How to use ChronoMint: ChronoWallet, Voting & Multisig Wallet?

  • We are glad to introduce you ChronoMint Guide. Here is everything you need to start using it.

    ChronoMint is the interface for ChronoBank’s smart contracts. By now you can use ChronoWallet, Voting and Multisignature Wallet feature.  Now let’s get started!

    Step 0: Go to ChronoMint ( ) and login ( How to login to ChronoMint article).

    1. The ChronoWallet

    1.1 Balance Check After login, the first you will see is your (1) Wallet page, where you can check the real-time balance of every coin you have. (2) Ethereum, Bitcoin and TIME are there by default, Bitcoin Cash support is in progress and you can (3) add any other ETH-token in a few steps, but we will come back to it later. (or proceed to step 1.5)

    1.2 Short cuts and Ethereum/Token Wallet address Looking in the top right hand corner, you will find short cuts for:

    - notifications (1) - displaying your Ethereum/Token Wallet-address in QR-Code (2) - copying your Ethereum/Token Wallet-address to your clipboard (3)  - editing your profile (4)

    The green dot on the left indicates that you’re successfully connected to the Ethereum mainnet.

    1.3 Bitcoin Address / Edit Account

    Click on your (default) profile picture in the top right hand corner of the ChronoWallet page and the interface should open something like this: (1) Your personal ChronoWallet Bitcoin address (used for incoming transactions) which you can again either display in QR-Code or copy it to your clipboard.  (2) Add some personal information, of course only as much as you want, to your profile by clicking ‘EDIT ACCOUNT’.

    1.4 Personal Information Besides your Name, Company, Website and E-Mail, you can also (1) attach a file to set your profile picture. When you’re done, don’t forget to (2)CONFIRM your edits in the bottom right hand corner. You will be forwarded to another mask where you can (1) review your changes before (3) confirming them. Once the notification symbol finished loading your profile should have updated with the latest information. Note: every change being made will be charged with a small (2) fee. This is common for every dApp running on the Ethereum Network and was not implemented by the ChronoBank development team.

    1.5 Adding any other ETH Token to ChronoWallet Go to ‘Add Token’ on your Wallet page.

    That mask will open and you can now either:

    1. Choose one of the already submitted token and click ‘SAVE’.
    2. Click the + button and submit any other ETH token by providing contract address, token name, symbol, decimals of smallest unit, the project URL and an icon file. Confirm your edits with ‘SAVE’.

    Both will again bring you to a window where you can review your changes and ‘CONFIRM’ them.

    The token will be added to your Wallet and it’s balance will adjust accordingly. To send tokens to your ChronoWallet just use your Ethereum Wallet-Address. (see step 1.2)

    1.6 Making a transfer To make a transfer, go to your (1) Wallet page and scroll down to the ‘Send tokens’ section. Now (2) select the cryptocurrency you want to send, provide a valid Ethereum (or Bitcoin) (3) Recipient address, enter the (4) amount and press (5) ‘SEND’.

    A window will open that allows you to check the address information, the amount you want to send and also calculates what your Balance will be after the transfer, containing the fee. Click (1) ’CONFIRM’ and your transaction will be broadcasted to the network.

    1.7 Deposit TIME TIME may possibly be the most valuable cryptocurrency for the ChronoBank system. By locking TIME into our minting-contract, you will periodically be eligible to receive interest payments and take part in VotingNote: To learn more about the reward system, read step 2.1.2 of the White paper.

    To deposit TIME: 1. Go to your Wallet page and scroll down to ‘Deposit TIME’ 2. Enter a valid Amount, 3. ‘APPROVE’ your inputs.

    Review your inputs and press ‘CONFIRM’.

    Note: This will not yet lock your TIME to the contract but only approve if you are in control of the required amount of TIME.

    After receiving the Approval in your notification centre, go back to the ‘Deposit TIME’ interface, (1) insert the same amount of TIME again but now click (2) ‘LOCK’. TIME token are now locked and you are eligible for receiving interest payments and Voting.

    2. Voting

    The Voting feature will be an essential part of the ChronoBank Network. The ChronoBank entity will let their users vote on various things. Everyone is able to to take part in the voting process once he or she has locked TIME in the reward contract. (go to 1.7 to see instructions for locking TIME)

    2.1 Taking part in a poll To take part in a poll, go to the (1) Voting page and scroll down to ongoing polls. Choose the Poll you want to participate in an click (2) ‘VOTE’.

    Choose what (1) option you will vote for and press (2) ’VOTE’ again. After ‘CONFIRM’, your Vote will be added to the poll.

    2.2 Creating a new Poll To create a new poll, go to your Voting Page and click (1) ’NEW POLL’ on the right side.

    You can now set a title for your Poll together with the Description. (1) Add and edit existing Options to vote for and then click (2) ’CREATE POLL’.  Once again, review your changes and ‘CONFIRM’ them. Your Poll will then be shown in the Voting-Overview.

    3. Multisignature Wallet

    3.1 Creating a Multisignature Wallet

    ChronoWallet allows you to use and switch between your personal single wallet and so called Multisignature wallets by a group of at least two people. Multisig. Wallets are basically smart contracts which can be programmed to for example only move funds when all or certain owners of that multisig. wallet give their permission to do so.

    To create a new Multisignature Wallet, go to your (1) Wallet page and then (2) click on the pen to open editing menu.

    (1) Click on the + button or alternatively choose one of the templates on the left. Almost done, now give your Multisignature Wallet a Name, set the daily limit for withdrawals (in ETH), the amount of signatures needed to move funds and the ETH wallet address of everyone who should be able to access the wallet. Click ‘ADD WALLET’, confirm your changes and the Wallet is ready to be used.

    There are all available functions by now. In the future we are planning to add token creation feature, time locked wallets, Know Your Customer feture, token crowdsale functionality and to introduce the reward system for time holders.

    TIME is trading on the following exchanges: It is also available via Changelly service:

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