New Multi Crypto Mining Pool -

  • Hi we have just launched a new mining pool here:

    At the moment we are offering SHA256 & Scrypt mining with the following coins:

    Auroracoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Curecoin, Deutsch eMark, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Mazacoin, Peercoin, Zetacoin as well as many more!

    Var diff starts as low as 0.001 and goes up around 999999 for high end miners so we can accomodate CPU, GPU & ASIC hardware on each pool. Obviously the better hardware you have the higher chance of finding blocks and getting a bigger share of the payout.

    Automatic payouts occur every minute for all coins once their blocks have been confirmed and a miners balance is at a minimum of 0.1

    The 803 Mine Pool is a simple to use no sign up multi crypto mining pool, simply point your mining hardware at:


    Choose a coin port from here:

    Your username is your coins receiving wallet address and your password can be anything you want.

    For example to mine CureCoin:

    Address: stratum+tcp://

    Username: BMH7JJpqMjS8B52kCShUB7UouDE3MQiRGj

    Password: Anything

    Backups of the wallets and all pool databases and files are performed regularly, firewalls and DOS protection is in place along with encryption of data.

    Please take a look at the Getting Started, FAQ's and Terms of Service parts of the site for more information and any issues please contact us here [email protected]

    We also offer a fully functional API to gain more information on our services and statistics.

    We are actively looking at interesting coins to add and mine and always welcome feedback from the mining community on how we could improve our service or new coins to add. Thanks to all that have been with us from the start and look forward to better things to come, happy mining everyone and look forward to seeing you on

    Kind Regards,

    803 Mine Pool Team

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