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  • AcademyCoin is the world’s first token operating on a decentralized blockchain enabling educators to accept payments and monthly membership payments from their students and fans. The ACAD token is also the first e-learning market payment solution to provide a less expensive and more secure payment process. ACAD allows educators to generate sustainable monthly income that is traditionally heavily reliant on third-party payment processors, advertising networks and major credit networks. AcademyCoin allows the educator to receive payments faster and avoid the risks of their account having an incorrect ledger or inadvertent disruption. The AcademyCoin technology provides educators a simple payment solution for accepting fast and seamless payments from followers and students globally. Students are able to pay weekly or monthly membership fees to multiple educators and platforms from all over the world using one secure wallet. Our cutting-edge ACAD token is less expensive and is a more secure way to generate sustainable monthly income compared to platforms like PayPal and Patreon. ACAD is decentralized with no bank or PayPal account needed, which means no service fees.

    AcademyCoin Specification

    Token name: AcademyCoin
    Abbreviation: ACAD
    Quantity: A maximum amount of 100,000,000 ACAD tokens have
    been created
    Algorithms: X11, DGW3, Script
    Target time per block: 2 minutes (different recalculation every block)
    Block reward: .01 ACAD
    80% pre-mined and used for distribution

    Download the AcademyCoin desktop wallet




    Token Implementation

    AcademyCoin starts with a strong foundation from Hacksaw
    Academy's existing community, which reaches over 2,058,000
    software engineers, developers and e-learners every month. This
    network was established through social media platforms such as
    Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and our educational platform Hacksaw
    Academy.16 Hacksaw was founded in 2015 and is a fully-interactive
    e-learning platform divided into sprint programming tutorials with
    over 12,000 users. With such a large existing and expanding
    community, we saw a need for an AcademyCoin to serve our network
    with a superior payment system. This expanding community needed a
    way to make payments fast to access e-learning. The community is a
    core component of our ACAD token launch for our thriving
    student-to-educator network.

    How It Works

    Student flow: download the secure wallet and purchase ACAD tokens
    from an exchange. Use ACAD to pay educators for content.

    Educator flow: downloads wallet to start accepting ACAD from

    Exchange flow: ACAD tokens can be purchased or sold.

    ACAD Distribution Strategy

    AcademyCoin appeals to both educators and students. These initial
    AcademyCoin adopters seek lower cost and secure payment methods
    for e-learning opportunities. As anticipated, ACAD token distribution
    began with a large number of educators agreeing to accept ACAD
    tokens and hundreds of students downloading the wallet. Hacksaw
    Academy utilizes its established ecosystem of programmers and
    developers to download the wallet and use the ACAD token. The
    existing Academy network consists of users already familiar or curious
    about advanced and cutting-edge payment technology, which is the
    ideal demographic to evangelize ACAD. In fact, AcademyCoin has a
    growing queue of educational participants that want to utilize the
    payment token.

    Expansion Plans – Network Effect

    The Hacksaw team is experienced in online influencing and marketing
    in both the payment and educational product development arenas
    respectively. Hacksaw’s online presence is a key factor for future
    growth with active followers on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit,
    Medium, Slack, Telegram and Facebook. A significant portion of the
    token distribution will be used for the expansion and development of
    strategic partnerships. Ice Flow Studios, Tech Genius and Howard
    Pinksy are just a few of the active users that are ready to disrupt the
    e-learning marketplace and introduce a streamlined payment process.
    By early 2018, we expect that over 100 Educators will accept and
    utilize the ACAD token. AcademyCoin already has several educators
    accepting ACAD:

    Howard Pinsky -
    IceFlowStudios -
    Hacksaw Academy -
    Coding Tutorial 360 -
    Yes I’m A Designer -
    The Murray Newlands Show -
    HackdroidTech -
    HackdroidTutorials -
    Tech Genius -

    Within a month of ACAD’s token generation event commencement,
    we expect to be listed on several major exchanges, which will facilitate
    the acceleration of ACAD token purchase and usage.

    Why ACAD Provides a Needed Decentralized Solution

    The utility of the blockchain as a transaction validator for payments is the genesis of its foundation. AcademyCoin partners with online educators to achieve sustainable monthly income without third-party payment processors, major credit networks or fees by using the blockchain. The ACAD secure wallet is a decentralized peer-to-peer network for educators that eliminate the reliance on third-party payment processors and major credit networks. The blockchain will validate transactions, keep records and eliminate the need for thirdparty assurances. We allow educators to simply create long-term revenue streams. We plan to add a payment reoccurring feature to the wallet early next year. From the educator’s point of view, our technology and blockchain solution simultaneously reduces costs and provides a better platform than any existing solutions. ACAD is a less expensive but a more secure cutting-edge way to develop sustainable monthly income as compared to a platform like Patreon. Our secure wallet eliminates the reliance on third-party payment processors and major credit networks. As more educational partners are added to the network, the growth and demand usage of the ACAD token will increase. Online educators and creators are natural early partners to adopt the ACAD token payment option. Expansion into the entire education ecosystem is a long-term distribution strategy and focus. The ecosystem includes all items related to education such as books, courses and tuition. Ultimately, our mission is that students will be able to use the AcademyCoin token to pay for all things in education including tuition at a top university.

