new functionality & layer of control.

  • Mist Wallet 0.8.32

    Elementrem Wallet 0.8.32 upgrade has been completed.


    [1.4.14] Gele - Elementrem CLI

    Gele CLI 1.4.14 upgrade has been completed.


  • Elementrem Wallet 0.8.5 upgrade has been completed.


    Gele CLI 1.4.17 upgrade has been completed.


    - 6th hotfix - Prevent a Network Attack.

    - This release limits the number of transactions per-user and globally

    so as to limit maximum memory consumption and egress network traffic.

    Testing has completed successfully on the network. This is a very stable version. Please update ASAP!

    Thank you!

  • Completed the deletion of 35,000,001 ELE (3.5 million) (pre-mined)


    As you know, 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 is Burns address.

    As I mentioned earlier, https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/elementrem-enters-next-smartcontract-phase
    "but as new types of private networks are created, Blockchain fragmentation increases. The next phase involved the solution concept and high-level design, concentrating on cross-checking transactions between public and private networks. You can accomplish this by discovering and correlating transactions between end points. "

    There were two categories in the BlockChain. Public-net & Consortium-net
    The hyperledger is typical of Consortium-net. All of these blockchains are available to bridge between the Transactions. I've worked hard for two months on this. I tested a smart contract that consumed very little ELE, which enabled bidirectional verification transactions. They are necessary for world computing but needed only in very small ELE. So I removed as many ELE as possible.

  • Elementrem - Welcome to Microsoft Azure Marketplace


    Since December 9, 2016, We are pleased to announce that elementrem has become an Azure ISV partner. The current version is 1.0.0 and is only available for basic deployment.
    But we will continue to upgrade the version, the better it will be. The possibilities are endless, and more Azure elementrem-features are sure to evolve in the future.

  • Elementrem Solidity Programming Language v0.4.10



    • Inline assembly: support both suicide and selfdestruct opcodes
    • Inline assembly: issue warning if stack is not balanced after block.
    • Include keccak256() as an alias to sha3().
    • Support shifting constant numbers.
    • Do-while loops: support for a do while (); control structure
    • Inline assembly: support invalidJumpLabel as a jump label.
    • Type checker: now more eagerly searches for a common type of an inline array with mixed types
    • Code generator: generates a runtime error when an out-of-range value is converted into an enum type.
    • Type checker: Warn when msg.value is used in non-payable function.
    • Code generator: Inject the Swarm hash of a metadata file into the bytecode.
    • Code generator: Replace expensive memcpy precompile by simple assembly loop.
    • Optimizer: Some dead code elimination.
    • Optimiser: Performance improvements.
    • Output: Print assembly in new standardized Solidity assembly format.
    • Compiler interface: Contracts and libraries can be referenced with a file: prefix to make them unique.
    • Compiler interface: Report source location for "stack too deep" errors.
    • AST: Use deterministic node identifiers.
    • Inline assembly: introduce invalid (EIP141) as an opcode.
    • Type system: Introduce type identifier strings.
    • Type checker: Warn about invalid checksum for addresses and deduce type from valid ones.
    • Metadata: Do not include platform in the version number.
    • Metadata: Add option to store sources as literal content.
    • Code generator: Extract array utils into low-level functions.
    • Code generator: Internal errors (array out of bounds, etc.) now cause a reversion by using an invalid
    • instruction (0xfe - EIP141) instead of an invalid jump. Invalid jump is still kept for explicit throws.
    • Add assert(condition), which throws if condition is false (meant for internal errors).
    • Add require(condition), which throws if condition is false (meant for invalid input).
    • Commandline interface: Do not overwrite files unless forced.
    • Introduce .transfer(value) for sending Ether.
    • Code generator: Support revert() to abort with rolling back, but not consuming all gas.
    • Inline assembly: Support revert (EIP140) as an opcode.
    • Parser: Support scientific notation in numbers (e.g. 2e8 and 200e-2).
    • Type system: Support explicit conversion of external function to address.
    • Type system: Warn if base of exponentiation is literal (result type might be unexpected).
    • Type system: Warn if constant state variables are not compile-time constants.


