Qtum Community & Development Updates Week of September 25th — October 2nd

  • Qtum Community & Development Updates Week of September 25th — October 2nd

    CESC Conference

    Qtum team members sponsored and attended the “Cryptoeconomics and Security Conference 2017” at the University of California, Berkeley. In attendance was Jordan, Brett, Patrick, John, and Natalie.

    Some of the Decentralized Applications building on our platform attended, including: Bodhi, Vevue, and Spacechain.

    Patrick met with many traditional businesses in San Francisco, along with our friends at the Trusted IoT Alliance.

    CESC 2017 - Cryptoeconomics and Security Conference
    The premier conference for academics interested in securing and incentivizing blockchain technologies.cesc.io

    Economics of Fees and Gas

    Jordan Earls, Lead Developer of the Qtum project, spoke about gas models at the Cryptoeconomics and Security Conference 2017 on Monday. You can view his blog post here:

    blockchain - Economics of Fees and Gas - Earlz.Net
    So, permanent storage is by and far the most expensive resource on the Ethereum blockchain. It is completely…earlz.net

    Live Stream can be found here:

    Qtum. 6.3K likes. Qtum is the world's first digital currency that can execute a smart contract as part of an Unspent…www.facebook.com

    Qtum Swap October 4

    The swap from ERC-20 tokens to Qtum’s functional network tokens will take place on October 4th, 2017.

    The participating exchanges will be ChBTC, Bittrex, AllCoin, BTer, Coinnest, and Coinone.

    https://www.coinnest.co.kr/ was recently added to this list, after many people in the Korean community requested it. Thank you for your input, we value it greatly.

    For Binance, please see:

    QTUM Mainnet Upgrade
    Dear all, Per request from QTUM team, Binance will upgrade QTUM wallet on 2017/10/05 4AM(UTC). We will suspend QTUM…binance.zendesk.com

    Keep in mind that the only way you can swap Qtum ERC20 Tokens to Qtum Ignition Main Network is by following this guide, if you see any information contrary to this guide, consider it as an attempt to steal your Qtum tokens.

    If you miss the October 4th swap date, we have partnered with Changelly.com to catch anyone who missed this event. On October 9th, there will be a section on Changelly that allows you to deposit your ERC20 tokens, they will ask you to provide a Qtum Ignition deposit address (which you can get from downloading the wallet from our github)

    Be advised that markets may be locked for deposits, trading, and withdrawals for up to 24 hours.

    Here are the instructions, copied directly from our previous community updates:


    “You must have your Qtum ERC20 tokens on a participating exchange before October 4th, 2017 for them to be swapped for Qtum Ignition tokens. We will ask exchanges to halt trading 24 hours prior to the swap. If you are not familiar with depositing tokens to an exchange, please orient yourself with this procedure. Always do a small test deposit before sending the entire contents of your wallet.

    Once your Qtum ERC20 tokens have been converted to Qtum Ignition, you will need a wallet to withdraw. Please ensure that your computer is not infected with malware or viruses, and that you are using the correct wallet (not Sparknet or Skynet, you must download the Ignition wallet). Once the main network tokens are in your possession, you should encrypt your wallet, and back it up. Make multiple copies and make sure you use a strong password. If you lose or forget this password, your tokens will most likely be lost forever.

    Please be weary of any other third parties and non-affiliated Qtum websites. We fully expect impostors to try and steal tokens from holders like yourself. Be advised that if you fall for one of these scams, or make an error with the swap, we will not reimburse you. There is no fund set aside for reimbursements.

    For users with more than 100,000 Qtum tokens not willing to use an exchange, we may manually process these transactions. We will release details on this process later.

    Lastly, we will not contact you directly about any swap details. If you are approached by a Qtum team member, it is most likely an impostor.

    Here’s a checklist for your convenience:

    1. Move your Qtum ERC20 tokens to a participating exchange before Oct 4th, 2017 (6pm PST).
    2. Wait until the swap completes.
    3. Download the Qtum Ignition wallet from https://github.com/qtumproject...
    4. Make sure your computer is free from malware or viruses, and wait for the wallet to completely update. Encrypt and back up your wallet, make multiple copies and keep them safe. Do not keep all your backups on one computer, use a DVD-R or USB storage device. Make sure you use a strong password for your backup, and be extremely careful not to lose it.
    5. Do a test withdrawal with 1 Qtum main network token from the exchange to your wallet, and then send it back to the exchange. If everything works properly, you can proceed to withdraw your Qtum main network tokens.”

    Qtum Fireside Chat October 5th

    Please join us for a Fireside Chat in San Francisco with the co-founders of Qtum Foundation, Patrick Dai and Jordan Earls. The Qtum co-founders will be interviewed by Andy Tang, Partner at Draper Associates who mentored Patrick Dai early on through his involvement with Draper University. Tang will represent Draper Associates which invests in seed-stage companies and pre-sales for blockchain companies.

    Thu, October 5, 2017

    7:00 PM — 9:30 PM PDT

    755 Sansome Street

    San Francisco, California 94111

    Fireside Chat: Qtum Co-Founders (Patrick Dai, Jordan Earls) & Andy Tang, Partner at Draper…
    Please join us for a Fireside Chat in San Francisco with the co-founders of Qtum Foundation, Patrick Dai and Jordan…www.eventbrite.com

    How to Download the Qtum Ignition Wallet

    There was a mandatory wallet update, see the changes here:

    • v1.0.2: Various UI fixes, minor gas overflow consensus fix, per-txout exploit fix, testnet mode setup and functioning

    Please download here:

    qtum - Beyond the Qtum prototypegithub.com

    Please remember that after the Qtum ERC20 to Qtum Ignition Main Network swap, you must use the Main Network wallet to withdraw tokens from an exchange.

    If you plan to use Changelly.com after October 9th to swap your ERC20 tokens to Qtum Ignition Main Network, you will be asked to provide an Ignition deposit address. This address can only be generated from our Main Network wallet.

    Qtum mentioned again on Techcrunch:

    The new age of ICOs is here, and it's not based on Ethereum
    ICOs are said to be the new way to raise money. We've seen companies raising $100 million, $156 million, $185 million…techcrunch.com

    Development Updates

    Week of September 18th and 25th:

    Changes made through this week to the core wallet:


    * Mainnet v1.0.2 — Mandatory update, fix “breaking bitcoin” exploit, various bug fixes to GUI, fix minor consensus bug with gas cost overflows

    Bugs fixed:

    * [GUI] Fix bad icon in OSX installer * [Consesus/Contract] Fixed a bug where it was possible in very specific circumstances to cause the gas usage calculation to overflow, charging less gas than it should * [GUI] Fixed bug where the Initial Sync UI would say progress is 100% complete, giving bad time and status estimates

    Work completed:

    * [Misc] Convert Qtum Core to use a per-txout database model that is immune to the DoS exploit made famous at Breaking Bitcoin * [GUI/Contract] Improved smart contract GUI with new ABI encoding and multiple tabs * [Consensus/Testnet] Started the testnet network and configured it’s checkpoints etc into the wallet.  * [Misc] Bumped version to

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