Vote Coin - Anonymous Crypto Democracy based on ZCash | Zerocoin protocol.

  • Vote Coin is an anonymous crypto currency best suitable for elections and other voting purposes, based on Zerocoin protocol.

    Vote Coin Features

    Opinion Polls

    Weighted voting by transferring value, either public or anonymous

    Public Elections

    Shielded transactions hide the sender, recipient, and value on the blockchain

    Crowd Funding

    Raising contributions for a project or venture, targetted to particular features

    Main features of Vote Coin

    Based on ZCash

    VoteCoin source code is based on ZCash and follows the same trusted setup provided by the Zcash team.

    Fair coin distribution

    To ensure fair coin distribution, VoteCoin includes no Founders Reward and no slow start period.

    Current Specs

    Total Coin Supply: 220 million 

    VOT, Block Reward: 125 VOT, 

    Block Time: 2.5 min, 

    Equihash algo

    Full Transparency

    Transactions and votes can be transparent (publicly visible) or shielded (completely anonymous)

    Premine split

    The entire 4.54% premine is split between contributors. VoteCoin team keeps nothing.

    Multiplatform wallet

    Priority goal is a multi-platform wallet application suitable for all users.

    VoteCoin Wallet

    There were lots of different crypto coins implemented lately, but none of them
    offer a wallet software which would meet our criteria for usability and stability.
    We aim to provide well-designed VoteCoin client, which is easy to use for all users and which
    runs on most common platforms, including Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux.
    The following screenshot is our first draft.

    Download VoteCoin for Windows (850MB)

    Download VoteCoin sources on GitHub


    If you like the idea of VoteCoin, please consider investing during our Crowd Funding campaign.
    Both past and future milestones are described in the following chart.
    All contributors are rewarded by VOT coins, ratio is 50000:1 (50000 VOT reward for 1 BTC contributed)


    • Tomas Matejicek

    Author of well know Linux distribution Slax, Tomas is a tech head of the team

    • Josef Svoboda

    Enterpreneur, owner of several internet-based businesses, initial investor

    • Alena Svejkovska

    Graphics designer and head of marketing, responsible for public relations and support





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