    • Commandline interface: Disallow unknown options in solc.
    • Name resolver: Allow inheritance of enum definitions.
    • Type checker: Proper type checking for bound functions.
    • Type checker: fixed crash related to invalid fixed point constants
    • Type checker: fixed crash related to invalid literal numbers.
    • Type checker: super.x does not look up x in the current contract.
    • Code generator: expect zero stack increase after super as an expression.
    • Code generator: fix an internal compiler error for L.Foo for enum Foo defined in library L.
    • Code generator: allow inheritance of enum definitions.
    • Inline assembly: support the address opcode.
    • Inline assembly: fix parsing of assignment after a label.
    • Inline assembly: external variables of unsupported type (such as this, super, etc.) are properly detected as unusable.
    • Inline assembly: support variables within modifiers.
    • Optimizer: fix related to stale knowledge about SHA3 operations
    • Type checker: forbid signed exponential that led to an incorrect use of EXP opcode.
    • Code generator: properly clean higher order bytes before storing in storage.
    • Inline assembly: calculate stack height warning correctly even when local variables are used.
    • Code generator: check for value transfer in non-payable constructors.
    • Parser: disallow empty enum definitions.
    • Type checker: disallow conversion between different enum types.
    • Interface JSON: do not include trailing new line.
    • Code generator: throw if calling the identity precompile failed during memory (array) copying.
    • Type checker: string literals that are not valid UTF-8 cannot be converted to string type
    • Code generator: any non-zero value given as a boolean argument is now converted into 1.
    • AST Json Converter: replace VariableDefinitionStatement nodes with VariableDeclarationStatement
    • AST Json Converter: fix the camel case in ElementaryTypeNameExpression
    • AST Json Converter: replace public field with visibility in the function definition nodes
    • Remappings: Prefer longer context over longer prefix.
    • Type checker, code generator: enable access to events of base contracts' names.
    • Imports: import ".dir/a" is not a relative path. Relative paths begin with directory . or ...
    • Type checker: disallow inheritances of different kinds (e.g. a function and a modifier) of members of the same name
    • Code generator: Allow recursive structs.
    • Inline assembly: Disallow variables named like opcodes.
    • Type checker: Allow multiple events of the same name (but with different arities or argument types)
    • Natspec parser: Fix error with @param parsing and whitespace.
    • Commandline interface: Always escape filenames (replace /, : and . with _).
    • Commandline interface: Do not try creating paths . and ...
    • Commandline interface: Allow long library names.
    • Parser: Disallow octal literals.
    • Type system: Fix a crash caused by continuing on fatal errors in the code.
    • Type system: Disallow compound assignment for tuples.
    • Type system: Detect cyclic dependencies between constants.
    • Type system: Disallow arrays with negative length.
    • Type system: Fix a crash related to invalid binary operators.
    • Type system: Disallow var declaration with empty tuple type.
    • Type system: Correctly convert function argument types to pointers for member functions.
    • Type system: Move privateness of constructor into AST itself.
    • Inline assembly: Charge one stack slot for non-value types during analysis.
    • Assembly output: Print source location before the operation it refers to instead of after.
    • Optimizer: Stop trying to optimize tricky constants after a while.

    Binary install step by step (Ubuntu Xenial 16.04)

    • Download and extract the following files. Elementrem-Solidity-0.4.10.tar.gz Elementrem-solidity-dependencies(0.4.10).tar.gz
    1. Move the bin, lib, and share directories to the /usr directory.
    2. Install the following dependencies: (You can find it at the release of https://github.com/elementrem/solidity.)
    	sudo dpkg -i libboost-program-options1.58.0_1.58.0+dfsg-5ubuntu3_amd64.deb
    	sudo dpkg -i libjsoncpp1_1.7.2-1_amd64.deb
    	sudo dpkg -i libboost-system1.58.0_1.58.0+dfsg-5ubuntu3_amd64.deb
    	sudo dpkg -i libboost-filesystem1.58.0_1.58.0+dfsg-5ubuntu3_amd64.deb
    	sudo apt-get -y install libboost-filesystem-dev
    	sudo dpkg -i libboost-filesystem-dev_1.58.0.1ubuntu1_amd64.deb
    1. In gele console
    > admin.setSolc("/usr/bin/solc")
    "solc, the solidity compiler commandline interface\nVersion: 0.4.10-develop.2017.4.4+commit.63bb23e8.mod.Linux.g++\n\npath: /usr/bin/solc"
    > ele.getCompilers()
    • You can build the source directly without using binaries. Build from source

    • Mist is still Solidity 0.3.6(as of April 4, 2017). We will soon release the Mist with Solc .4.10.

  • Elementrem Release Mist Wallet v0.8.55

    Elementrem Solidity 0.4.10 has been applied.

    Elementrem Solidity Programming Language Version 0.4.10

    Emscripten binaries for Elementrem Solidity 0.4.10

    Elementrem Javascript bindings for the solidity compiler 0.4.11


    Elementrem POW 2.0

    We have already officially announced the Elementrem POW 2.0 on March 27, 2017.


    The next update is POW 2.0 (Mining mathematical formula, block target time, block reward are re-adjusted).

    Block rewards will be greatly reduced. The source code will be updated within April.

    Brief example of Elementrem Smartcontract.


  • @elementerm

    Elementrem Wallet 0.8.97 upgrade has been completed.

    Gele CLI 1.5.97 upgrade has been completed.

    It is an important Hard Fork client. All Elementrem Network users must use this version.

    The Elementrem network will be undergoing a hard fork at block number 1,900,000 (Roughly expected to be around May 9, 2017).

    EIP 150 Hard Fork
    Long-term gas cost changes for IO-heavy operations to mitigate transaction spam attacks.
    This will reprice certain operations to correspond better to the underlying computational complexity.
    Increase the gas cost of EXTCODESIZE to 700
    Increase the base gas cost of EXTCODECOPY to 700
    Increase the gas cost of BALANCE to 400
    Increase the gas cost of SLOAD to 200
    Increase the gas cost of CALL, DELEGATECALL, CALLCODE to 700
    Increase the gas cost of SUICIDE to 5000
    Increase the recommended gas limit target to 5.5 million
    If a call asks for more gas than the maximum allowed amount, do not return an OOG error; instead, call with the maximum allowed amount of gas

    Spurious Dragon Hard Fork
    EIP 155: Replay attack protection : prevents transactions from one Elementrem chain from being rebroadcasted on an alternative chain.
    EIP 160: EXP cost increase : adjusts the price of EXP opcode so it balances the price of EXP with the computational complexity of the operation, essentially making it more difficult to slow down the network via computationally expensive contract operations.
    EIP 161: State trie clearing
    EIP 170: Contract code size limit : changes the maximum code size that a contract on the blockchain can have. This update prevents an attack scenario where large pieces of account code can be accessed repeatedly at a fixed gas cost.

    Tron Recursive Hard Fork
    Block mining reward is reduced to 1/5 and BlockTaget(13sec) does not change.
    BlockReward = 5 ELE -> 1 ELE

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