MaidSafe Dev Update - SAFE Authenticator & API,SAFE Client Libs & Routing, Vault & Crust

  • This week we have some new Android binaries

    (we’ve updated the binaries in the alpha-2 release
    on GitHub). This update has some new features such as a network opt-in
    auto reconnect on app resume (to test the reconnect feature, minimise
    the app and switch airplane mode on then off, wait for Internet
    connection to be reestablished and then switch back to the app) while
    the password fields enable a toggle to view credentials along with some
    minor UI changes. Also, the minimum supported version is now Android
    4.1.2 (API 16). iOS device support has also now been integrated so devs
    should be able to test these applications on their devices, and we’re
    working on getting the apps through the application review process so
    community members will also be able to try these example on their iOS

    As we have mentioned in previous updates, we are looking to grow the
    number of developers in order to speed up development while also
    spreading the volume of work across the dev team while as part of our
    commercialisation strategy we also continue to recruit across
    non-technical roles. At present we have 6 opportunities available.

    We’re happy to report that this week Rachit Dixit is joining Krishna’s team as a junior mobile app developer and we have another remote network engineer at the final stages of the interview process. We are also waiting on another network engineer (HQ based) to confirm his start date, and we have a dedicated digital marketer starting work from our new office (more on that in a moment) on the 23rd of October. All things going well our team will have grown to 26 by the end of this month. Of course, the aim is not just to increase numbers, but to improve the average capability of the team and with a much more robust recruitment process in place, this is something we remain focussed on.

    As work continues in earnest across the various layers of the network and Client, the operations department has been busy planning MaidSafe’s move to new offices. After around 7 years or so we are moving to an office in the nearby town of Ayr (pronounced ‘air’). It truly is the end of an era to move from what has sometimes unkindly been called the ‘hut in Troon’. As a former boat chandlery, it could be a little cold in the winter, but it has looked after us well and we have been very lucky to have such an accommodating landlord (cheers Shaun!) during our time in Troon.

    The new office is modern and comfortable and we think it will be well suited to accommodating our growing local team while creating the right impression with business partners. The official move date is one week from today (12th October) and over the coming weeks, we will be putting the MaidSafe stamp on the interior by integrating our brand and making the workspace a home from home for the existing team, and another tool in our armory for attracting new recruits. We’ll include some pictures in next week’s update.


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