Ethereum wallet inside ZONTO ecosystem

  • As you know, we are developing a convenient system of e-wallets here in ZONTO. Our goal is to facilitate cash transfers between users within ZONTO system to the greatest possible extent. Built-in wallets will also facilitate business payments for goods and services of our partners by scanning a QR code. For completion of such operation the buyer and seller just shall have the ZONTO application in their smartphones. This is a simple and effective charge-back basis, which do not need implementation of POS-terminals, as well as payment for their care and service.

    But market is always developing. For example, cryptocurrency boom which has arisen in 2017, has brought us new opportunities for launching such function. As nowadays you do not have to use licensed companies, which are “emissioning” fiat electronic money. Blockchain functional opened a new way for mutual settlements, which are the cryptocurrencies.

    But the world always “resists” any kind of innovations. The same goes with the cryptocurrency payments, because when the buyer and seller wants to make such transaction, they meet such problems :

    1.Misunderstanding of some countries regulators.

    2. Lack of awareness and technical training of buyers, as well as sellers.

    3.Buyer and seller are using different crypto-wallets and cryptocurrencies.

    ZONTO is a global digital ecosystem. We offer simple and effective solutions for creating a single interface, where a buyer and seller will be able to make a payment in cryptocurrency, just in few clicks and in the same time, to get a positive experience in using it.

    The problem has become particularly acute in the developing countries, where people cannot use banking services, release plastic cards, do not have opportunity to use them as the payment, because shops usually do not have POS-terminals. At the same time the majority of population in these countries do have got a smartphone, by the help of which a user friendly cryptocurrency payment system can be implemented. At the current moment, only thing missing was a convenient implementation, and that has become one of our goals!

    We are already developing such system within ZONTO and today we are ready to present its first part, which is already available in the “Wallets” section in your ZONTO profile.

    From now on, any ZONTO user has an opportunity to create an Ethereum cryptocurrency wallet just in one click.

    At the same time the first wallet is “Opened”, this means that its address is known by all your friends in ZONTO. As the result transfers between friends can be done even without inputting wallets number, you just have to choose a friend from the list and set the amount of transfer!

    Moreover, every user has an opportunity to create any number of “Hidden” wallets in one click, and to use them at own discretion, at the same time no one will know the owner of those “Hidden” wallets. In overall, there will be three wallets, which are divided by security level and by user friendliness:

    1. Basic (Already released)

    The easiest wallet to use. No need to input additional passwords, you just have to logged in your personal ZONTO account.


    • SECURITY- Low
    • ZONTO keeps PrivateKey
    • ZONTO keeps Keystore file

    Passwords can be saved inside browser or inside mobile application In case of data loss, you can receive a PrivateKey and a Keystore file

    Low security level. ZONTO does not recommend to keep large amounts on this wallet type.

    Is recommended to all newbies in the cryptocurrency world.

    2. Advanced (In the development)

    The intermediary wallet, due to the security level. Requires further input of the simple password.


    • SECURITY — Middle
    • ZONTO doesn’t keep PrivateKey
    • ZONTO keeps Keystore file
    • ZONTO doesn’t keep passwords

    In case of data loss, you can receive a Keystore file, but you will not be able to receive a password to this file Passwords can be saved inside browser or inside mobile application

    Is recommended for the majority of users.

    3. Secure(In the development)

    The most secure wallet, all data is kept inside Ethereum blockchain. ZONTO doesn’t have any access to the wallet, so our technical support will not be able to help you to recovery password in case of its loss.


    • SECURITY — High
    • ZONTO doesn’t keep PrivateKey
    • ZONTO doesn’t keep Keystore file
    • ZONTO doesn’t keep passwords

    If you lose the data, you will not be able to recover them Passwords can be saved inside browser or inside mobile application

    Is recommended to experienced users who has experience in working with other cryptocurrency wallets.

    Register in ZONTO, and create your first cryptocurrency wallets through the WEB interface, transfer cash to your friends and get positive experience of using cryptocurrencies in your daily life.

    Very soon these functions will be implemented to iOS and Android mobile applications. We will also add more cryptocurrencies and a wallet of popular payment system Advcash.

    Stay with ZONTO, we make things easier!

    ZONTO Team

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