Status Development Update - Active Epics,Project Management & Clojure Team

  • Active Epics

    Wallet Redesign & Implementation

    Work on our wallet design is approaching completion with some final tests and tweaks being made. Release is on track for inclusion in the next binary.

    Network Switching

    Network Switching remains a priority for our development team. Network switching will permit the Status client to switch between Rinkeby and Ropsten test-networks, allowing further DApp testing for developers using Status. Rebasing to 1.7.0 on our forked version of Geth.

    Decentralized Push Notifications

    The team is making progress in allowing offline push notifications, without compromising decentralization. iOS versions have been built in order to test some of the Status-go errors currently present, which has led to the resolution of some data payload issues.


    The past week has seen continued work on the refining and implementation of the Discover feature. A number of features such as visible popular hashtags, recent statuses screen and discovering list items have been implemented.

    Project Management:

    Our team working on project management oversees the big picture and aids in the planning, initiation of work and the coordination between teams.


    Further testing of the newest release candidate 0.9.11 alongside testing of CommitEth has continued this week. Some clarification and prioritizing of the requirements of the scope of the Status API has been completed alongside a Status-go pair session and some further wallet updates.

    Clojure Team:

    Our Clojure team is the core of our development team, they handle the functionalities of our application and house our largest team of developers.


    • Code reviews — #1689, #1917, #1919, #1924, #1925, #1927, #1930 and #1935
    • Some tests and discovery of new issues relevant to Xcode9/Realm upgrade: #1923 and #1926
    • #1914 — Upgrading status-go
    • #1931 — Worked on and submitted pull request for removing analytics from Firebase by statically linking dependencies
    • #1940 — Created new issue and looked into making iOS tooling and linking simpler


    • #1874 — Working on the facelift of the Discover feature
    • #1888 — Building an iOS version in order to capture the status-go errors in the logs


    • #1843 —Approaching completion of work on Wallet-Send transaction, layer 1
    • Prepared build with latest wallet


    • Fixed pull requests according to reviews from QA team and merged where possible
    • Started work on implementing tokens into wallet
    • Finished unsigned transaction bindings and started on fixing the styling of the screens
    • Work on wallet styling and some bug fixes
    • #1942 — Merged pull request for unsigned transactions


    • Working on some API ideas
    • Looked into Android cancel issue
    • #1710 — Added some code to the refactoring of the chat module
    • #1913 — Fixed issue where no ‘Insufficient funds’ error is presented when trying to send more than is available in wallet
    • Made some comments in network switching PR and had a conversation about API


    • #1905 — Finished style and flashlight fixes, merged pull request
    • Finished work on choose recipient screen
    • Added flashlight functionality

    Go Team:

    Our Go-language team handles the forked Go-Ethereum implementation in Status — This is the “backend” of Status that allows you to connect directly to the Ethereum Blockchain.


    • Code reviews
    • Work on rebasing onto Geth 1.7.0, but progress being blocked as there are not enough bootnodes available in our cluster
    • #351 — Fixed Whisper tests and update bind data
    • #358 — Fixed one small detail relevant to Jenkins integration
    • #363 — Fixed compilation for iOS
    • #367 — Added password validation to completing transactions using a remote node
    • #369 — Introduced ‘dep’ as a package manager, but it is currently blocked by ‘dep prune’ bug and Geth 1.7.0
    • Testing new release candidate


    • #325 — Begun work on making it possible to analyse which messages were lost or resent in the test environment

    Design Team:

    Our Design team makes Status beautiful, they provide mockups for discussion and approval on every aspect of the application.


    • Preparing work on Discover for handoff
    • Creating promotional material for DevCon3

    Desktop Team:

    Our desktop team works towards building the Status client on desktop


    • Reviewed existing code
    • #29 — Removed some irrelevant files and directories from project
    • #63 — Updating project Readme with relevant information
    • #99 — Investigated time estimates needed to complete support of missed react native components and APIs used by Status
    • Attempting to build Status-react on OS X to investigate app in general. This will assist in bringing Status to Linux (especially 3rd party react-native modules support)

    QA Team:

    Our QA team handles the testing of the application, works with users reporting bugs, and they are crucial to getting feedback and report bugs to our development team with details.


    • Testing pull requests #1911, #1916 and #1925
    • Testing 0.9.11 to ensure release stability
    • Test session with team


    • Testing 0.9.11 to ensure release stability
    • Test session with team
    • Testing #1863, #1899 and #1906


    • Added some tests to ‘transaction in group chat’ and ‘recover access
    • Continued work on ‘send transaction’ initiated from the DApp scenario


    Separate from the main branch of development, CommitEth is a system designed to incentivise development efforts by allowing ETH and ERC20 token bounties to be issued on existing GitHub issues. These bounties may be claimed by anyone by referencing a merged pull request.


    • CommitETH — Update to latest solc, latest contracts and solium lint
    • HiveDemocracy work — InfluenceToken multiplication formula, quadratic voting research and test scripts, Proposal manager, Token ledger, Advanced deploy / upgradability techniques, Delegation parent proxy fixes and test scripts

    Join Our Community

    Status is an open source project, and if you’d like to get involved with development — the single best way would be to build Status for yourself or explore our open issues. We prefer to hire core contributors based on Pull Requests.

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