ESR Wallet Pre-sale — half way passed! So?

  • Our website — right now.

    Hello everyone! Our pre-sale is still here, the discount was reduced from 50 to 40, and then to 30% and we had some updates. And now — about everything in order.

    Speaking about the pre-sale of ESR Tokens - the ending was postponed. Why? — we are glad with Token sale progress in total. Still, as sales are finished — our Tokens will be locked in Orderbook platform. That’s fine — you will receive an ability to exchange Tokens after ICO itself, but now we are looking forward for appearance of ESR coins on other platforms, so that +1 week is required for that.

    Also as you can see, there were problems with BTC transactions this week — some sums are still “stuck” — and you can notice it if you analize the ETH and BTC contributions.

    30% discounts — get Tokens for 7$

    Speaking about discounts — soon it will be over (as the pre-sale itself). We think that our Tokens are bought just besause investors are expecting their price to rise after sales. That’s true, but there are other ways how you can use them. Already using ESR Wallet — with Tokens the most profitable exchange rates will be available, you will have an ability to pay for some operations with them as well — so if you are after earning not only with the Token’s price growth, but with ESR Wallet itself, it’s better for you to get some.

    About updates — main are several short videos of our team and updates. All are available on our Facebook or on Youtube. Some were on Medium before, but there are several new — and you are welcome to watch, share your emotions and thoughts.

    Like usual — the best way to contact us — Telegram. You are always welcome there, don’t hesitate to ask if something about our project is unclear.

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