    Token Distribution

    ACAD breakdown of 100,000,000 tokens


    Use of Funds

    Marketing & Sales (students), Development (Wallet 2.0 & 3.0),
    Partnerships (200+ educators) Course Development (Hacksaw) and
    Customer support (for students/educators)


    AcademyCoin is being developed by Hacksaw International
    Incorporated. Each member of the team has successfully worked with
    at least one other team member on a previous successful business
    project. The founders Steve McGarry, John Fields and James Lovatt
    bring over a decade of experience in software development and
    innovative educational platforms. The founders sold their previous
    business in the education space to the former CTO of PayPal, Max
    Levchin’s company Affirm.
    The AcademyCoin team possesses all the necessary knowledge and
    skills to continue building a powerful, peer-to-peer payment system
    for the online educational ecosystem. We embrace token-generation
    events as a path to expedite growth capital for cutting-edge business
    models. At the same time, we respect the value attributes of
    traditional venture capital investors that provide connections and
    advisory expertise. Our team is unique because we are approaching
    the token generation event with extensive venture capital expertise
    that most blockchain start-ups forfeit through the initial coin offering
    process. Several of our team members have deep and wide venture
    capital and private equity experience, which gives us an advantage
    over any eventual competitors. We believe this access and expertise
    is critical to our continued success.

    Steve McGarry 

    has been changing how the world learns online for the
    past several years. Steve launched his first cryptocurrency in the
    summer of 2014 before his education-lending startup, LendLayer,
    was acquired in 2015. Leveraging his blockchain technology
    experience with online education is the next step in combining his
    passions. Steve’s vast network of online educators and creators
    reaches over 200 million consumers worldwide and is growing rapidly.
    His network of online educators has continuously boosted the
    AcademyCoin community by 70% month over month.

    John G Fields 

    gravitates toward big and creative ideas that can move
    the global needle. John is a strategic thinker and obsesses over
    connecting the dots. His experience ranges in all aspects of starting
    a company from early formation to accelerating its development and
    growth. John is considered a “guru” at creating and developing
    business relationships, new products and building the requisite
    disparate teams for success. He is sought after globally to advise
    in starting businesses and developing the narrative.

    James Lovatt 

    has over a decade of deep software development
    experience. James created platforms for the London Police
    Department in the predictive crime units, propelling him into the top
    percentiles of security clearance programmers worldwide. After
    realizing the enormous opportunity for online education, James and
    Steve founded a startup in 2014 called LendLayer. Building
    a cryptocurrency that enables educators to accept secure global
    payments is James' passion.

    Eugenio Apolo 

    has over 30 years of programming experience and
    started his career as a programming teacher in Portugal. As an early
    adopter of the bitcoin protocol, Eugenio is a pioneer in the
    cryptocurrency space, working closely with cryptographically-stored
    values and experimental blockchains. In 2013, Eugenio began
    experimenting full-time with public and private blockchains,

    developing cryptocoins and decentralized applications. After
    launching his "countrycoin" called CryptoEscudo (CESC) in 2014, he
    started working closely with Steve, which led to the development of
    the AcademyCoin blockchain and token ACAD.

    Frank Grant 

    is a Managing Director of Solganick & Co., and focuses
    on early-stage private equity technology investments. He is a former
    Senior Counsel at Perkins Coie LLP, a leading business law firm,
    representing entrepreneurs, emerging growth companies, venture
    capital firms and investors. At Perkins, Frank worked on several
    notable ICOs (Coinbase, et al.) He focuses his practice on solving
    business problems, executing business strategies and achieving critical
    business objectives. John and Frank have worked together on several
    successful business projects in the last decade.

    Ramon Aponte-Salcedo 

    is a creative problem-solver with experience
    creating, managing and executing successful marketing campaigns.
    He is analytical and performance-driven consistently achieving and
    surpassing key performance indicators while continually staying
    focused on developing and executing optimal value proposition.
    Ramon has worked on short-term marketing campaigns raising eight
    figure capital rounds in the investment arena.

    Keith Spears

    is an expert at private and venture equity investments,
    mergers & acquisitions and new business ventures. Keith worked on
    alternative investments as a member of Hamilton Lane that has over
    $359 billion under management. Keith has worked on over 100
    transactions and investments that range from $1 million to well over
    $10 billion in size.

    Token Generation Event Offering Details

    ACAD is a cryptographic token with a limited supply of
    100,000,000 and no additional tokens will be created after the
    token generation event occurs. Like similar cryptocurrencies, ACAD
    tokens are transferable, exchangeable and fungible. We expect
    AcademyCoin to be listed and tradable on multiple crypto exchanges
    in 2017.
    To finance the growth of AcademyCoin’s network, a Token
    Generation Event (“TGE”) is taking place. The TGE is launching in two

    Stage 1
    The first stage is an appreciation discount sale of ACAD tokens
    designated for Hacksaw Academy Inc. supporters, friends and families.
    Pre-sale Terms:
    • 10,000,000 ACAD tokens available
    • October 1st to 31st 2017 or when then cap is reached,
    whichever occurs first
    39,000 ACAD = 1 BTC
    2,800 ACAD = 1 ETH
    4,400 ACAD = 1 BCH
    Please contact us if you would like to purchase ACADs with a
    cryptocurrency other than the ones listed above.

    Stage 2
    Terms of Token Generation Event
    • 10,000,000 ACAD tokens available
    • Token purchase limited to maximum purchase of 250,000
    ACAD Tokens
    • November 1st to 30th 2017 or when then cap is reached,
    whichever occurs first
    19,500 ACAD = 1 BTC
    1,400 ACAD = 1 ETH
    2,200 ACAD = 1 BCH
    ACAD tokens can be purchased by reviewing the Terms and
    Participation Risks on pages 26 and 27 and by contacting
    “AcademyCoin Team” on the pre-sale Slack channel.
    The ACAD wallet can be downloaded at:



    white paper:








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